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  1. I think a lot of people are missing the boat on Heard. I think he might be the best RB on our roster. I wouldn't be surprised to see him go somewhere and just tear it up. I really hope he does. Good luck to him. I think we will be fine at RB, we have a lot of talent there.
  2. You can't possibly compare this kid to Marsh. I watched Marsh in person many times and he makes this kid look like he's standing still.
  3. Are we looking at the same film? I don't see anything on this kid that makes me think he would even come close to contributing. Slooowwwww. Not evasive. I'm sure he's a great kid, but not D1 material in my opinion.
  4. I can't believe this sh**ty team is handing it to us like this. We gave them everything for the first three quarters and now we look like a high school team with no clue. Poorest coaching performance I can remember seeing in a long time. I'm seriously disappointed.
  5. Dude, these penalties are ridiculous. The penalties on our O-line, are they indicative of poor coaching or a subpar line or both?
  6. Committed to Tennessee. Man, I loved this kid's film. He's one I wish we could have gotten. One I will watch to see how he does in college. Sigh.
  7. Easy one for me. Up until this season I'd been to eight "big games" in my life. 88 Fiesta Bowl, 90 CU, 91 Washington, 99 Texas (the one we lost), 2007 Big 12 Championship, 2009 Virginia Tech, 2009 Missouri, 2010 Texas... and we had lost ALL OF THEM. It was a well known fact in my house that I am just CURSED when it comes to going to Husker Games against good teams. So this year, at the last minute, two tickets fell into my lap for the Ohio State game. The wife and daughter were out of town and I had my 10 and 11 year old boys. I decided to take them to their first ever Husker game (hoping to parlay the two tickets into three together out front before the game). First, we went to Husker Hounds here in Omaha where I bought them each red and white striped overalls (to go along with mine), Beat Ohio State pins, a cornhead for the 11 year old, Husker sunglasses for the 10 year old (you can't wear a cornhead when you want to show off your spray painted red Mohawk!) and matching Husker shirtts for all three of us. We got to Lincoln and I was able to sell my two tickets and find a guy who had three together. We get inside and the boys are just in awe of their first Game Day experience at Memorial Stadium. We sat in front of an older couple and the guy told my 10 year old when the people in front of him would stand up to just stand on his seat and he'd hold him up and they could watch the game together so he'd be able to see (totally awesome!). Then came the game. When Ohio State scored to go up 27-6 I was just crushed, thinking to myself, "The curse lives on." The boys started trying to lessen the pain by telling me how it was fun to get to come to a game and all that crap that you tell someone when their master plan crumbles in spectacular fashion. What great kids they were. Then, the tide turned and what was once a nightmare soon morphed into the most improbable comeback I've ever seen from a Husker team. By the time we pulled ahead my 11 year old couldn't even speak, he'd lost his voice, and the three of us were just drenched, cold, and couldn't care less! We'd spray painted both of the boys' hair red and the rain had made it run so bad that their faces were covered and they looked like little Husker Ooompa Loompas. When the clock ran out they ran over and hugged me together and the three of us started jumping up and down together in the aisle with my two sons yelling (as best they could at this point), "THE CURSE IS OVER! THE CURSE IS OVER!" Let's see... First ever Big 10 game in Memorial Stadium. My sons' first ever Husker Game. The biggest comeback in NU football history. The end of "THE CURSE"! Perfection!
  8. I've got four sons and a daughter. I have commitments from all of them (from my 20 year old on down to my 10 year old) that we will all get a red N on the left shoulder and then starting with me we will all get sections of the Husker Prayer below the N so that when we stand next to each other you can read the whole thing! And I've never been more proud to be possibly switching sides than I was in this thread!
  9. This kid reminds me of Desean Jackson. I like his falt out speed as well as his burst and quick feet. Some kids are straight out fast but not super quick to start, some kids have quick feet but are not blindingly fast, some have both and THEY are the ones that become NFL caliber WR and that, to me, is where this kid seems to fit. Just my humble opinion.
  10. At 6'7"? Really? 6'1" I think you completely missed his sarcasm...one of the articles had him listed at 6'7 I'm glad you picked up on that haha I don't think so. I think it listed him as 6' 7/8. Seven eights of an inch... I think. I initially thought the same though.
  11. Man, I just can't stand it when these kids do this stuff. Who is there in this kid's ear trying to make sure stuff like this doesn't happen. I realize I have no clue about this kid's character but am I wrong for thinking this kind of stuff is a red flag? Am I wrong for thinking that it might almost be best just to pull an offer when stuff like this happens.
  12. No, I agree with Zoogs. Our QB depth was mediocre. We went from potential challengers for a national title with a healthy T-Mobile to also rans in the Big 12 after his injury. NOT a coincidence.
  13. Man, I just read that little thread... no wonder I hate Texas! Have you ever seen a bigger bunch of a$$hats in your life?
  14. You know how people say if a guy was on fire they wouldn't piss on him to put it out? Well... if Dan Beebee were on fire I would seriously have to consider pissing on him to put him out. Think about it... you get to piss on the guy, be a hero for putting the fire out, and he's still messed up... win win win. Jerk
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