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  1. I understand trying to be optimistic and all but how the hell could you be optimistic after last night. Truth is this team is a lot farther away from competing with the big boys than a lot of people thought at the start of the season. The offseason hype is always unrealistic and out of control.
  2. Oh look, someone who's actual giving an actual analysis of the game instead of drinking koolaid.
  3. After that first botched kickoff return out of our own end zone by Robinson, he started fair catching each kickoff in the first half even if it was in the field of play. While that may have been smart because our blocking on kickoff returns was terrible last night, doesn't that just show that this team is afraid to make plays? Every big game it's just a total deer in the headlights look. That was a very small part of the game, but I felt it symbolized what was going on as a whole. A team that just doesn't have the want or desire to make plays. And if that's the mentality we have, then no wonder we get stomped out by each decent team we play, and that's why we have these late game collapses in close games such as NW last year and Colorado this year.
  4. I learned this is gonna be a long season. Also just questioning the whole mentality of this team. They seem to be just going through the motions, not really grasping what it is exactly they should be doing. I sit on the west side so I see the husker bench through the whole game. I'm really sick of that group of special teamers or offense, can't really figure out who is exactly, that always jumps and dances around during each kickoff. I'd be okay with it if things were going well, but why the hell are you jumping around when the team is losing, and it's always the other team kicking off after another touchdown. If I was Frost I would shut that down immediately. But it's disturbing the tendencies that have been shown even though it's only been 4 games. Next week could be real ugly.
  5. I don't know why everyone thought that Nebraska had a shot at a B1G title after they were 7-0 just because they were barely beating teams like Purdue and Indiana.
  6. Looking a lot like a 9-4 Bo Pelini style year, probably get beat by Iowa, go to a bowl game against someone with better coaching and lose that
  7. Which is why Nebraska lost tonight, the bold are those who are rewarded
  8. We all need to watch this right now, its what we should have done
  9. I'm not saying they should have run, just that it might have caught them off guard. Whatever you choose, you can still control the clock. But at least if you use the TO and get everyone knowing what's going on for the next two plays, I think you have a better chance of at least giving yourself that FG opportunity. I would rather do it that way as opposed to basically wasting 20-25 seconds and then throwing a Hail Mary. High pressure situations like that, I would rather slow things down so everyone is together. If your defense is going to give up 50-60 yards in 30 seconds then there's a good chance they'll give up a score it OT too. If your defense is going to give up 50+ yards in under 40 seconds, you don't deserve to win the game in the first place. Go for the kill, don't play for what could happen later.
  10. That was their best chance to win, there are too many variables in OT in college football. If you have a chance to finish it in regulation, you take full advantage. That's Rileys flaw, we saw it last year with all the close losses, and we saw shadows of that today with how the last drive before OT was managed.
  11. I agree that not giving Wisconsin time to do anything other than take a knee was a smart idea, so not calling the timeout wasn't too terrible of a mistake. The mistake was calling a deep pass on 3rd and 10 with a chance to get into FG range and win the game, instead of run routes towards the line to gain and hope to get a first down and set up a game winning FG.
  12. You play to win the game, assume you will need the time to set up a FG, don't play not to lose, which is exactly why that decision was made. We still had plenty of time. We did have plenty of time. But nothing was organized and smooth. Call the timeout, get your offense all on the same page with the call. And you can have a couple of plays called for the ensuing play also, based on what the first play does. Th biggest thing the timeout does is make sure everyone knows what your plan is. You can still control the clock from that point forward while still maintaining your last timeout for a field goal attempt. Thats exactly what should have been done. The coaching staff needed to know that was their best chance to win the game was having a time out, almost a minute on the clock, a timeout to regroup and plan the next plays, and then go out and execute. If you don't gain a 1st, so be it, Wisconsin gets the ball back with about 30 seconds left worst case scenario. Their kicker just missed a FG the drive before, so what the guarantee he's gonna hit a long FG as time expires, or that the defense doesn't hold them out of FG range? The highest probability to win the game was to get a FG at the end of regulation, gving Wiscy a chance in OT was what killed the team and lost them the game. Be the last one with the ball, go out on top without giving the other team a chance to answer is the best way that situation could have been managed.
  13. You play to win the game, assume you will need the time to set up a FG, don't play not to lose, which is exactly why that decision was made. We still had plenty of time. Then don't throw a f'ing go route on 3rd and 10 with a safety over the top, simple f'ing play calling
  14. You play to win the game, assume you will need the time to set up a FG, don't play not to lose, which is exactly why that decision was made.
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