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  1. I agree. Also, I’m done talking and thinking about the Colorado loss. We showed some moxie against NIU (2 min drill, more D turnovers, long gains on O, aggressive D, etc) and that’s what I was hoping for. We bounced back nicely. Hopefully what we find out moving into Conf schedule is just another piece of what’s not quite right (kicking game, AM, oline for starters) gets fixed. The ones that are right stay right. Just add more pieces to the puzzle each week and we’ll be a complete picture soon. Frost and Co won’t rest until we see it.
  2. Any internet radio station so I can listen in Italy? Thx in advance
  3. I am I

    Totally useless information

    Good ol Cornhusker fun. The loss sucked but it was a fun day. Game was exciting and we had a blast in Boulder. I hope this week we get the win! Go Big Red (Nebraska alumn Brad Jenkins and Travis Turner)
  4. I am I

    Troy walters?

    Mills will find his holes. I bet on that. What i I liked was his 20 yd reception. He snagged that ball and was north/south in a hurry! He needs to catch a few so teams can’t just hone in on him running the ball btwn the tackles. Too predictable when Washington is in..we run “this” When Mills is in we run “that”. I think draws and screens is what we need whoever is in the backfield. Let them charge, get our guys in space.
  5. I am I

    Colorado Rewatch

    Why did Frost get the flag? Just because he was on the field or did something else happen? I couldn’t see from where we were sitting.
  6. Martinez is not playing well. Point blank. Missed 3-5 open players on the same side as he went to for the incompletion. He makes a few more easy dink’s and dunks we stand better. Frost game call was better but still not great. We we are still beating ourselves more than losing to another team. We don’t know how to win yet. Our interior run game on offense is miserable. Defense Is pretty damn good. No real complaints. That’s my first take. Will rewatch and evaluate. Crowd foe for Nebraska was AWESOME.
  7. I am I

    *** Official Colorado Game Thread ***

    Anyone going to the Bank of Colorado tailgate? Got to Boulder about 20 min ago. There’s more Red than Dead Headz
  8. I am I

    Let us pray

    If we should win
  9. I am I


    I worked in Dallas today. Got an earlier flight home to Denver. I counted 24 husker shirts and hats and all said they were going to the game. I’m going with 5 others, 6 total.
  10. I am I

    Defensive Play

    Thanks @Mavric. As always full compliment on the stats. I have real high hopes for him this season so I hope he plays more.
  11. I am I

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Let’s all air some laundry. Who’s up? Me first. I got arrested in college. Twice. Stupid college mistakes. Paid my dues, embarrassed, beat myself up. Lost respect and trust. That was 21 yrs ago. I’m a much different man today than the idiot I was then. Family, friends, and football helped me get past that. Washington did something really stupid and sent a hurtful video. Hopefully Washington can have a second chance too. Pay his dues, learn, beat himself up, and not do those things again. If Frost is serious about running a clean program and not having bad kids in town, and keeps Washington on the team, then I’ll trust that’s it’s handled with utmost sincerity for this particular case. It can’t be that it just slides, I’ll fully trust Frost and the administration to make that call for appropriate punishment pending outcome. From .5 game suspension to full dismissal. Until the court decides, then Frost, then the administration, I’ll hold and wait. And trust it’s done the right way. No matter the scrutiny either way, and there will be scrutiny either way.
  12. I am I

    Defensive Play

    I haven’t looked real hard (or at all TBH) but where is Ty Ferg?
  13. I am I

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    I’m still just chillin until they go to court and decide. Feels good over here
  14. I am I

    Kicking Game