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  1. BigBL87

    *** What Did We Learn ***

    Really? All the ones in our section were pretty cool, despite the fact I can be loud and obnoxious at times. This is good to hear. Could be that I just got stuck with some of the more drunk and rambunctious Purdue fans. Maybe. The people around us were pretty sober and most of them weren't the youngest.
  2. BigBL87

    *** What Did We Learn ***

    And as far as SJB's hit, I was very close to the field on that end and it sure as heck looked like first contact was made with I his shoulder and the helmet to helmet was incidental and really minor compared to what I've seen.
  3. BigBL87

    *** What Did We Learn ***

    Really? All the ones in our section were pretty cool, despite the fact I can be loud and obnoxious at times.
  4. BigBL87

    Spencer Long

    I was at the game, down by the field where they carted him off and where he came back by in street clothes and crutches. Looked like he was in ALOT of pain, and the had ice and a stiff brace on it when he came back out.
  5. BigBL87

    Rex - a replacement ref, too?

    Like dergibog mentioned, I was thinking maybe it was actually strategic as far as snap count/signaling. Makes sense, as the white would really stand out for the center looking back.
  6. BigBL87

    Special Teams

    kickoff defense. 98th of 99 teams who have a kickoff this year. We have some work to do. I hope you're at least a little sarcastic. That's through 1 game, and most of that yardage came on one blown kickoff. A tiny sample size will do that. It's not like we gave up 40 yard returns every time.
  7. BigBL87

    Dirky Dirk Chimes In........

    I appreciate the consideration and apology. My wife is a speech language pathologist and I myself spent 9 years in speech therapy for stuttering and a slight lisp. It's a common thing for people to make fun of so I'm pretty used to it, but alot of people don't realize how difficult a speech problem can make things. I was lucky and had a good speech therapist, I ended up working in retail for a long time, a job where I had to talk constantly. Now I'm in corrections so it's not as big of a deal, but it's amazing the diffence a good speech therapist can make in someone's life.
  8. BigBL87


    Don't get me wrong, I love our band and enjoyed their show when we I went to a game in Lincoln a couple years ago. But, living in Big 10 country myself and having actually practiced with and marched with the Marching Illini at a game (in high school during a band day), the Big 10 takes their marching bands alot more seriously than Nebraska has up to this point, and it shows, especially if you've ever been in a marching band.
  9. Ya, he looks awkward, but if he gets more used to his size and even learns fundamentals, his size will kill. You can teach defense, shooting, passing, etc., but you can't teach size.
  10. BigBL87


    Congdon is the last kicker that I can remember that I would consider average or worse. The thing about Congdon was that he was very accurate, but his distance on his kicks was lacking big time. Inside 40 he was money, but the kicks 40-55 are usually what matters and are what you have to kick with the game on the line, and he didn't have the leg for them.
  11. BigBL87

    ATH Devin Fuller

    Apparently, Notre Dame has shifted from recruiting him as an ATH to recruiting him as a QB. For him, I would be leery of the sudden change as a ploy to get him on board to do whatever they want to do with him position-wise.
  12. BigBL87

    NCAA Football 2012

    I'm kinda getting tired of it. I'm on All American, playing as Boston College in my Dynasty. I'm stuck on a game vs. Notre Dame. Now, don't get me wrong, I have no problem losing, but I've played the game 10 times now. They run the 3-3-5 which my O-line apparently cannot comprehend for pass pro. I have all of 1 second to pass, and usually I get called for a hold in that 1 second if I manage to get the ball off. Their QB is balls fast and doesn't miss when he throws even when sprinting, while my QB can't get it within 10 feet of the WR when if he is planted and looking straight at the guy. Oh, and I fumble at least once a series and they have amazing ball security. I don't know if the game has a boner for Notre Dame, but I'm about ready to call it quits.
  13. BigBL87

    NCAA Football 2012

    I haven't yet. Just don't feel like I can commit to consistently taking care of a team enough to really do it. I am working on an offline dynasty though. Spent 4 years as the OC for Nebraska, then took the HC job at Boston College. Waiting for the HC job at Nebraska to open up now.
  14. BigBL87

    CB Marcus Rios

    Thought he needed another foreign language class for ND as well, for NU I think he needs a geometry class. Those are both for January enrollment, that is. If he ends up not trying to enroll in January, I think our chances of landing him go way up.
  15. BigBL87

    NCAA Football 2012

    The only option plays I see any consistent success out of are the Power Option out of the Wishbone and the Speed option out of the Pistol-Ace/Shotgun-Ace/Ace. In order to get the speed option to work though, I have to shift the off-side TE to the run side. I will say, outside of the option I really do like the running game. The passing game draw my ire more than anything. I've played seasons upon seasons, and haven't seen a single Pass Interference call but constantly see DB's warping through WR's to break up passes or intercept them. That, and the fact that MLB's have 4 foot verticals and super human reflexes. First, with the bolded part, this is exactly what I've experienced. The wishbone is really the only consistent option formation I use. I almost never run option out of the i formation, as I find my luck to be much worse with that formation than any other. I think wishbone, shotgun and pistol are the formations I use in that order. But the lack of quarterback mobility, how easily defenders blow off blocks and how rarely the option works make me question if EA really spent any time developing this part of the game. I understand nobody really runs the option anymore, but come on. I do agree, however, that the other parts of the running game are pretty good. I've had some success running the option out of the I, but only the Lead/Load/Power options. Triple Option is almost worthless, which made me sad. I can get the triple option out of the Diamond (it's a Pistol formation, can't remember the name) to work on occasion, and when it does it goes for big yards, but not very often. As mentioned, read options are ridiculously ineffective. I understand that you won't want to overpower the option, but it also needs be a valid play that works more than once every 20 tries. Now, that being said, I can still pretty much dominate at least the CPU offensively using about 5 plays as long as I have a mobile QB. HB Slam, HB Power, Speed Option, Power Option, and Deep Strike. The first four are just ones where you run them over and over and learn the blocking schemes to know where the lanes will be. Deep Strike, you key on the safeties and the MLB. Your slot receiver on the right will run a post, slot on the left a corner to the left, and both your wideouts will run fly patterns. If the safeties drop back and out, you throw it to the slant over the middle for 20+ yards. If the MLB moves outside, you can scramble up the middle and average about 10 yards per carry. If the safeties stay in the middle and don't drop to help on the fly routes, take a chance throwing it deep. 90% of defensive calls are vulnerable to this play, and the calls that do stop it don't seem to be used by the CPU very often. As broken as the passing is, there is still a way to get around it.