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  1. Denver needs more Huskers. my son was in cancer treatment at Childrens a few years ago and Trevor Simien came to visit the rooms. we took a few pics then I asked him about Zaire and Janovich and how it felt playing in Lincoln whilst he was at NW lolol. super nice guy and he was like…man you cornhusker fans are nuts for your team! Trey to Denver would be great
  2. your stream of consciousness posting needs a little coaching: Watch it, read some stuff. Think to yourself. Don’t post. Sometimes post. Practice those 5 steps. Unless you’re 3-5 beers in then by all means post away. and absolutely you need to coach hustling. Even to 4-5* athletes. There are literally “hustle drills”. And at my college we used to practice “enthusiasm.” literally practiced getting hyped on the sidelines after a scripted big play. Watch a scripted big play near our sideline and the whole team practiced jumping up and down and showing enthusiasm/hype. It seemed so stupid as a freshman, then it made perfect sense later on. if you want to do something when it matters, you practice it. It worked very well. We were by far the most hyped and enthusiastic team in our conference and it wasn’t fake. We were always enthusiastic. Coach made Allen do it twice because he was like 9 inches away from his jump cut on first try. That’s attention to detail which cost N very dearly in 25 games lost by 6pts or less over 5 seasons. Then he gets the jump cut right but doesn’t finish correctly. Coach hollers at him for a 3rd rep and Allen is jogging downfield like “all good coach, I got this”. Coach hollers and he doesn’t listen. Screams, no listen, with instruction. Doesn’t listen. So coach like “aiiigjht, next man up…this mf’er ain’t listening to details on this one.” that was be one player, one drill, 2 reps. But instead of letting it slide, he calls him out. I like it. We been missing this. A lost. Dude ain’t gonna transfer for getting called out. And if he does, or anyone does…bye But man, stop with the assumptions and cratering earth theories. Just chill and read and enjoy.
  3. Some new players gonna show, and even more importantly, some dudes coming back gonna have a whole new level to get to. Can’t wait. 20+ losses by 6 points or less last 5 yrs. Get half those corrected and we gonna be a contenda
  4. and so it goes w the entire Frost tenure, and Mickey having to pull loose strings; which he did admirably. Losing by 7pts or less was Frost’s greatest achievement. Literally set the record in modern times. If Frost goes even 50% in one score games he might still have a job here. Methinks, with an even slight advantage in discipline and “kill” mentality we win enough games next year to go bowling. I’m excited to see what some discipline and an actual f’ing identity looks like. hey Matt, establish a f’ing identity. NOW. he talked about the line of scrimmage. Man v Man. B1G line em up type ball. He better not f this up. Hey Matt, get these boys fing tough. Hit them in the throat and see how it works out. i, for one as a Nebraska fan, just want to see some fing tough players. Make those boys tough as fing nails and let the cards fall. Let’s at least be f’ing tough. Did I say tough? It can be recruited and it can be taught.
  5. Insufferable man, he is def: to extreme to bear, intolerable I add: cringy af we need to beat this team 10 of next 12yrs at minimum.
  6. I know there are plenty of kids who can play D1 from day one. Plenty. but you look at a guy like that with a couple yrs in development and man, they’ve turned a freak into a monster (by the eye test) it sucks because it was injury, but if he turns his tough times into productive times, it was worth the wait. Some kids should just wait it out and work n develop. I really hope Fidone has a fine season, he deserves it and has stayed loyal to N…that means a lot in my book return player of the year in NCAA imo
  7. If Frost goes 10-13 or 13-10 in those games collectively does he still have a job? More specifically if he wins a few that were against ranked opponents or “more meaningful” games does he still have a job? He was very close in games but it’s obvious he got out coached and his teams weren’t paying attention to details it takes to win those Games. methinks that’s why we can really take a leap w details and in-game coaching that’s better
  8. The players wanted this free portal and NIL. it’s always been a business but now the players are businessmen as well. if we fans have to deal with guys like Hausman leaving for his opportunity, players need to deal with cuts and whatnot as well. They are now professionals, deal with it
  9. meh. I’ll wait to see. If there is blue on the number that is dumb. Even if it dates back 100 yrs.(historically accurate). There so many dope pics of teams lounging around for the team picture from the early 20th century to draw from, to just throw in blue seems not the best use of historical pics and description. My thought would be: match them perfectly from 1923 into 2023 (in a modern uni) or design them from many samples from that “era” with the best design matchup to make a badass throw back.
  10. From Louisville to Bama now transferring again? There is an element to this that is ridiculous
  11. Has the portal killed the JUCO?
  12. I was mocked and laughed at in the recruiting thread on his profile several years ago. Looks like, sadly, I saw what we now know. Good luck to him tho, i was young and dumb once too
  13. Plz no more w the woke anymore I think everyone is in. done and done. gdamn. We get it. by now no one cares either way.. ffs Let’s just f’ing win. have I mentioned how bad the top n bottom ads suck f’ing a$$ on HB? I hate them. Just run side ads or mid ads. EVERY single time I click on a page or thread there a top n bottom ad. Actually makes me never ever want to buy that product. Ruins this board
  14. Right. We got several 6’6-6’’9 290-315lb 4* star recruits frost first 3 yrs of his tenure but never saw fruit. he got the beasts but never turned them into animals. Would be f’ing awesome to see some of our 4yr seniors pay off. Plus a couple new guys turn the corner and have a B- line instead of ‘wtf are we doing’ guys. The big10 demands animals . let’s go w a new try. I’m not giving up yet on the guys we have and the new blood brought in. Methinks we see a decent line comin up
  15. Go down shooting. bring the heat. I’d rather be screamin “get him!!” A few feet away and miss (or actually get them) then watch a team get 6-12yd passes in the 4th qtr with no pressure or heat and having wide open guys catching and running
  16. Would’ve been interesting if Rhule also asked all the O-line if they also liked Austin, before he was let go. As in, do you respect and like playing for Raiola as much as you did or didn’t like playing for Austin? I’m glad we kept DR
  17. Got a big TE room filling up. Hope Fidone can shine next year
  18. I still can’t believe Mike Riley was a head coach of our program
  19. Don’t be ridiculous. We won’t have 6 players at 260 on our d-line. especially since he says there will be more 4 man fronts. Maybe a shooter/twister here and there but we’ll have players that can match up. Even a big difference btwn 260 and 290+
  20. Coach Prime putting his staff together “Kelly has been at Alabama for the past four seasons. He was the defensive coordinator at Florida State under Jimbo Fisher from 2014-17 and spent one season at Tennessee in 2018 as special teams coordinator and safeties coach before going to Alabama” got a Saban dude. Can’t say nothin but Prime attracts talent, potentially.
  21. Watched all the vids. To me it looks like an Oline issue. Same as us. we need an Oline to block in the B1G, period. That has been and is out most glaring weakness the last 4-6yrs. We need an Oline
  22. He’ll pay attention to details that have cost us so dearly in 7pt games. We will win the games we have typically lost the last 4-6yrs because of dumbass penalties and turnovers. We beat ourselves in 25 games decided by 7pts or less. #DBO has been a plague on us more than a curse.
  23. Thanks for this. sucked sorting thru threads and seeing rumors and maybe’s
  24. Ahhh, I’ve been out of pocket. Just catching up on all the news. Plz delete
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