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  1. Meh we’ve been outplayed and out coached so far this year and mostly the last 2 yrs before that. We have been a bad/mediocre team made threads saying as such. Definitely not abandoning ship at all tho. As this season has progressed and I see the desire to play the guys that redshirted, start some young FRSH players, making really tough decisions to pull the QB, restart, address the QB situation, etc... the next 2 yrs will be the Glory. I think Frost has been very adaptable, setting hard culture (Washington, those idiots last yr from
  2. Wasn’t there that stretch we had drawn only 1-2 holds in like 19 games a few yrs back? There is bias. also, we don’t aggressively rush or blitz much on defense so why would a team hold? It’s like a basketball player “gets calls” because he aggressively goes to the hoop
  3. I guess I’d say, let’s do the ‘pin the post‘. See where only our portal transfers end up, their contribution, their playing time and stats. As far as pro talent, I gave my own experience to a dozen, or more, back in the mid-late 90s of players I know personally that transferred to D2 so they could play right away and ‘prove’ themselves. They had good D2 careers and were scouted, along with our recruited 4-5 yr guys when the scouts came around. Ran the 40, did interviews, reviewed their tape in person, and some were invited to summer camp to try out. The NFL, even in my D2 middle of now
  4. most kids who CAN play, will... at some point or other at the school they got recruited by. May take 1 or 3 yrs. it’s called development, or used to be called that. now, with the damn “portal” it’s...”I’m not playing or happy so I’ll just leave”. Which is actually great for the kid sometimes. But imagine if a player who is a solid 3 or low 4 star player sticks it out for the extra year it takes them to develop and really shines for 2 years maybe 3. not NFL type talent, but really makes a name for themselves at their first school. we always talk about consi
  5. Are grad transfers the same as Portal guys? I think it’s different? I’d rather look for grad transfers w a year to play then “diamonds” in the rough. we have guys transfer a lot lol....we should pin a thread where we keep track of them and see how it all panned out for them over the next 3-4 yrs.
  6. Thx for the links to Chaz, Mavric...I don’t use the tweeters so it’s nice to see... I guess the hope is, with a Senior QB next year and a solid rJR to back him up, all these skill guys as Soph and Jrs, along w a more seasoned OL, these plays will be clicking like a Swiss watch instead of a dull Swiss Army knife (and not pullin the spoon out of it when we need the blade) there is some hope.
  7. f#&% you Iowa chances of winning 5% hope of winning 100% where does it leave us? 25% still here for next week 100% ride N til I die 100%
  8. Can’t wait til our team is good and our coaches figure it out. it’ll happen #2021 Iowa St, Ok St, and the Baylor/K-State’s of the world have a run only because of the vacuum Nebraska left behind. We were the only power that kept texass and OU in check. Now we gone and OU will have like 6 conf trophies in a row are we good right now? No. But don’t beg us to return cuz no one will stop the OU/Texass train. We warned ya. I’d rather struggle to gain something than be soft on being given something.
  9. I saw Luke play in high school at Valor for 2+ yrs. as a receiver, kick returner, part-time QB, he always made plays. electric. When I saw him play a full season at QB I liked what I saw, he beat our Creek team for the championship making awesome plays. thing is, he looks exactly like the same player... he’s better, but so is his new competition. Running around making plays all chaotic and scrambling and s#!t just won’t work over a 10 game season or a 65 plays a game. he’s so good at football and a great athlete but he’s not directing, fully, an o
  10. Frost gets 3 more years after this season. Ive started 2 threads in the last 2 weeks: we are not a good football team and we are getting out coached both fall on Frost...I’m not delusional. somehow, some way he needs to get the talent (and he is getting some decent~good players) on the field and ready to play. however, my big reason with the 3 more years prediction is by next year we will finally have pretty much all his players as rSoph and true juniors. So that just has to mean more wins. By his 5th yr (2022) with a ful
  11. If I have to explain it to you, you either didn’t watch the game or you don’t really know football
  12. When you give up over 5 plays of 20 or more yards, it’s because they out schemed you. no one breaks the line of scrimmage and has ZERO players within 12 yds of him, that’s a schematic problem. the “fake” punt. That is straight up coaching. I guarantee you, during film in the week the Illinois coaches said “hey look, if you catch the long snap and don’t see anyone pressuring you, just run it.” I promise you that was coaching. look, even if the players “didn’t execute” getting players to execute is on the coaches. im really glad Frost is our coach and I think he
  13. Yeah. Players need to make some plays or not make mistakes. but we are heavily out schemed and look very incompetent on our “adjustments” severely out coached.
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