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  1. This was a chicken $hit attack IMO. Fire the guy for lack of fundamentals, blow out losses etc.....but this is low.
  2. I’m probably in the minority here but I have to “root” for the guy and I sincerely hope he can right the ship
  3. MCAT800


    Slow down here in North Central Kansas....send some our way please!!!
  4. What it must have been like to be in his shoes.......following Frazier and Frost after all.
  5. Looking through the list of all the first rounder’s I noticed Alabama had 4 first round draft choices. Hell, NU may only have three players drafted in 7 rounds!!!!
  6. Well if he really wants an offer he should change his last name to Cotton.
  7. Great question. That would have been Armageddon
  8. Wow, been 10 years already. I guess we all blocked it out of our memory...
  9. Wolverineslappy, thanks. I had a great time there. All the fans were friendly and welcoming.
  10. Well here is my experience. I had a great time, I was encircled by UM fans and they all were very friendly and cordial. Now I am a fan, not a coach or player and I do not live and die on the success of Husker football so I probably didn’t antagonize anyone which probably helped. I love to talk to knowledgeable football fans and enjoy the surroundings and that is just what happened to me. As I flew back to Alaska on Sunday I ran into more UM fans at O'Hare and they thanked me for coming and hoped I had a good time.
  11. My guess is If you are in Bo's inner circle (players, ex-players, coaches, etc) there is no better man to have in your corner.
  12. Today was what it was. Fix it and move on.
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