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  1. Quick question… what round was Burrow drafted in and was he a heisman finalist?
  2. let’s have some brevity share your best, favorite, greatest Cornhusker photos of all time.
  3. Damn Martinez stats are pretty good. Kinda wasted on losing teams, but when he clicks he’s been good on stats.
  4. all of your “negative” points are why I actually go to games. Except beer sales. They need to sell beer. I’ve brought many friends of opposing teams to games over the years and they have, to a tee, loved their experience in Memorial. I wouldn’t change one thing except beer sales and maybe less bulls#!t on the big screens/speakers during games. we are there to cram in, cheer loud, stand up, have fun, get rowdy and rock those f’ing foundations. Go home if you don’t want to do that.
  5. If our O-line can give AM a little time, that will be the only thing that matters. same in the running game. this whole season hinges on the O-line and turnovers.
  6. and it matters even more when kids know potentially, if they tweet on game day they could earn a lot money. It’s gross but it’s the new norm. The sellout streak (and fan base interest) might mean more now than ever edit it might be a drought on conference/national champs…but the whole 21st century hasn’t sucked all the balls of the world. We have won apprx 168 games this century. The last 5 seasons are absolute duds and crap, but it’s not like we been 4-8 or 7-5 for 20 whole yrs. There were some great teams, players, and games that have won here since 2000. it’s
  7. They have 10 players from 10 different teams. Clickbait Let’s just hope he can get it done through the air instead of through pages of a magazine or a tweet thread
  8. Don’t want a guy who refers to himself in 1st person.
  9. Is he juco? That film has crazy players if high school lol he has a mean streak, just needs to get lower. Could fit our offense very well pulling for screens and getting to 2nd level
  10. Exactly. I’m not happy w the W/L record so far but I am happy Frost is the coach. He should get 5 full yrs, maybe 6 considering the BS covid lockdown year. Can’t wait for all the cheering this year when N starts winning
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