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    Sports (Huskers, Yankees, Patriots...go ahead, let me hear it.), messing with Texas, partying, crashing parties, having fun, music, shopping, getting pampered, exploring scary things, driving around, relaxing...other stuff too..check my myspace or ask me whatever. i dont really care. im friendly. =]

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  1. Thanks. Might as well start it back up, tripped going up stairs today....
  2. And by that you mean: Cleaning up horse poopy? ACTUALLY Drowning... I was the assistant manager for the Steinbrenner and Warren Buffet party.
  3. I'm working the Belmont Stakes. I'll be working a breakfast tomorrow on live TV. Go me.
  4. what are we going to do when this thread ends? HB wont be the same without it
  5. this thread makes me procrastinate hardcore. i love it.
  6. something happened to me the other day and i was all excited to spread the news to those on huskerboard....but i seem to have forgot
  7. Well, to respond to the "details" about cutting myself with glass, i dropped a salt shaker and it somehow managed to cut the inside of my pinky finger, today, i cut my other pinky finger... did i even mention i'm in school for culinary arts? yeah, I've burnt myself a few times too............heh...
  8. I accidently got cut by glass today. and..im winning.
  9. What the hell happened with you??? Did you fall down and get lost!? Welcome back Nicole. Dunno about the "lost" part, but it's a sure bet she fell down.....repeatedly. I think your right on that one AR............ HA you guys are HILARIOUS! But thanks for the welcome backs. I've just been busy with school and work so I haven't been on much. But you'll appreciate this. We had a good storm last week. I was leaving work (I work at the Marriott over here) and I had tips in my purse. We'll, me at my finest fell right down on hands and knees on ice, and pretty much got beat up and my tips went flying. ha.
  10. wow i feel like i havent been on here in forever. i feel so lost. lol.
  11. There is a guy driving around my neighborhood on a john deere tractor plowing snow in a t-shirt and shorts.
  12. I haven't been on here in a while, have I missed anything good?
  13. So you got that plane ticket I sent you to come and see Drowning over the holidays? Yup...thanks. In reality...I was watching that movie, one of my favorite sports movies
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