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  1. I am I

    New To The Board

    I lurked for 3 years before joining
  2. I am I

    R Burkhead

    Game tying and game winning TDs congrats, he’s a perfect fit for the Patriot team
  3. I am I

    The Running Back Room

    Frost is gonna open up a gash in the run game. Bank it. Cornhuskers have 2800+ yds rushing this year.
  4. I am I

    Duval's S&C - Year 2

    1400 yds from scrimmage. 1000k rushing 400 rec nice to to see striation’s on our DIV 1 football players instead of round mounds of “size”.
  5. I am I

    Huskers in 2019....

    ^^ so much this! My college coach used to practice us so hard, even in season. His reasoning was that someone at some point was going to go down or someone was going to be needed to step up. Maybe not til week 7-8-9... but they were ready when it happened. Even if only for 15 plays a game, in crunch time. Not to mention the next year or years they would play. He always talked about “callouses”...if you don’t have callouses and aren’t hardened, how can you be thrust into games?? Go get em, Frost! If you’re lucky in your life from High School thru College you’ll play 72 actual games in 6 years, give or take. Then you’re done. Might as well sell out and give it all, once you’re done, you’re DONE. You can golf or play old mans pickup basketball or tennis, or jog/lift until your 75. But you’ll never play football again once you’re done. Get em ALL involved and grow those callouses while you can.
  6. I am I

    OLB Dylan Jordan

    Great pickup if he signs. These are the 500 mile radius kids we need. Wouldn’t be surprised if he can even contribute on special teams right away.
  7. I am I

    Harrison Beck

    I.....DARE YOU... to click on the ‘whatever’ tag in his website. DOUBLE DARE you
  8. I am I

    Harrison Beck

    Nah, he’s wearing it. I’ll take that bet
  9. I am I

    Harrison Beck

    Poor guy
  10. I am I

    Huskers Fighting Big Trend

    The only weather debate I think is worth anything is how many warm weather schools play a cold weather game, especially on the road? Lets see these here warm weather schools play one damn game in 33 degree weather with 20mph winds up north.
  11. I am I

    Huskers in 2019....

    Every game is hard to win. Every game. Lets just try and win them. There are no “gimmies” anymore. Just gotta win. When we get to a place with the right players, yeah, we should win. But every game is hard to win. Its not 1993 anymore. We just gotta win and try hard as hell to win them. Period.
  12. I am I

    The BIG in Bowls

    I hope the B1G does well all season and in bowls. And hope we win all our B1G games. I don’t necessarily “root” for the other teams but I hope they do well for perception. Players not playing in ONE last game baffles me. Why not play all the games you can?? You only get so many in your life...
  13. I am I

    Give props, or no?

    I’m a “win” guy too, but not at ALL cost. Like me my accountant: get every advantage and take every break, but don’t break the rules. I give saban props for this. It’s not like guys who have never played win baby win...but have at least a moticum of rules and discipline. The guys who we have suspended or kicked off, I’m okay with that if it was justified.
  14. I am I

    Give props, or no?

    http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/25610190/alabama-crimson-tide-suspends-3-players-including-starting-ol-deonte-brown-orange-bowl its Alabama, they can plug and play... or saban is actually holding feet to fire? Do we want Frost to “win at all cost” or would we want to hold the program to a higher standard even tho we aren’t where Bama is yet? (Easy for bama to bench players because they’re a juggernaut vs we need the wins)