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  1. The play at 2:14ish is what I like. Every defender backpedaling and he see’s his key and runs straight to it. Tackle for loss. instincts, plus ability to make a play.
  2. That was a big offer. Wonder if he was just using us a leverage for a better and more profitable spot at LSU...
  3. Even with the walk on inflation rate that’s a ton roster flip, astronomical. It takes walk on’s even longer to grow and produce. then figure that 93% redshirt rate?!? That’s awesome... in the long run. But it sucks now lol the hype came because we thought AM was gonna be lights out, wasn’t. Because Mo would break 35 yarders twice a quarter, not on team. Mills was #1 recruit, took some time to gel. Wan’dale would be sneaky good, he was but was overused. JD could pick up all slack, not so much as a deep threat. Mo Berry was all B1G, not. Transfer Daniels and the twins matched up with big boys, not. TEs would find seams, not with a shaky AM and on and on from hype to reality. Good news is all these really young guys will be upperclassmen (AM is a junior?!? holy cow) next year. I’m excited. Frost has done a good job overall, save for the mistakes on the 4 game redshirt rule for a couple guys. Roster turnover has sucked for the ‘’now” but I think it’ll pay off huge very shortly.
  4. Good info on the bio’s, thanks! to the “technique” question, there is a lot that has to be taught. For instance, LBs/athletic DEs are usually used on punt team. They have to be taught their stance, footwork on snap, hand placement, blocking assignments (especially if opponent is in block form), lanes to cover, what to do if a fair catch is called (running past receiver, downing the ball, rules near the goal line, etc), R/L/C punts and their coverages, who is dangerous on returns per team, tendencies per team on returns, stunt pick up, and all the details of the game (time, distance to cover, trick plays, etc). And that’s just punt. Punt return and kick return are the same. FG/PAT are a little simpler but require attention to detail. KO takes a ton of time to coach properly, especially if your kicker can’t regularly kick through the end zone *cough*. The best ST teams in the nation spend a LOT of time on these. Here’s the thing: the better overall depth you have the less you have to use your starters, using starters on ST is not ideal, but often necessary. Case in point, I was watching Alabama bowl game and their star WR #6 made several great plays on punt coverage. I mean, he was everywhere. Either he told the coaches he wanted to do it, they told him he HAD to do it, or there was no one better. My guess is, at Alabama, that he wanted to do it because they have so much depth. What a player!! As we gain depth and get more straight up athletes and damn football players the better the ST will become. We can stop using guys who really shouldn’t be on the field at all or our starters, and use guys fighting their asses off to get on the field in any manner they can that are great players and “get” what it takes to make football plays. Still have to coach up the details but don’t have to hold your breath because they are athletic and can make some damn football plays. We don’t have a lot of guys 2nd/3rd team that can fill in and make some freakin plays on ST without a s#!t ton of coaching. So we use starters or guys that probly shouldn’t be out there. There is a LOT of coaching that goes into special teams. I know it’s a long post, but this is where Frost is at building all 3 phases that belong in the Top 15 of college football. The guy from Wallace, a walk on that plays kickoff is a cool story but I’d rather have a 3 star athlete from Georgia clawing his a$$ off to get on the field in any way he can because we have so many good players, and he WANTS to play ST to get on the field.
  5. The B1G is looking good in bowls so far thats a plus for all the teams in the conference. I just liked how Iowa and AF played the games. Hard nosed, few mistakes, good tackling, etc. I think if Nebraska gets their stallions we will be good again. However, I like the idea that we need to be tough assed MF’ers too who play a good brand of mistake free ball that’s well disciplined and suited to our brand
  6. Iowa/Air Force pound the ball, limited penalties, solid defense, absolute great assignment blocking, no bad turnovers, tough a$$ players, do your job, great play from limited rank players/great coaching.... I want what Frost brings because I think it’s the future, but it was so damn fun watching some good ol beautiful football. I want what Frost brings because I think when he gets his stallions we’ll be so damn explosive it’ll be great...but to watch assignment football is really great also. there will always be a place in the College game for great assignment football with boys who don’t “measure up” but just play some damn ball. just wanted to give props to good football.
  7. I like O-line commits. Seems like pick a school they like mid Jr year, early Sr year and stick with it. I hope KJ goes with us, but if he doesn’t we’ll move on and so will he. Join the Blackshirt’s K.J. Life is good here.
  8. Yes yes yes!! GBFnR Bell (waste), Mills, and now Manning. We can pull guys...hopefully 2 of 3 best in class work out.
  9. Maybe your question should be “why COULDN’T she leave when she felt threatened?” and “if she didn’t want to do anything how/why did the players get to that point?” There are fair questions to ask, but framing the questions without shifting blame does remain important.
  10. What the university released to the public on weights and conditioning, the team improved across the board at speed, strength, weight, vert, quickness, and stamina. You could see it on the field. I personally believe we are just a “winning mentality” away from going 9-3/10-2 instead of 5-7. To me it’s mental, not physical
  11. All freshman team, does Wan’dale have a chance?
  12. And Washington’s coach stepped down too. That’ll hurt
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