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  1. I am I

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Well the last 29 pages have been largely used to discuss speculation on Washington. Now that Frost has him back and the courts are doing their job, the discussion can kind of turn to how Frost is actually handling it. He gave a brief statement, which seems to be pretty honest, and now has Washington on lock down...which I really like too. Just helping him keep a low profile and not have to answer a bunch of media questions...just keeping him on the DL. I think frost is handling it well.
  2. I am I

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Let’s discuss Frost’s first full on Controversy then. It’s real. Should he stay or should he go now? Washington is full in the legal system. He’s pulled him from the media, questions, pics, interviews, etc...he’s flying to California to handle it...no distraction yet. washington remains.....nothing to see here move along? Im actually happy the way it’s handled so far. Once the legal part is done we’ll know more. Until then, play ball and see what happens. I’m sure of this: he’ll be apart of the team until he isn’t, I like the way it’s handled so far. Great on the process to let out, then decide
  3. I am I

    Duval's S&C - Year 2

    Seems like a common quote amongst coaches in spring interviews has been the “pace” at which all positions are able to get to now v last spring/season. Point blank, the players couldn’t practice at the capacity/stamina the coaches wanted. Now it seems they are getting there. That alone will bump the team and players up a notch. Not X’s and O’s but just the competitive level expectation is finally getting met (and I’d guess it’s still at the low thresh) which means the coaches can finally start to implement their real scheme. Exciting times to watch how advanced training once again pushes our Cornhuskers to elite levels for football.
  4. I am I

    The Running Back Room

    Even Ozigbo took a few games to establish himself last season. Once he did...lights out. What I like about that is twofold. 1. Players competing, not giving up. 2. Frost can change directions and go in a new direction and get results. He saw what he saw and went with it; wasn’t a mistake just took time to establish. If Washington makes it thru his issues, great. If Bradley or Mazour or Mills whoever start to shine in practice, games, and film, better bet Frost will be playing that guy. No favortites, just competition.
  5. I am I

    Spring Practice Notes

    So when players don’t play like one of the best players we’ve ever hadcplay here, they’re basically worthless? Gotcha i watched the video, I think he’s freakin flying around 100% and I’ll take that effort all day. That’s what practice is for, to get better, and it looks like he is..;even if it’s not wall of fame worthy just yet.
  6. I am I

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    here is a question I haven’t heard yet.. if he is exonerated of charges that allows him to play this year, how does this affect him as a person and a player on field? A 19yr old goes through a criminal trial, public trial, deals with the scrutiny and the backlash etc... has this set him back? Is he suffering as a person and player? Whats his mindset and demeanor? (Not making him a victim or washing his bad deed, I’m very being very clear on his action and punishment needs to be set right). Will he be the player we think he can be after going through this, or has this set him back? If he’s allowed to stay and play, is he still the player he would have been otherwise? Frost talked about them helping him be as normal as can be as a student athlete with what’s going on. I hope he pays his due punishment and still can be what we all think he can be despite it....
  7. I am I

    Changes on offense 2019

    Frost doesn’t look exhausted right now like he did last year at this time. Last year at this time he had a new baby, moved, gave up his previous program, recruited late, met and did dozens of appearances, all the hype etc etc.... and his staff too. He looks comfortable, rested, and sharp. That alone will translate down to the team. Everyone will be more comfortable and ready. The offense will be way way better. Add it up, check the boxes, move the pieces, score more and often... i ageee, it’s all about how the defense improves. We know the offense will be better, and continue to get better. How the defense does will determine if his regime will have championship level goals.
  8. I am I

    Tony Tuioti Hired as New DL Coach

    OTHusker is kind of the Tuff Tiger of huskerboard. But I agree with the Polynesian connection inroads. And we got Noa signed up too so that’s good.
  9. I am I

    Spring Practice Pressers

    Mf’ers... this guy is going to build f’ing dynasty. Get ready for another 25 yr Reign. He just gets it, specifically for Nebraska.
  10. A virtual reality room that puts you on the field from the QB position, MLB position, a safety, a RB, and an OL. Attach a small cam to those positions helmets in games so you can see what they see and then edit them down to highlight plays, the tunnel walk, and other on field experiences for fans to enjoy throughout the season or on tours of factilities. It’s the wave of the future. Wave of the future, wave of the future. The future.
  11. I am I

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    No, Dude... but the exchanging of explicit text messages between teenagers is very, very, very, very common...sadly. Him sending it back to her was really really stupid. Worthy of punishment. But to completely isolate this incident into “child porn” and totally ruin several peoples lives over it is extremely narrow. He did something stupid. He’ll pay for that. She certainly has. And the other 2 boys, sounds like they have as well. My kids are 13 & 11, and aren’t real active on their phones, media, apps etc...but they have it and are susceptible to all the world and the internet has to offer, at ANY point. I have been told point blank by many parents of kids I coached for 5 yrs in youth sports and am around a lot, that this is in many ways parents biggest fear because it’s there forever, and it’s happening ALL the time... Washington sat on this for a couple years. Stupid. Dozens of kids had distributed, viewed, gossiped, texted, and DM’d it (so it’s been said). Stupid. Doesn’t make it right, doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be consequences. But it COULD happen to many people we know...especially, mostly, and sadly, kids. Lets wait and see what California decides. Let’s wait and see what the Univ of Nebraska decides. And let’s wait and see what Frost decides. (Interesting...seems like he hasn’t even released one damn comment yet, eh?). And let’s wait and see what Washington does with his “second chance,” wherever that may be. lastly, the hope would be that these type of semi high profile internet problems helps deter kids from doing and filming stupid stuff. Until then, we are seeing the tip of the iceberg on teens and their internet habits, so let’s just wait and see how it shakes out. I’m cool with whatever happens.
  12. I am I

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    When does he plan on returning to California to face the charges? Are Nebraska lawyers allowed to represent people in other states? Does he actually have to be in court, or is he just going for questioning?
  13. I am I

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Let’s just wait and see what happens
  14. I am I

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Seems like it’s proceeding exactly as it should. It’s hot news now, but it’ll eventually cool and what will be will be. Most info coming out suggests that he faces consequences up to and including jail; but there are several other alternates to that sentence including diversion, fines, and reduced plea agreements. I’m feeling like he did something stupid and will pay for it. He will serve his punishment and eventually move on. Methinks with the Cornhuskers. That’s my initial inconsequential opinion.
  15. I am I

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    stupid move from a jilted high schooler, no doubt. after the facts are laid out, I’ll make my own inconsequential opinion. Until then, I’ll reserve judgement