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  1. I think Broderick Thomas when i watch him.
  2. Don't forget a couple drive killing possesions, because of penalties. We could have been up two scores but were forced to punt instead.
  3. Yes i agree with you that if the defender is preventing the receiver from making a play on the ball it should pass interference. The way football has evolved into such a sophisticated passing game I hope that the competition committee takes a look at this in the off season, and makes it more like the pro game where the defender has a right to the ball too when it is in the air instead of the way it is now.
  4. I would totally like to see them crack down on pick plays and let the corners and safetys play a little way to many teams are being bailed out on third and long because of iffy pass interference calls and then to many big plays are coming on designed offensive pass interference that is not being called
  5. I noticed this during the LSU Alabama game. The screen would pan to Saban to see his reaction after plays a lot. I wonder why? Its good to know they do it to other coaches I guess.
  6. Didn't notice this so much yesterday but did during the replay. ON every penalty they did a double screen of the ref on one side and Bo on the other. I'm a Bo guy but this is a result of Bo acting like a child after every penalty. I don't watch enough other football to notice if they do this to other coaches, I'm guessing they don't. And they will keep doing it until Bo learns to show a little composure.
  7. Its nonsense like this that makes good coaches look else where. the constant criticism for doing a pretty damn good job.
  8. To me the pass interference call in college football have gotten ridiculous. Any time there is any hand battling or bumping at all the flag comes out. It's frustrating to watch. It's not just our games its all of college football.
  9. Its topics like this that make me want to stop reading this board. We scored 28 points, missed a field goal and then threw an interception in the red zone. Good God we could have scored 38 points against a very very good defense. Now some of your want to fire Beck. There is just no making some of you happy. Sure he gets brain dead at times but for the most part i think he has done an excellent job this year. One week you want Bo gone, then you want Beck gone. So much negativity for a staff and a bunch of kids that don't give up and have found ways to win games late. Shame on you guys.
  10. Wow what a classy guy. what a horrible thing to say makes us all look like fools
  11. If your team is a big 10 school of course its a better show. It had better be its on the big 10 network after all.
  12. Good God who cares just one more thing to bitch about
  13. She won't be she is always on the early game....I don't think she is horrible other then sounding like a dude. she is better then her color man Joey Galloway he sucks worse IMO
  14. I totally agree that a huge part of our problems is on the kids, rather then incompatant coaching. Sure there have been opportunities to second guess Bo, but its the kids on the field that are not performing to the level they are capable.
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