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  1. Right. At this point I’m not expecting anything. I think we are all a little shell shocked over the past few years. But I will not be shocked if we scratch out 6 wins on that schedule either. Pleasantly surprised yes but something about this coach gives me confidence that the darkness may be ending
  2. Jesus dude. Why do you get so nitpicky and s#!tty about stuff? It’s a conversation ffs. Am I on the stand here giving testimony. For the record your honor I could see him going late in the draft or being a contributor as an UDFA. As has been previously mentioned who the hell knows. Other than you of course. You know all. d!(k
  3. Yeah definitely no way he plays edge in the league I agree. But I could see him being converted into like a Robert Spillane type at some point or a special teams contributor somewhere as an UDFA but who knows. I certainly wish him the best. Seems like a good kid
  4. Meh. We’ll see. I could see him getting picked up Day 3
  5. I never thought Nelson would stay. Why hang around for the first year of a rebuild and risk hurting your draft stock or getting injured. He got 2nd team All BIG honors and will get a nice paycheck for the next few years as a likely middle round pick. I would’ve scratched my head if he came back honestly
  6. I’m fine with whoever the staff thinks is best for QB1 but I think Sims is the favorite to start. Staff loves him and I don’t think he transferred to sit. We shall see.
  7. Also Rhule has been quoted saying he doesn’t foresee a Temple or Baylor situation here and expects better then a 1 or 2 win season with this job
  8. If Haussmann wants to go to Iowa so be it. They are going to continue to get worse as long as Ferentz is calling the shots. Their defense will not be able to overcome the offensive ineptitude they continue to put on display. Best of luck to him. He won’t beat us once before he graduates. Iowa is going to fall behind rapidly in the West in the upcoming years
  9. Agree. I’m hoping it was just not being in sync with Whipple regarding what he wanted to do and what we had the personnel to do and this staff feels DR has the right philosophy and vision for the OL for what the envision for this offense
  10. Yeah. This DC hire is a kick in the nuts imo. I haven’t read the whole thread but why were we waiting so long for this guy? Completely underwhelming. I wish him all the best in proving me wrong but this is just totally…meh
  11. Yeah something has to be up. It’s too big of a position from a recruiting and retention standpoint. The fact we haven’t kind of makes me hopeful it’s someone in the playoff but I’ve also learned to not have hope anymore when it comes to this program so I’m conflicted.
  12. Lol. I will say that does always baffle me. Like don’t click on the thread haha.
  13. Can’t see why it wouldn’t be announced if it was Snow. He’s not doing anything currently
  14. I’m getting impatient for this DC hire. In my mind it’s probably the most important one for us along with OL ofc
  15. That’s making an assumption that he has a terrible agent that would allow such open ended language in a contract with money of that magnitude on the table. Is it possible? Sure. Maybe he and his agent are stupid or incompetent. None of us are privy to his contract. But it would be very odd to expose yourself in a contract where a mere accusation allows you to be terminated for cause. My guess is administrative leave will be in place and once UNL reviews the facts and ascertains the likelihood of his guilt they will act. If the initial evidence looks awful they will probably take the risk and terminate
  16. This is the only hire so far I don’t like. I live in the south and have seen quite a few SC games this year and I’m just not seeing the draw
  17. https://youtu.be/_YDqm7LXt2g The defense calls Sean Connery to the stand your honor.
  18. Oh I totally agree. I’m fully on the side of let’s actually hear what happened. I was mainly referring to another post suggesting the scenario I mentioned. I really hate the rush to judgement and condemnation without facts our society currently seems so fond of. I was just pointing out that the actual charges mean it’s someone he either lived with or slept with
  19. Doesn’t the language in the statute defining domestic violence suggest it would have to be someone he cohabitates with or has an intimate relationship with to qualify as domestic violence. That would seem to negate the he found her with another dude and attacked the guy angle. That would probably just be assault and battery I would think.
  20. I would say by definition it’s an accusation right now. He is being accused of those crimes. Whether there is evidence or not doesn’t change the fact that this is an accusation not a conviction at this point. That’s for the courts to decide. And the other poster is correct. It is very risky to terminate a contract based on accusation. They certainly can do it but it’s not without risk and I guarantee you they will get sued should he be cleared of wrongdoing. The bizzaro world is the US court system
  21. NFW. The way our society operates he’s done either way.
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