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  1. I watch that for the ‘head shakes and grimaces’ that Spurrier does after almost every play. I just loved his level of frustration
  2. Get him up on the banner. great get welcome N in Paul
  3. I coached my sons little league team and it was an extra 18-20 hrs a week. For 4th-7th graders! My dad was a college coach in the 80-90s before all this helpful technology. He put in easily 60-70 hrs a week. You have zero, zilch, nada, niet idea of what you speak and I can’t believe I ever read one of your long winded posts thinking you had some insight lolol... it will be nice just to skip over them from now on.
  4. Kid can cover some ground. If he’s in the 4.6 range with his frame, let’s pull him CO and make him a beast
  5. After the first month those Clorox pop ups became less and less. Now it’s ads just intermittent on the screen. No a prob anymore. On my iPad, it’s scant. Whatever fixed it is fixed, I just don’t like seeing LSU, Alabama, grocery store pops anymore but I just scroll down. welcome to Cornhusker news with LSU hats for sale.
  6. Can the “WR type” guys be as good as Wan’dale? If not I hope they redshirt. We’ll need production from one of the 2 tFR probly for sure but personally I don’t like the hybrid guys playing as tFR unless they truly can. Learn, grow, compete and wait.
  7. hmm, live an hour an half from there. Maybe go watch him play.
  8. Didn’t we have the longest steak in the NFL of former Huskers represented in the Super Bowl? Was there a former player that played/qualified to keep the streak alive?
  9. What happens if several players “defect” from a team essentially at the same time? JoJo, Honas, Robinson, and Daniels are all sitting around their apartment and realize they’ll never win what they want at Nebraska and one by one decide to go elsewhere? All in one offseason. I think this is stupid and dangerous. I’d maybe be in Yea category if say, you’re a Jr/Sr and haven’t started more than say 5 games or some kind of rule for guys who aren’t playing.
  10. To counter the downfall of the Prop 48 rule, I’d like to see graduation rates for those students. osborne probably helped a lot of kids get their degree and improve their lives by getting them into the program.
  11. Bo was a great hire. He did some damn good stuff. I loved having Bo here. He took talent that was brought in to new heights, and built his own teams to compete pretty well! I’m so happy Bo is in the Nebraska legacy. He had a D lineman sitting in a Heisman chair, and he shoulda won! A QB who was player of the year. Several NFL players, clean program, etc etc Played for Conf Champ possibility a few times. I loved it!! but he was d!(k, no way about it. I played college ball for coaches much like him. And we won a lot, but it sucked at times, just as a human. So I’d suppose he’s not going to LSU, just a guess. But with the talent they pull there, he’d do just fine. Has he changed his (it’s not fiery anymore when you’re late 40s, it’s being a d!(k) personality the last 3-5 yrs? Probly not. Man, I wish Bo coulda calmed down. but he didn’t, so glad he’s gone. Good luck at YSU or LSU.
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