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  1. The O line is not hard to judge because they are a huge reason the QBs look so terrible. Railoa needs to be shown the door yesterday.
  2. Letting them off the hook on two third and longs in OT was bad for sure
  3. To be fair it was third down when he ran the clock down not first. Still think it was a s#!ttty gutless move though
  4. The worst part is I’m a Steeler fan so I have to turn around and watch a Matt Canada offense d!(k around for three hours tomorrow.
  5. Just a totally gutless effort from the coaches. Part of me is curious to hear the logic he uses to justify the time wasting at the end of the game. But in reality I know it will just be BS that makes no sense and he won’t take responsibility for it so why bother listening. So very bad
  6. Idiot coaching. Far worse than last week. Playing scared for OT on the road when you’ve been dominated the whole second half. Total trash coaching up and down the staff White included for his refusal to double 6 the whole game.
  7. Omg. I have defended this staff but f#&% you go for the win there. Wasted 20 f#&%ing seconds then call a timeout. What have you see. In the second half that makes you feel good about going to OT with a third string QB and a terrible kicker
  8. Well we ran it there. Sorry but you have to be able to pass the ball to win at this level and we don’t have guys who can get open consistently. Think that was the nail in the coffin
  9. Would help if the Oline opened some holes on the first down runs so we aren’t staring at 2 and 10
  10. I haven’t tried to punt a ball in 20 years and I know I could get better then 18 rn
  11. Maybe under normal circumstances. But when your players flash 100K AP Royal Oak and drive Rolls Royces, insurance might be a prudent precaution
  12. Agreed it’s kinda f#&%ed up. No doubt in my mind he has lost a lot of players on that team already
  13. Case in point I don’t think they allowed a sack in the second half with Sanders out. A lot of his sacks are on him
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