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  1. He’ll pay attention to details that have cost us so dearly in 7pt games. We will win the games we have typically lost the last 4-6yrs because of dumbass penalties and turnovers. We beat ourselves in 25 games decided by 7pts or less. #DBO has been a plague on us more than a curse.
  2. Thanks for this. sucked sorting thru threads and seeing rumors and maybe’s
  3. Ahhh, I’ve been out of pocket. Just catching up on all the news. Plz delete
  4. What is Rhules sideline demeanor, from those that have seen a lot of him? Is he rah-rah or play it cool?
  5. 6-7 wins for sure. 8-9 if can maximize talent. Ya’ll know what this guy wants?? 1. Toughness 2. run game 3. Maximize roster talent 4. minimize “what makes us lose” (penalties,. turnovers, details) I’m really stoked for this hire. Can he out-coach some B1G coaches his first yr or get to a 9-10 wins, maybe not. But we will gets markedly better in year 1 We are like 5-25 in one….ONE score games the last 6 yrs.1-6 points rule our score … If we win 10-12 of those games, half of those games, we are bowling. Rhule will clean up those sloppy a$$ plays and make us better immediately. letsssssss go.
  6. at this point I’m just sippin a cold one and lightin a phat one. At me in my mid 40s I kinda don’t give a f Let’s just play tough a$$ football. let’s just be tough. Kick some mf’ers in their mouth. Hit them hard and see who stands. Win or lose, can we be tough for once? get us a tough a$$ football team I’ll cheer for that
  7. So besides the inability to win games (as has been our want for 6yrs) what are the negatives on MJ? ….I’m my view he should've insisted Purdy pulled early against Minn, along with a run play called against Wisc on last drive last week. he should’ve insisted on taking more shots since he’s been the coach (more downfield shots). He should’ve insisted we run some traps, draws, screens, and even some more trick plays. Basically, he should’ve taken more control of a losing season and just tried “pull out the stops” type of offense at least 2-4 times a game. So, he shoulda taken some control. Did he not do that cuz he can’t or cuz he’s just floating w what we have? On defense I think he should’ve insisted we bring more pressure, more press coverage. Disguise late pressure and be balls to the wall type defense. What is HIS actual philosophy? Did we see it play out over his interim? Positives: he did bring a new fire into players on a lost season. I do think his players believe in him and want to play hard for him. We haven’t won enough close games (per as usual) but damn, what he took over I’m proud to still watch and cheer. He’s focused and has largely kept the team together and the recruiting class. he’s been blown out twice in his interim, won a couple and been damn close in a couple more. I don’t think he had to get to a bowl to deserve the job, I just use my eye test. My eyes tell me he’s doing juuuust good enough to be considered but not well enough to win the job. However, if given the stability of a 3yr contract let’s say, I think if he trims the fat (some coaches, S&C, some players) and brings his players and full system of people as good or better than him; I think I would be okay w him being retained. Barely. so that’s my thoughts on Joseph. on the other hand, if we can get a guy in here who just absolutely capitalizes on the talent we have w his coaches, and has a clear and direct path for us to win 6-7 games (if we win 3 or our 1score games this year we are at 6 already) I’m down for that. Short story long, if it’s Joseph I’m barely okay w that but I think he’d do better than our last 2. But if it’s a coach that just f’ing coaches the details better and f’ing has a better buy in now and just grows and grows from there I’d take that. Can a new coach bring that? anyway we shake it, we’ll find out real soon if we have the talent most of us think we have (besides O&D lines, no one thinks we are good on those fronts) we will have a good idea if any coach can win more right away or if it’s a total rebuild. That was long but it’s my response to 700pages of following this thread
  8. We run ZERO of these: draws, traps, screens, QB option, hitches, reverses, pump n goes, or misdirections. our offense is the easiest to defend in the history of football. Also, our o-like sucks balls what are we, like, 5-23 in one score games the last 5 yrs? One score games.
  9. I was gonna post something but remembered to remind myself not post after 4 beers or 12am. fortunately for me I’ve had 5 beers and it’s well past midnight. So I won’t embarrass my self any more that to suggest Tom Sawyer by Rush, Edge of the Ocean by StickFigure, and Paradise by 311. see you Monday morning, ya stinkfist (by tool)
  10. I bet we lose by 6 to keep our new tradition alive of losses by 7pts or less . We are what, 5-23 in 1 score games over the last 5 yrs? Or some ridiculous stat of “can’t we just win one of these”. or we gets our teeth kicked in 56-10 and they pull their horses midway thru 3rd qtr. now we know how KU, OK Lite, KSU, ISU, CU, and our non-con felt for 60yrs. we are tie “we got this, don’t worry” game for top 10 teams now. Ugggghhh. Nebraska 31 UM 21
  11. watched that 60min interview. Took me into a wormhole, found this. Dude pumped up his team talking about parking passes, cheerleaders, and the band. not sure his x and o coaching is good (he’s winning a lot so it must be decent) or any of his football philosophy, but man this is what football is all about. Men v Men, take that respect when they don’t respect you. I know he’s not getting hired here and not sure if he’s even a great coach but I love the fact he uses football to teach young men how to earn, demand, and win respect. There is a lot of disrespect in our culture (I have a teenage son lol) and this man is teaching people to earn respect. The top programs have every single cushy, flashy, brash assed s#!t to offer kids who are good at football but haven’t earned that skybox, jersey, or cleats yet. I admire what he’s doing, especially for that community and league. It’s a different world at Alabama, Mich, NU, and USC, but this simple speech actually gravitates young men to follow his ideals and rise above into greater things. I’m glad he’s doing what he’s doing, using football to teach greater things. TO has nothing to do with this video, except just be in it
  12. What exactly are the things that came out during Frosts tenure? I’ve just seen that maybe he was partying?
  13. Hopefully Trev has a great handle on all of this. im gonna trust that he’s reaching out to all the right people for references, checking style of play, watching what Mickey is doing, and doing the hard work behind the scenes. He might be the most pivotal AD we’ve had in 15yrs + to get it right. I’m gonna trust he’s doing his due diligence.
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