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  1. The Portal is a brown ballon knot.
  2. Mark was on my Shrine team in 95 he was a beast. During lifting sessions that week he was power cleaning like 290x8 or something. but watching Janak run is what reminds the most of him. Both can fly.
  3. Kinda reminds me of the best football player from that area Mark Simmoneau. Except Janak is 6’2 and Mark was like 5’9 and on steroids lol
  4. Marcus Mendoza was by all accounts the greatest Afleet of all time at Nebraska. That kid tested off the charts and I never understood why he didn’t get more play. He made some damn great plays and should’ve seen the field more, by his Afletic feats alone. unless...he couldn’t block, remember the playbook, hold on to the ball, was soft, or otherwise be reliable on game day. I’m glad we are seeing the numbers, but many of us won’t be happy w numbers until we see wins. however, guys testing well also means we could/should see more wins. chill and enjoy the numbers
  5. well, let’s hope our 5-6th guys that stuck around and see how they can help us win games by experience, playing time, and age being 21-23 yrs old v the 18-21 yr olds with limited experience on other teams. they came back for reason, I think they know they’re close to being pretty salty as Blackshirts and helping the Cornhuskers as a team get their goals and wins. I’m ready to see this “free” year play out and see how good we can be on D
  6. With the Portal and transfer rules the way they are now, college football and the programs therein will not look the same in less than 5-7 yrs. It’s already been seen the last 3-4 yrs that there are 4-5 top tier programs that get solid 4&5 star recruits every year who aren’t hurt by transfers and portals. They get the top portal and transfer players IN and aren’t hurt by their 2nd and 3rd team players going OUT. Case in point T’o T’o going to Alabama after losing their top LB to the draft. Those top teams make the Playoff every year and keep everyone else out. stack o
  7. Gut feeling, but I don’t think Chins is going anywhere. He’s old enough to remember the dynasty of Nebraska and the legacy that you can leave here if you build it. that doesn’t mean he won’t get paid, but I’d be surprised if he’s looking around. and yeah, the D is definitely on the up. I didn’t know JoJo is 235. He’s a damn good athlete for being that size.
  8. There is some good hand on hand combat going on up front, but the “thud” practices and no blitzing promises nothing to me. I take nothing away from these videos except to see what kind of shape our boys are in. We look bigger and stronger than last year
  9. I kinda feel Held might be a lifer here if they turn things around. Pretty loyal to Nebraska, good w Frost, has the tools and resources here, his name will pop up every couple yrs but I think he wants it here, as an assistant; maybe coordinator at some point if Lubick gone if these type of guys stick around their salaries will increase greatly and they’ll never have to “run a program,” which is hard af. Security and loyalty go a long way if we can win. Which I think we will
  10. ^ i was just watching some old YouTube games of Taylor Martin-ez. Man that kid was electric. I watched the N v Okie Lite from 2010, he was outstanding. He had lightning bolts in his feet. And actually threw some damn nice passes, 5 td I believe it was. Helu and Burkhead in the backfield? They were avg like +300yds on the ground. 4th in the nation in 2010 rushing, according to that game. I honestly think Frost would love +275yds on the ground. Mix in the passes for another +200 when it’s really appropriate and timely. I think he’s on his way with the OL being
  11. Holy hands, Batman...what a great play. what I liked was the crowd noise, limited as it was. We definitely have an advantage there when crowds are around.
  12. I’m not drinking s#!t. I’m reading the news and all the stuff, but I’m not buying any stock. I still hold stock from the 80s so I’m rich in Husker commodities. Never sold any. I want to see some dividends on field before I invest anymore emotional/heart coins.
  13. Offense churns out tons of yards. Like, tons of yards especially when humming. What did Adrian complete? Like 70%+ of his passes in games? However, struggled to actually score TDs, and with a poor kicking game, score at all. Big time Deficiency! i think our biggest issues are turnovers, penalties, and time management. Those are coaching probs. instead of working on pace and pushing max number plays, we need to work on pace and fundamentals at a quick pace. Fundamentally sound first. I’ll never forget being at the N v Oregon game and seeing how g’da
  14. Hopefully Martinez stays healthy for one full damn season. Maybe a win or two in blowout column so we can see some backups. Mostly at QB, but other positions as well. Kids just need to see the field as underclassmen, not starters.
  15. Maurice Washington not being here is is the biggest loss, talent wise, to the program in a generation (20 yrs) Losing him and his skills is more than double the loss of Spielman and Robinson. Don’t quote me stats, please. That kid had talent on loan from God, and Frost knew how to use him. So sad for him. And for us. He as a senior this year? Get outta here, that kid was special.
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