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  1. 31 of 3,185 Major League Baseball test positive. 1.2% no hospitalizations or serious illness in those. major league soccer 16 of 302 test positive. No hospitalizations....2.7%
  2. 16 positive tests of 302 NBA players as they move to start their season. None hospitalized or showing any serious symptoms. that’s 5% positive rate.
  3. I only compared it to the flu because that’s the closest illness it appears to be. I get it’s bad, I was just pointing out updates stats. so how are we fairing? Do we have a few that have it?
  4. 37 Clemson players. Half had symptoms. No hospitalizations. 430 tests total thereabouts. It’s Less than 10% with no bad illness. a Johns Hopkins doctor on the radio today said he thinks 10x people have had it nationally which would make for 20-25 million cases, with 125,000 deaths. That’s .5%, the flu is .1%... just some numbers I heard today...anyone else hear of how we’re doing or other national teams?
  5. Has anyone on our team been publicly diagnosed w covid?
  6. Kinda reminds me of Roy Williams from Texass
  7. I was thinking Daniels too lol that 0 would be a GIANT circle
  8. We have seats way up north for a decade or little more. The last ‘comfy’ game we went to was v Gill w KS... it’s elbow to asses and I love it for every other game. widening seats is okay but I think we don’t know the explosion of people interest in getting out yet, people are ready to go. I’m ready to go and live life. If this season only allows 50k in the stadium or whatever, those seats will be filled
  9. What about the conditioning level of the players? I’m assuming most players are finding ways to work out and stuff. But nutrition, boredom, overseeing workouts, flexibility, injuries, etc... will they be in game shape? Know the playbook, etc. if, and I voted no season happening, they get on field it’s going to some sloppy a$$ football with potentially a lot of injuries.
  10. I voted for it. largest ever crowd against the powerhouse Michigan. Righted the ship and headed us to 40 yrs of greatness.
  11. The Red Takeover gets my vote. We were ranked, two blue bloods, national audience, best player in college, option football, and the country and announcers were STUNNED to watch all that Red. Overtime victory on the road in front of a home crowd. Henery-Suh was electric but barely beating lowly Colorado? Meh.
  12. I watch that for the ‘head shakes and grimaces’ that Spurrier does after almost every play. I just loved his level of frustration
  13. Get him up on the banner. great get welcome N in Paul
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