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  1. Always a husker

    WR/S Isaiah Simmons [Clemson Commit]

    Suck it Clemson. We got Keyshawn.
  2. Always a husker

    Spring Position Battles - Running Backs

    Some of us thought Taylor would be the next great Husker running back. Never happened. I sure would like to see him get some carries, and see what he can do. Some of us thought Taylor would be the next great Husker running back. Never happened. I sure would like to see him get some carries, and see what he can do. Good GAWD, Riley give Taylor a chance and some meaningfull touches in spring ball ... he might just surprise you. He is big enough, strong enough, fast enough, doesn't hesitate in hitting the hole, doesn't go down like a wet kleenex, and certainly doesn't have any quit in him, has stayed loyal to the Husker Nation, was the 2013 Scout Team Offensive Player of the Year. What else does a player have to do to get an opportunity to carry the rock . He may not fit your template you would like to have as a RB in your pass happy west coast offense you want to have ... but that is talent being wasted. Kind of like clock management ... find a way to make it work for you. Don't let Nebraska be the place where talent goes to die. And Adam can pass pro with the best of them. By the way ... anyone know how much Adam is bench pressing lately??? Anyone know??? I came here for the entertainment I knew I'd find in the above post. Hay guys. 4 years ago when Adam Taylor was 18 he could "pass pro with the best of them" against NFL-caliber Texas high school players. He should be the starter. I'm guessing he'll get every chance to prove his worth and then if God forbid he's not the starting running back you'll call out our team again. Be easy on kbbccandyman. The guy has been waiting for 4 years to see AT show his stuff. And it doesn't help when every offseason we hear from the media how great of a player AT is. I'm still holding hope that he can be a solid back for us. He is a big man with an aggressive running style. I don't know how much his injuries have limited him but I always thought he could have been a contributor based on his HS film.
  3. Just saying Tommy threw more bad throws in a single game than a lot of quarterbacks make over the entire season. That Iowa game was unacceptable. It's obvious that Tommy doesn't take coaching well and is playing outside the system. You can't keep playing a guy who routinely throws 4-8 passes a game that should get picked off.
  4. Always a husker

    Signed - S JoJo Domann

    I think he will make for a great safety at Nebraska. His closing speed, tackling form, and ball skills will all translate well for him at the safety position. It would be fun to watch him as a WR at Nebraska but I think it will be even better to see him catching opposing team's passes.
  5. Always a husker

    Signed - RB Tre Bryant

    This kid is the real deal! I have now seen his highlights multiple times and am blown away by this kids athleticism. He runs so efficiently and has excellent vision. He really does remind me of Ameer with how quickly and explosively he can move in small spaces. You can really tell how strong he is when you see him exploding through defenders and not losing his balance. It would not surprise me at all if he were to play as a true freshman. I love the offensive recruits Mike Riley is bringing in.
  6. Always a husker

    Signed - RB Tre Bryant

    His Sparq rating is very impressive. He has the best overall score of all the running backs in this years class according to espn. Ran a 4.53 40-yard dash and a 4.00 20-yard shuffle.
  7. Always a husker

    2015 Alternate Unis

    You are correct. I jumped the gun after reading an article about Monday's practice that showcased this picture. My bad. But still I hope we come out in red pants this week.
  8. Always a husker

    2015 Alternate Unis

    EDIT - This picture is from Illinois game. Does this mean we are wearing all white again this week? I'm so tired of the all white's. It just doesn't feel "Nebraska" without the red pants. Picture from Monday's practice.
  9. Always a husker

    Signed - WR Derrion Grim

    He supposedly is supposed to be tweeting about his Nebraska commit here soon stay posted.
  10. Always a husker

    Adbullah Signs with Adidas

    Oh dang. Yeezy's.
  11. Always a husker

    Signed - OT Matt Farniok

    This kid is going to blow up with offers. I hope we can lock him away early but feel like he might be someone we follow all the way till signing day.
  12. Always a husker

    Husker tryouts coming soon

    Isn't this how Matt O'hanlon joined the team back in the day?
  13. Always a husker

    Larenzo Stewart - Iowa Western

    I follow Larenzo on twitter and he just posted this positive message about Nebraska. I'm guessing Larenzo will be a part of the 2016 class. Does anyone know if Riley's staff knows about this kid?