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  1. NW should be in our pod. We would sell out their stadium every year for them moving forward. I kinda miss PSU being our crossover. Felt it was really good for us and they can be a team we could beat w a name. Iowa and Wisc are natural so that’s okay. Minn is really boring to me. Neither here or there on them. After 10yrs in the B1G we can start to realize how bad they screwed us in sched, yet…if we were competent or could compete coulda been awesome for us. Not their fault we sucked a$$ dear lord in heaven, please allow us to win
  2. Wan’dale caught 104 passes. the next guy caught 40 the next guy caught 21 Their top 3 rushers accounted for 1,800yds of ground game. Top being 1,300~ the dude produced in a pretty good offense and is leaving a year of playing college for pro, as a top draft choice. Good for him, wish we had used him better here and won with him.
  3. If we win 6 games and he reportedly got $600k, that’s $100k per win just to Ochaun. if he has in those 6 wins, a couple games that his stats (and stats alone, not actual impact) aren’t great (zero sacks, 2 tackles, 1 penalty etc) do we get upset at college players who are making tons of money and don’t “produce”?? if he has amazing stats in losses are we happy with our ‘investment?’ this whole thing stinks. And it’s rotting from the head down. I’m glad we got a really good hopefully impactful player, but this is insane when you spin all the scenarios. May least someone didn’t pay Ewers $1M to never take one snap
  4. Well let’s go get those top OL targets that are just sitting in the magical portal! I mean, we NEED 3 top lineman, they must be there ready to come to Nebraska…go pick them up! Alabama did
  5. Tackles are the most well paid OL in the NFL for a reason. They are hard to come by. If wethinks there is some stud in the portal sitting there ready to come in and hail us to pipeline prominence we are sadly mistaken. The best and/or ready OL players are already on their team and are ready to play for that team now. There is no one we could magically pluck from the portal that might fix our problem. Get over it. everyone jizzes over a QB, WR, RB, passrusher transfer. But I don’t see a lot of buzz over 4/5 star OL transfers anywhere in the nation, because they are rare or don’t exist. The OL needs to be grown in house. We have what we have. I hope we are healthy and have growth by fall because that could be good enough to win us some games. No OL is coming in to save us. We got our new QB transfer, WR transfer, Vok was a transfer, juco RB transfer,…there are no OL transfer guys who are plug n play. We have what we have.
  6. Saw Betts passed out a in wheelchair on his recruiting visit, wasted, in the hotel lobby with dudes pushing him into an elevator. Go back and check my post in his recruiting forum. as the wind blows…
  7. Have seen this kid play a dozen times. He’s a real baller
  8. Lord God, Please don’t rush time, it’s limited for us. But upon Your eternal clock can we just get through this winter conditioning/hiring season and on to the spring game already? In Your name, all the fans who just want to follow Your team and enjoy Nebraska football; without all the conjecture, rumors, and nonsense with no real knowledge of Your will, guide us. Amen see ya’ll in the spring!
  9. Maybe Frost will be the OC and we are bringing in a great OL coach. (Saves room for a real ST coach) why do we need a new OC when our offense really hums from our own 5 to the opp 20? we need an OL coach that can produce TDs in the red zone. Our offense is really good, save for the sieve that is our OL in the red zone. repeat after me: we need an offensive line
  10. I was at tOSU game. as bad as it looks on TV, it’s even worse in person. AM runs for his LIFE on most pass plays. Within seconds he’s rushed, has a d-end in his face. When he does have time, to his own detriment, he often hangs on too long. when he has time and can get to his 1st/2nd read quickly, he’s really really good. When he’s decisive in his decision to run, he’s also really really dangerous. There is no middle ground with him, unfortunately he’s either under extreme duress or making a big play. too bad for us he was under duress much too often
  11. Because the coach has to navigate all this nonsense and put a team on the field on Saturdays, maybe? let the players make money, we’ve arrived on that. But to think a coach who has to rake thru the mud in the portal and put a team forward to try and win games should make LESS money is stupid. Some leave some come here. How cool! The players have a voice! the coaches are getting looooong contracts and the players can still get paid. Not enough? Bail out and go portal. welcome to the end of “our team, ride or die”. It’s over, and the coaches are secure more than ever. Glad we still have Frost to do it for us. It’s a s#!t show out there, folks
  12. Go see my thread about being happy retaining Frost for at least next year. We are on the road to consistency. he took a pay cut, his players love him, he has support of the Admin, he’s on a performance contract now too, he knows he wins or done. If worse is worse Univ saved a few million on buyout. Not results we have wanted the last 4 yrs but at least we have a coach that has been here and not rebuilding a few weeks before signing day. All this action makes me hold my bet on Frost, I’m doubling down Trev made the right decision. contrast that with the brand new landscape at great big huge programs from coast to coast. OU lost like 5 verbals from top recruits TODAY. Venables has never been a head coach. Riley has huuuuuuge pressure to win today, not handed a Stoops qualifier, won’t be easy. Kelley buttered his bread at Oregon and won as an independent at ND, welcome to SEC country man. ETC ETC ETC with all these big programs with huge changes and huge expectations. Good luck I’m more happy we kept Frost today than I was 2 weeks ago
  13. I’m down w FROST. There is no loyalty! We have have the corner on loyalty! coaches leave, Riley coaches get fired, Orgeron coaches get unwarranted extensions (Franklin, Tucker, freeze) Frost started this, he will see us through
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