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  1. Because they have a lot of players who don’t want to sit behind other good players some of whom are 4 and 5 star players. That’s why Justin Fields left Georgia for example. So maybe you won’t beat Georgia. But you will beat a lot of Big 10 teams that have been pushing you around for 10 years. Then you start recruiting better. Step 1 is not competing with Georgia and Bama. It’s beating Iowa, Wisconsin, and other BIG teams that have been owning you. Move up from that to Penn St etc. Building a program without using the portal in the current environment is willfully ignorant. I’m not saying you go the full Coach Prime route. That won’t work. We don’t have that draw. But you have to use it as best you can
  2. Probably won’t happen but a change in building the team from high school recruiting to portal recruiting needs to happen. Deion is right. This is free agency. Why take a chance on a high school kid when you can go after kids who have proven the ability to play at this level. Colorado is low in those recruiting ratings because they are going to just load up on transfer game ready players as Deion has already said. It’s just a much safer strategy as is evidence by a lot of our 4 and 5 star gets that ended up being garbage. The question is can you land the portal kids when you don’t have the buzz of Deion or a top 5 program. Probably not entirely but we need to switch the balance somewhat toward transfers going forward The portal has real potential for teams like Nebraska because kids want to play NOW. Why sit at Georgia if you can play right away at Nebraska?
  3. I tend to agree with you but I’m not conceding Wisconsin or especially Iowa at this point. The gap between us and them is certainly no worse than last year when we beat Iowaand hung with Wisc and if anything has narrowed. I think we can have a decent shot in both of those games and wouldn’t put them in the loss column yet. I’m actually more concerned about Maryland than those two because they have been explosive albeit against worse teams. I think on paper at least Illinois is a W but there is the Bielma factor to consider there. Dude just has our number unfortunately
  4. Well put. I’ve been in practice for 18 years now and am in an orthopedic practice with two sports medicine doctors who are among the best in the field. They have treated members of professional sports teams in the NBA, NFL NHL and MLB. I myself am a spine surgeon so I’m not an expert with joint dislocation, but this is a good summary
  5. We have improved more than many will recognize. The D is obvious. But special teams coverage is damn good. O line is still weak but better than it has been. Our rushing totals through three games bear that out imo. At QB I dont know. I still think Sims has a higher ceiling but not if he can’t stop peeing down his leg. HH was solid and didn’t force things but he isn’t going to scare anyone. Tough call imo but lean HH for now. Also the team is much better coached. Fewer bonehead penalties. Played with energy throughout. I like what Rhule is building but it’s going to take time. I do think he will make this a program we can be proud of in a few years though
  6. Can’t remember the last time we stomped a team we should stomp. Progress is being made.
  7. HH plays pretty smart. As he gets more reps and they can open the playbook more, he may be OK
  8. I like that they went to break with “We’re on the road to nowhere”
  9. Yep. Their D is gassed. Another three and out and we should put them away
  10. And was lucky as hell not to get 15 for taunting.
  11. You are probably right and with Sims the offense does have the potential to be more dangerous if they clean up the TO. But that’s obviously a big if Hill was open there. Need a better throw
  12. You are probably right and with Sims the offense does have the potential to be more dangerous if they clean up the TO. But that’s obviously a big if
  13. I thought it was live but on replay no way ball was there at or before contact. But you don’t turn around and they are far more likely to call it
  14. I haven’t been proud of much with this team in a while. I’m really proud of this D
  15. Defense gets to the ball really well and tackling is solid.
  16. This is a coach that is willing to do what needs to be done. I think if we keep the faith we will be happy in the long run
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