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  1. Suh had knee surgery.... (I'm pretty sure it was his first year) But, I think the point being made was, a great number of kids with injuries are not able to come back mentally or phisically. It takes a special person to come back 100%. See: Oden, Greg London, Frankie Herian, Matt Blue, Anthony etc. I think Matt suffered more from the massive broken leg and the fear assoiciated with that. jmho
  2. To put that in perspective, Alabama nose guard Terrence Cody is a likely All-American and these are his stats: no sacks, six tackles for loss, 25 tackles, one pass defensed, no forced fumbles, no interceptions, three quarterback hurries and two blocked kicks. I know bama uses a different defense, but seriously, as good as Cody is I thought his stats would have been better. Our defense isn't designed for him to make plays he is supposed to occupy lineman so other people can make the tackle. I think his feel for the game and what is going on around him makes Suh special. At 31, I am wondering if I will ever the stats from a DT that he put up the last 2 years. Is so gret, if not, man am I glad I was around to see the show!!!
  3. even with our annept offense we should have won the game. I keep remembering snapping the ball with 11 seconds left on the play clock. Should have been snapped at 2 seconds at the least. Also, the kickc out of bounds screwed us. I am beginning to think Bo and Carl can win with a top 50 offense consistently.
  4. Sam Koch? Not sure if I spelled it right either!
  5. Yes happened later in the game after one of his players got a personal foul! I have no problem with Bo yelling when he is right! Makes the kids accountable. If someone is afraid to get yelled at then I doubt they are going to be any good on the football field. I don't want them go somewhere else.
  6. We may have our offensive idenity. Let the defense make the plays and play the qb that is going to make the least mistakes. IIRC, that was the LSU title team. Great defense, enough offense to get it done. Helu is a difference maker when he is healthy. We looked like we have as much talent in our 2 deep as OU. Great win and hopefully we don't lay another egg.
  7. Green adds a different dimension not a 2nd one. He can't throw the ball well enough consistently to be two dimensional yet. He is a running qb that the way he threw the ball today we should go back to running the option. At this point, Green is no threat to throw the ball and OU will feast on that this week. I didn't think it was possible, but our offense was even more vanilla this week.
  8. 1, Green is not ready to be the starter, he was no threat to complete anything but screens as swing passes in the second half and Watson knows it. 2. Needs to learn to run out of other formation other than shotgun. Options from the gun with the back getting the ball 6 yds behind the line of scrimmage are not going to work with our talent level. 3. Fewer drops, but still no explosion. 4. May be the reason for the struggles since VT.
  9. Unfourtanately, Lee was not the source of all the offensive problems. Green is not ready to play a complete game. He needs to be situtional. Our offense is pathetic, but Green is not the answer. I think it was important for Green to get the start. Yes he has growing pains but that's part of being a freshman. 13 offensive points against BAYLOR. Didn't move the ball at all in the 2nd half. At least last week we moved the ball up and down the field. We got outgained by Baylor, or really close. Green is not ready. He was not a threat to throw the ball today and won't be next week against OU.
  10. Unfourtanately, Lee was not the source of all the offensive problems. Green is not ready to play a complete game. He needs to be situtional. Our offense is pathetic, but Green is not the answer.
  11. Zac played well enough to win. Would it have been a pretty win? No. And there would still be a lot of talk about Green taking over. Even with 3 picks we should have put another 21 point on the board. Can't blame him for 3 fumbles inside the 10.
  12. Were we 3-3 last season or 4-3? That season didn't end up horribly. Actually, many on this board were calling it a spring board to this year.
  13. I have no problem with playing the best players. What have you seen to show you Green is better? Locking on receivers against TT? At least 2 other INTs dropped against TT? For that matter how many great freshman starting qbs have there been? Even superman Tebow didn't start as a freshman. Bradford was as RS frosh, McCoy did well, Forcier is 4-3 I Believe. I believe Green should be in for a couple of series a game, I just don't think he is ready. Although, maybe we will find out!
  14. I know he had drops, so I am not trying to pin all of the blame on him. But when we need ten yards for the first down, he is still looking at receivers 5 yards downfield. (Niles Paul drop late in the game) And he always looks for a checkoff receiver like Helu. He just really reminds me of Sam Keller. He even has a similar release. He doesn't always put receivers in great positions. Also, when was the last time that he consistently lead receivers rather than throw behind them? Again, he is not the only problem, but his situation needs to be thoroughly examined. In my opinion at that point he was trying to get us into field goal range, which wins the game. Niles gains atleast 7 on the play and we may be close to fg range.
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