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  1. the lockdown is bulls#!t should play iliinois there this season as well.
  2. Question for opinions: does a great athlete like Luke leaving a program that isn’t great right now, but wants to be great, somehow actually demerit a good player? (To find a new home?) in other words, are schools looking to add just good/great athletes going to pick them up as soon as they portal, or are they actually paused on taking them cuz maybe it’s the player not the program? obviously, if Justin Fields leaves Georgia he has options. But if 2 Mcaffrey kids aren’t in a ‘better’ spot, does it say something about taking kids who are at Blue Bloods just kinda jumping
  3. from my perspective, we can cut the “what is Frost doing to make us better, and culture..” chatter. At this point, he’s getting hands on deck and trying his a$$ off to help these players move FORWARD with a new edge. that’s not to say we’ll win 10 games or have a bunch of Peter’s walking around, but I am saying, he’s making moves that I applaud. Callahans move was to remove posters, pics, and offices around to suit his needs and make his own culture, not Nebraska. Bo tried as hard as he could to “be Nebraska” but ultimately turned into “us against the world”. Riley or whatever just
  4. Suh should absolutely be considered for HOF. he could probly get in. what still chaps my a$$, and will go down to my eventual grandkids, he shoulda won the Heisman. he’s been a great pro, overshadow by some during his pro career, but now has the cement of a SB. but good god almighty...who was a better college player than he his last year at N? Suh is a SB champion, multiple all pro, pro bowler, good guy community, nasty player, stats and film. Go to the HOF, deserves it. But honestly, his biggest BS loss is the Heisman. Not one player
  5. I know the reference and get what you’re saying, but Breece was really high for me and I think ASU? Kid could ball out. Is Carson showing you the same? I think he kinda does for me too. What do you see in him? (Cuz I kinda see it too)
  6. all the naysayers on a Frost offense... it’s just around the bend. see you in the fall when we exploding
  7. Damn. They roll in in hopefully he is N
  8. transfer portal sucks. Straight up. there’s a reason a school recruited you. but welcome to D1 football, son...it’s the best of the best, before NFL. earn it, win it, change a position, bide your time, play special teams, get better, or wait 1-2yrs and get yours when you can get it. Just grow! Or...transfer after 1-2 yrs and good luck when 1k-1.5k kids every year think they can go “where they want me” or “I can be in a system that shines my talent”. D1 has turned into Juco sadly: 1-2 yrs, if I’m not in, I’m gone... Gotta stop this bulls#!t...un
  9. Speed kills, son. The difference between Garrett Nelson being a decent player for us and Grant Wistrom’s plaque on the a wall is speed.
  10. I mean, what a stupid f#&%ing question to ask. It didn’t make sense and it was purposefully inciting scott seems pretty high on the oline
  11. If he were in the same room with Sam, he woulda punched him in the mouth
  12. I mean. Would’ve like to get him. Has a great base and plays hard, but if we lose a guy it’s better for us that he sucks into CA quicksand than to go to someone we face or even someone that someone we face. He’s on an island now.
  13. google is not my friend, but they do provide info. Looks like we finished 20. Wisc 15 PSU 21 (according to CBS sports) 5 total teams in the B1G top 25. 3 in front of us, 2 behind us. I guess we aren’t “out-recruiting” the west with WISC 5 spots ahead of us. Although both Mary and Wisc each have one 5 star recruit which we do not. I like our class fidone lutovsky kpai nevell ho’ohuli prochazka We have 16- 3 star, which is pretty high on the list...we must develop. So glad so many guys came back w
  14. How did our class finish overall in the rankings?
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