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  1. The posters who want Keith Williams back must really like watching receivers run third down routes one yard short of the sticks
  2. Ameer goes 15 for 139 and people want him to get less touches? Unbelievable.
  3. Losing to TCU in basketball is like losing to KU in football.

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    2. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      That's 2 in row for KU.

    3. wiuhusker


      And they did it while scoring 13 in the first half. Doc Sadler is having an impact at KU that isn't wanted

    4. NUance


      Ha HA! /in Nelson Muntz voice.

  4. Someone help me out on this. It looks like he was originally Class of 2010 which means he's three years out of high school. However, his JUCO roster says he's only in his first year. However, a 247 article says he has two years left. Can someone fill me in? I believe he moved home for a couple years to help out his sick father
  5. IIRC he left the team after his freshmen year
  6. He's most likely announcing Auburn tomorrow
  7. His only offers are from the likes of Ohio, Missouri and UMASS? Pass. This guy isn't worth it. There. I got this post out the way for the debbie downers.
  8. No one is ever a lock until they put pen to paper despite what people on message boards think our say
  9. skers, I don't think we'll ever switch to the 3-4, whether or not this guy plays 3-4 or not. We just need bodies right now and really 2 JUCO's to fill voids and provide depth.
  10. Why is everyone worried: 1. No proven starters on the line for next year 2. No proven backups on the line for next year 3. Very little depth next year 4. We will not be switching to the 3-4. We may run some (and very little IMO) next year, but when has Bo ever exclusively run that formation? You mentioned 6 names in your post. 1 left the team, 1 has experience, but has failed to show much, 1 played as a true frosh and already got hurt, 1 is a red shirt frosh and the other 2 haven't shown much to the coaches or they would've played more this year.
  11. Thought this was a thread about Beck. Guess I'm not surprised it quickly turned into a Martinez or Cotton bash thread.
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