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  1. 95huskers

    Come On Moos

    It should have been worded more like "Being paid for a job that wasn't being completed properly"
  2. 95huskers

    ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    6 years $31M Frost is N! U saw it here first! Lol
  3. 95huskers

    Riley and the Direction of the Program

    IMO his Nebraska tenure starts NOW. Coach RIley had to fit a square peg in a round hole. I think he did more with what he had than most would have. We now will have an actual QB that can throw to our outstanding wideouts... lets hope the Oline catches up quickly!
  4. Forming a Yahoo fantasy NASCAR league if anyone is interested PM me

    1. B.B. Hemingway
    2. 95huskers


      $35 we have 10 so far. The first 2 segment winners will get $20 then the top 3 places paid at the end of season

  5. 95huskers

    Crazy crap Bob Diaco says

    jive turkey gobble gobble
  6. 95huskers

    1995 Huskers Highlight Video

    you called....
  7. 95huskers

    Fightin' Erstads @ College of Charleston

    im interested to see how Alvarado pans out this year! He played some last year but is supposed to be fast and has a cannon! we will see how his bat is! Arent you supposed to be good when you come from a highschool called the baseball academy!? haha
  8. 95huskers

    Fightin' Erstads @ College of Charleston

    woohoo Good work keeping the #fightinErstads going haha!! Should be a fun season!
  9. im stuck in roswell, nm... no one is playing the fight here... not even the bdubs here... wth. any online "sources"

  10. 95huskers

    Huskers vs. BYU - Feb. 19-20-21

  11. 95huskers

    Huskers vs. BYU - Feb. 19-20-21

    whats up 4LIFE? GBR Finish this game!!!
  12. 95huskers

    Huskers @ UNLV - Feb. 13-14-15

    I wouldnt go that far lol but its a great thought... the season ticket commercials seem to think so lol
  13. 95huskers

    Huskers @ UNLV - Feb. 13-14-15

    its mother effin baseball season!!!!
  14. 95huskers

    nebraska softball vs. colorado st

    2-0 Nebraska top 3