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  1. 10 yr contracts $4-10M per year coaches fired who are National Championship winners. The portal NIL Skill kids leaving all over, not waiting to be developed lockdown gave way to 6 yr seniors with the Coach from the South leaving for a real damn challenge, I’m even more satisfied retaining Frost. Look at the pendulum: coaches were fired across the land after 3 sometimes 4 yrs the last 8-10yrs. Waaaay too soon imo. Now it’s “get the coach in to build a program long term to show solid program”. now the coaches are grabbing long term contracts (some seemingly unwarranted) and even moving on from playoff teams and great $$. It’s a war of attrition, and I like that we will stick through; Frost has his culture here finally, they never quit on this coach. Methinks it will pay off it’s really turbulent out there and Alberts went back to the well. Seeing what’s going on, I’m glad he did, despite the record we are really close to having it pay off
  2. That was a 55yd in the air rope. (Own 25 to to opp 30) look, Smothers is gonna struggle and have some dumb s#!t most likely. But he can also make plays. He’s been sitting back, practicing hard, probs has the playbook for him nailed down. As per usual, it will all depend on the OL i really wish AM was available but I’m thinkin real positive for the backup. He can make plays and hopefully gain momentum throughout the game.
  3. I’d rather watch a really fun competitive game with a chance to win than watch a guy run for 408yds in 3 quarters and get the f blown out. all while the coach spits and chews out the players. If ya’ll can’t see that we are *this close than you aren’t watching the same team I am
  4. Did we have any youngsters or other injured players that will be able to redshirt with only 4 games or less played?
  5. No. Doesn’t need a miracle. needs a couple guys as good as him, also to bring some fresh butter to the bread. This will energize and galvanize the team, finally getting the little details right. perfect move, perfect timing.
  6. I love this kid and he is a baller. We don’t have anyone better and he keeps us in games, makes some good plays. but when it matters most for 4 straight years HE CHOKES My solution: we just have to live with it. It is what it is
  7. We have a lot of super seniors, but that means we have time for young ones to grow. This defense could turn into a monster over the next 2-5 yrs. a lot of talent we recruited hasn’t had to play yet, hopefully we unleash those beasts moving forward But right now, I think our defense is f’ing competing hard, and it’s damn fun to watch.
  8. Yeah, the defense is super 6 guys. But who has been waiting will be an experienced group with fresh/soph guys who’ve been here 2-3 yrs. The Offense, w Martinez back will be so stacked. don’t judge too quick what we could be next year, we will be stacked. let’s focus on this year…we can literally beat any team this season left on our schedule. We have absolutely turned the corner.
  9. Once the refs (for both sides) decided to swallow their whistles we actually had a good game to watch. So many “play is under review” and “upon replay” it was boring and sucked any play by actual f’ing players out of the game. Glad the refs made 2nd half adjustments and let them play. defense is so aggressive and good but only can be asked to do so much. The other team had it really dialed in and out-called us a few times 2nd half. But we responded well also. we are finally f’ing competitive. Finally. 3 top 10 teams to the wire which we could’ve (should’ve) won. These games woulda been blowouts in yrs prior. we absolutely have turned the corner. With AM back next season and fully depthed out, I honestly feel like we could be in the playoffs w a conference championship to show for it.
  10. Every game this season we been competitive, win or lose the game before. Illinois really stings now, but our team has been competitive against 3 top 10 teams. Coulda maybe won each one. Been a long long time since we were in these games. I’m so confident of our team right now.
  11. We good. Patience is a virtue
  12. He comes back next year for sure.
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