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  1. It will feel better if Frost can get it done. And he will get it done. It’s ordained that way, right? But it if he doesn’t win and win a lot and eventually moves on...someone else will coach the team and I’ll still be there watching and cheering. It’s my team and I’m not going anywhere. Win or lose.
  2. Wan’dale is not a transfer. He’s a TRUE freshman who we got to reflip from his home state school. And he’s given more than could be expected. Jurgens is a redshirt. Martinez is only a sophomore! We have 4 and 5 star lineman DEVELOPING this year as redshirts. We are real hot on Betts and Manning, could be instant talent. Mills has another year, and we finally have a kicker that’s healthy. Its been a damn bumpy road, but to act like the sky is falling even tho we been up on 3 opponents early and lost is crazy. One to two more clicks and we’ll be fine. And by fine I mean we’ll win those very soon and compete in others. We return like 19 dudes after a 60% roster flip! Get a grip. We’re young, inexperienced, and growing. I believe and can’t wait til we start winning so negative Nancy’s can pick on the next freshman or process. Could Frost have toned down a little rhetoric? Yeah. But he’s building competition and expectations. I like that.
  3. So? we didn’t want him, he went where someone did want him. Done and done. If we recruit him as a freshman and he’s here the whole time is he who he is now? Are we where we are now if he was here the whole time? Who knows and who cares? He’s where he is and doing great. Can’t count us being where we want to be because those before the coaches who are here now didn’t want him. He went where he was wanted and he’s doing great. Good for him and them. I see us, literally, a few plays a game from being where we want to be. We are SO close. Burrow may or may not have helped us. So whatever. He’s not as good here as he is there cuz he was never here. I’m not crying about what could have been. I’m going to exalt in the sweet river when we get there cuz I never thought we wouldn’t be there. Fan for Life, Go Big Red...lets ride with who we have
  4. Meh. You go for what you want and you get who wants you back. Nobody wanted Woodhead. Fant found a home. We gave A Abdullah a home when he was wandering. And on and on. Whatever. Burrow was on the market and he went where someone wanted him. Is he in heisman contention here, this year? lol. Not even our dark horse heisman contender isn’t contending Lets move on from woulda/coulda
  5. When you have an aircraft carrier turning around inside of a bay it it’s really hard to do, causes much ripple, and destruction. When you have a sciff turning around in an ocean it can do it quick and nimble, without notice. Here and gone. Once the aircraft carrier gets going in the right direction it’s deadly and forever. We are the Aircraft Carrier. let the 20 year campaign begin.
  6. I think it goes directly what I said in the “what did we learn” thread immediately after the game. Our team cant put it together at the same time. Then Frost himself said as much in his presser a couple hours later. If we get 125yds (of our 500) and 65% completion after turnovers/blocked punts we win easily. If our D holds on 1 of 3 drives we win ugly. Once our O actually compliments our D and vice versa we won’t be up 14-3 or 17-0 we’ll be up 21 or 24-3. Just gotta put it ALL together, even for 2 quarters. BTW, I appreciate all you stat geeks looking this stuff up, it just confirms my personal eye test. So thanks for digging stuff up!!
  7. I hope they play a lot and I think they are damn good players (in high school), but personally I hope our core isn’t a bunch of RF
  8. No. Martinez isn’t clicking but he’s only a sophomore. For the love of all the corn in Nebraska...I just can’t anymore with the over reactions.
  9. Willie Tagert just got fired. 21 games. They were abysmal. We’re not abysmal. Lets not be FSU
  10. I did in the what did we learn thread that was by far our most aggressive group today. 2 blocked punts and 2 INT’s should win you the game.
  11. I learned: defense is really pretty bad. LB’s & DE’s are non existent. Just need talent across the board and, I’ll go on record: Chin at DC might need a replacement. Once Purdue figured out our scheme we really didn’t stop them the rest of the game. They only stopped themselves. (Been that way alllll year, look decent then crap, he flat out gets out coached. ) Offense was pretty good at times. If/when AM ever consistently runs when things break down, we’ll be unstoppable on offense. He needs to see the 5-12 yds in front of him and just get them. O-line was pretty good today especially on passes. Special teams had 2 blocks and a couple decent returns. We haven’t played well in 4 Qtrs of all 3 phases of a football since I honestly can’t remember. And it’s sad.
  12. What if an ad pops up on your screen of Clorox Scentiva that you can’t get rid of? And every 25 seconds a bunch of fake a$$ flowers crowd your screen and make it so you can’t see the topic I came here to read? Ive not cared one bit about this board selling or new ad’s. But now it’s literally encroaching on my reading space with coconuts and flowers. I’m outta here if it continues like this. I’ve been here since like 07 or something and have met people from here in real life. These ad’s, as they are now suck.
  13. I remember him. He could fling a wiener 50 rows it seemed. And the cop too. I also remember Mad Mike the drum man. And a state trooper would stand on northwest pillar of the old stadium under the American flag, which is now covered by a Jumbotron or some s#!t. He looked like an ant up there and I always wondered how he didn’t get blown off, as a kid.
  14. I’m interested in that as well but I’d also like add who is currently committed that, in the next 2 years or so can add to the value of what we will have. For instance Benhart, Pola-Gates, Johnson, Sevion, Corcoran, Newsome, Mcaffrey, Smothers, Conn, etc... if we have a true “stable” of Frost guys who are/will redshirt plus an awesome crop (and I believe who we have as freshman next year seem like good players ) of players who are really truly Frost guys who are developing and biding time, the entire competition of the team raises many levels. We need good young players competing their asses off just as much as we need great older players leading. Not to mention our 2-deep on offense returns everyone, unless I’m mistaken. Everyone. Bring on the redshirted guys and the new guys just ballin out for competition ...it looks better. If you practice how you play, but are practicing against lesser talent...you’ll play like it. I speak on this just from my own experience. The D2 school I played at was really really good. My freshman class was great. But we were practice dummies more or less, lol. But really good practice dummies. The starters got good solid reps against us practice dummies. By my senior year our program wasn’t as good. The guys I was practicing against my senior year wouldn’t even have made the team my freshman year. I actually talked to the coaches about going 1v1 or 1v2 more because we (senior starters) weren’t getting good looks. We lost a lot my senior year even tho as freshman we were so solid and making the playoffs. (Btw, we had a coaching change) Its not just “depth” on the field that plays Saturday’s. We lack even that. It’s depth into the freshman and redshirts that give our 1-2 string their looks in practice. We need the walk-on program because those guys may never see the field but they’ll give great looks at practice and they are busting their a$$ to see the field; great practice players. We need quality players (3-4 star guys who wait) who Frost trusts to buy in and bide time for 1–2 years to make us better at practice and then are ready and totally trustworthy to see the field in their 2-3rd year. I rambled on but you get the point. Frost is “building” something. Namely, COMPETITION. Gotta get guys who want to compete, and honestly, I think he is. All the talk of “buy-in” is just: who wants to COMPETE?!!? (Just okay is not good enough) Once we get competitors, we will be better. And Frost is getting those guys.
  15. So what are you trying to say? Get more players or fire coaches? /s
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