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  1. Players should get a stipend each year for living and spending. Concurrently a savings account which accumulates funds which are released upon graduation or turning pro or career ending injury. each consecutive year at a school the stipend goes up and the savings account gets bigger until they graduate, turn pro or retire.
  2. 6’4 220lb athlete who has in game experience in the P5 against good competition. Runs like a deer and throws decent. Can join in time for spring ball, summer and fall camp. Decent stats but needs a little tweaking. Has 2 years to play also. I would be on board for that type of signing. Sims got the yips. Much like our former TE who moved to center and couldn’t snap a ball in shotgun safely for over a year. Like, we literally win 4 more games if he doesn’t snap ball over 2AM head for the whole season. Sims was a great addition to our team on paper and has very good tools. He just couldn’t put it together, hence the “curse” of N football. The team rallied and started to win and believe. That was so positive. Now Rhule see’s our deficiencies, has time to fully recruit (looks good so far), reassess, regroup, and keep the rebuild. I’m looking forward to next year already.
  3. We run in the black year and year out. Great. id rather be close to net zero or a fraction in debt then go 5-7 or 7-5 each year. the money will be there, even if it declined it will be there. Spend it, utilize it, WIN.
  4. And Rhule said recently he thinks we have a relented team and is ready to get to work. he thinks there’s talent on the team. He hasn’t said, one time as far as I know, that we are seriously lacking talent (like Prime did). he wants to get back to work and get these players to play to their potential. we have a couple of veins of our “systemic problems” still gushing blood. I think we see a nice jump in performance during spring. assuming we get a decent QB and eliminate the turnovers, I agree w him.
  5. We ask for a chance that’s fair
  6. Just off the top of my head I can think of at least 7 passes that should have been caught that weren’t even in traffic or “difficult” amd 3 of those, off the top of my head would’ve kept drives alive in crucial moments. our offense, besides the rushing game at times….so I guess our passing offense has been bad on multiple levels this season
  7. Creek going for 5 straight 5A state championships
  8. When the QBs don’t lose us a game the OC does. we need a QB in the worst way. We could be 6-4 or 7-3 if we had a serviceable QB
  9. We’ve lost so many 1 score games the last 6 yrs, I don’t really care how we get the wins or against whom. you play who you play and wins are hard to come by anyway so I’m just enjoying this so far. My heart isn’t racing so much and I have all my fingernails. I kinda like all the s#!tty teams and this bad play. At least it’s interesting, which I can say cuz we are WINNING.
  10. You can’t play in a game at the D1 level what you don’t practice. If even a little bit. HH caught passes in practice and was some kind of flex player. A 3rd string QB in spring and fall. Now he’s the starter and it shows his weaknesses. But at least he was sometimes practicing QB and taking snaps. You think cuz “Sims is an athlete” he can run routes, take handoffs, plow ahead, block, be a decoy, catch a pass in traffic, find a seam, return a kick, keep his feet in bounds on a deep out? sometimes I wonder at the…no offense to anyone, the ignorance of the avg football fan. Get a grip. Sims is our backup QB at this point. He has ZERO practice at any other position probly since his 8-9th grade year in high school. He isn’t gonna convert at this point in his career. I hope he stays ready and in shape for when HH sucks or gets hurt that Sims can come in help us try and win.
  11. most in the football world seem to be shrugging their shoulders on this. It stinks pretty bad given the timeline when the guy joined M, flew to games, stood on the sideline with maps of signals and what their win/loss record during that same time is. hell, I’m a “do things right, the N way” but I’m kinda intrigued by 10-12 win seasons too. you ain’t cheatin, you ain’t tryin…up to a point lol. I kinda don’t care about this that much until the players aren’t really dictating the wins on execution and play. Players are put in perfect position to make plays may raise their draft profile. Players who are instructed illegally get national awards and more NIL. Betting lines get f#&%ed, team strategies are tossed out, a 5-6 win team loses out on a bowl…you see how bad it can damage so many people as it trickles down and it makes me feel like it is kind of a big deal. Then the slippery slope of paying for inside information, playbooks, game plans etc. if you were a grad coach at N making $41k and a guy offered you $10k for signs or game plans…I know I’m off in c theory now but that’s how things go if you don’t have a tight leash
  12. So for Malachi, I watched that play on tape from many different angles and replays. He ran a good route. Used his stop /start, body angle and speed to get open. What I liked to see the most, and it’s an important detail, when the ball came to him he caught it with his hands, his arms stretched out slightly. Was a very pure hands catch. He didn’t let it get to his body and stomach and roll over into the end zone. He caught it standing up, feet in bounds, two hands on the ball. Left no room error or second looks. Was a nice two handed catch. We need to bomb it to him 2-4 times a game when the coverage is right and let him make plays. Fades, go routes, double moves off of PA, and yolo bombs could help take some pressure off 9 in the box defenses. Picture perfect play with great execution by him. Looking forward to seeing more of that as a threat.
  13. Every year for preseason predictions I’d say…turnovers and penalties. If we can cut down or eliminate the worst ones we can win 8-10 games. We were what 5-26 in one score games for 6 yrs or something? That’s directly due to turnovers and untimely penalties. I hope we see drastic improvement second half of season. It is a big ‘if’ but it will correlate to our potential wins.
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