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  1. I stayed home , so I just threw bottles at my TV set. You're gonna have a bad fan or two from every teams fan base. I wouldnt get too worked up about it , and hopefully other fans around him put him in his place.
  2. I had the pleasure of traveling to Dallas and cheering for the Huskers on New Years Day. The game didn't turn out as I had hoped and some of the play calling was questionable but it was a fun day still. The only thing that blew worse than the final score was the (I would assume) drunk jack-ass that tossed a beer bottle towards the Nebraska bench late in the fourth qtr.. The bottle came flying from the heart of the Husker Nation faithful that were in the lower level near the 20 opposite the tunnel. I was row 1 up top and couldn't believe it, what a maroon (to quote Moe Howard). I just hope that person was called out by a whole lotta members of The Nation sitting near by. Granted most people were probably as pissed as the bottle tosser was. We had blown the big 4th down play after somehow losing track of the play clock, rushing to the line while the clock was ticking down and then sailing the pass way outta bounds (near the location of the flying Budweiser), instead of burning our last time-out. Certaintly some of us with me definately included, have been a little too lit up at sporting events but gimme a break. We really should expect classier behavior from a Nebraska fan. I'm in no way a bleeding heart, water-lilley, I just love Nebraska, The Heartland and everything that it stands for. Tossing beer bottles and accepting it as appropiate behavior arn't a part of that. Not one bit. I really hope that I hear that the bottle tosser was dealt with by the Nation and stadium security. Big Red Forever.
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