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  1. Right now prices up here are $125 - 250 for the lower bowl. Who knows with the weather, prices may go down. I would stay on it, and see what you can find Thursday/Friday. I bought early because I have a bunch of family/friends coming up here. Getting what I paid may be a challenge now.
  2. I don't know if it's appropriate to post this in this forum, but I now have three extra tickets to the game. Lower bowl, Section 119 Row 7 I am trying to make sure they go to Husker fans. If you are at all interested, please hit me up through Craigslist: https://omaha.craigslist.org/tix/d/kasota-nebraska-at-minnesota-set-of/6994373068.html
  3. And this https://twitter.com/huskerextrabc/status/778374701747843072 Dissing on Shemp. I've got no problem with that.
  4. Bando and Westy both came over to the railing post-game and were high-fiving fans. On the bus to our lot a little husker showed me the pair of gloves he got from a player. He was very stoked. All cool to see.
  5. The helmet is fine, but pictures of Sip should come with a disclaimer. I just woke up for pete's sake.
  6. Some stations in the Husker Sports Network have streaming. I've listened to broadcasts via KLAV-1230 in Las Vegas on my lappie before. I don't know if you could make that work with your iphone.
  7. Current Forecast calls for gusty winds out of the South at 25 MPH. Does this in any way affect either team's pass game? Which team needs to take some shots down field? Will the game boil down to special teams/field position? Does the better ground game win? You make the call, assuming the forecast holds, does the wind play a role tomorrow, and if so to which team's advantage?
  8. A loss and this team fails to reach its stated goal (Indy), which would be demoralizing to the players. Win and they have good momentem going forward. Lose and they have less to play for, and will again hear the now common refrain of mediocre and directionless from media and fans.
  9. Whoops, just found the thread already reporting this...never mind.
  10. Huskers.com confirms that student volunteers will be handing out black rally towels to fans before the game. I'm down. I thought it looked cool in the student section, the only problem being it was limited to the student section. Oh, one other problem: Given the amount I had to drink before Wisconsin, and that I was yelling as loud as I could, simultaneously waving an arm above my head nearly caused me to pass out a few times. http://www.huskers.c...TCLID=205718777
  11. Student section - East Having no aptitude for predicting how this team will perform week-in and week-out, I take some comfort in knowing for a fact that no matter how we perform I will have no voice left come late Saturday night. GBR!
  12. if your talking about that 2 pt conversion, that was Reed that went the wrong direction. Nope that's not what he's talking about. But I think Ben was expecting help from the OT right there too... Didn't get none... I'll blame them both for almost getting Martinez killed. I think that's the same play he and and the OT both pointed fingers at each other and appeared to start arguing. That was a big flag for me. When players start arguing amongst themselves like that, there are problems. Fortunately, things worked out in the long run but stuff like shouldn't happen Yeah, I think the problem was they botched the pass protection. Ben thought the tackle would help out. Instead the tackle blocked down. You think it's a problem when players are frustrated about a bad play? I think Mavric's skepticism about a problem is right. These guys have each other's back. You don't come back from double digits, repeatedly, without good chemistry.
  13. As K. Kugler noted on Twitter, abruptness of Osborne press conference now makes some sense, Pearlman had his guy.
  14. He was Deputy AD from 09-11 at Wisconsin under Alvarez. Ties to Barry and B1G suggest a natural fit.
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