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  1. I am I

    Guy Thomas gone?

    Happens all the time. I still wish Moss wouldn’t have done his dumb stuff. At least he got to play. Sad to see G Thomas go but do we really miss a guy who never actually played a down? Frost/culture/change/future
  2. Uh, yeah. I think urban LOSES. ALL DAY. But gets the win after the NCAA does its “investigation” of why he lost lolol. Jim Harbaugh? In his prime? That dude was a beast and such a nasty competitor! In the pros he was apes#!t and just made so many plays and was fierce. Of course Frost was the same and could stomp his a-hole, but Harbaugh was rabid.
  3. Urb would lose all day and still get the win, from the NCAA
  4. I am I

    Let us Pray...

    Let it be by the code
  5. I am I

    *** Official Illinois Game Thread ***

    Is Washington pretty hurt? He hasn’t played since the 1st qtr, no?
  6. I am I

    *** Official Illinois Game Thread ***

    Absolutely love watching Frost coach up Martinez on the sideline. This is is a match made in heaven. Just simple words, a couple of body motions, no hype or yelling. Just explanation and coaching.
  7. I am I

    NU Alternate/Throwback Unis for Illinois

    I LOVE these uni’s. Love the cream pants, love the font, love the black cleats. Helmet is okay not great, but very serviceable. Love the black shirts underneath the jerseys. 9.9 out of 10 this week
  8. I am I

    2018 Blackshirts vs. 2017 Blackshirts

    Everything for me this season is based off the eye test, not as much data. Early in the year we getting gashed, couldn’t get off the field on 3rd down, looked a little confused at times....my eyes tell me they’re playing more cohesive, better assignments, hawking the ball more and have a bit of swagger even at times. The defense has improved.
  9. Yes. That’s it. Good beers, good scotch and whiskey good cigars.
  10. I live in Denver also. Easy drive straight across I-76 to 80. If you like cigars and whiskey there’s a cool spot somewhere downtown. Don’t know what it’s called but we always have a great time there
  11. I am I

    May as well get hypothetical today..

    A strong showing on Black Friday, nationally televised game would help put us in people’s minds, even though we are only blowing out Iowa. People need a reason to think about us and actually see what’s been going on, the improvement. Most people just look at records and ours stinks.
  12. I am I

    Do We Win Out?

    I think we have 3 blowouts. Seriously. Our team is feeling the juice. The loser a$$ mentality has been slowly leaving the body. It’s gone now. Theyll read that Ubran said “no one wants to play this team right now”. They knkw full well winning 3 in a row to finish sends a message and shows that they have a New Pride. I think we CRUSH the next 3 teams.
  13. I am I

    What did we learn: Ohio State

    eh, we’re 2-6 on the road. What do we have to lose? If it was an onside I’m happy with the call. Im actually a little more disappointed that Frost didn’t go for it on 4th and inches. We ran all that motion and hard counts then just called a timeout. Punted and 3 plays or so later we were losing bad. Again, 2-6 on the road...just go for it and get 3 inches. If not, we’d all (almost all) understand why he tried it. Just going for broke. Anyway, I learned today that Frost just nailed it at the big 10 media days: “better get us this year”. We are gonna ROLL starting next year.
  14. I am I

    Best Memegifs of husker football board.

    Wait. Tuff Tiger ...roll call... im really happy please make it rain tuff tiger.