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  1. Edit: You would think the same issues would apply, but Nebraska is willing to wait it out. Presumably LSU is in the position to be picky and Nebraska is willing to take the risk.
  2. Sean Callahan tweeted this earlier: "DJ Jones (Dolphins), M. McNeill (Colts), R. Henry (Bears), A. Kunalic (Panthers), P. Allen (Giants) & R. Thenarse (Seahawks)." But apparently P Allen to the Giants fell through and he is now headed to Seattle.
  3. From Sean Callahan So to recap - DJ Jones (Dolphins), M. McNeill (Colts), R. Henry (Bears), A. Kunalic (Panthers), P. Allen (Giants) & R. Thenarse (Seahawks).

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    2. RedNLeader


      he should be a great backup to dallas clark...for now


    3. NUance


      Glad to see Henry to the Bears. Er, I mean, da Bears.

    4. GSG


      Zac Lee - Seattle

  4. Ricky Henry to the Bears

    1. Ohio Pete

      Ohio Pete

      McNeill to the Colts

    2. Ohio Pete

      Ohio Pete

      D.J. Jones to Miami, Rickey Thenarse to Seattle, Adi to Carolina?

  5. Chris Brooks was signed off of the Colts Practice squad to be their #3 WR this week.
  6. So you're saying there's a chance.
  7. We've already taken what we want from Colorado.
  8. So what ever happened to devices like this? http://www.engadget.com/2005/09/13/delayplayradio-lets-you-sync-fm-audio-with-cable-or-satellite/ Edit: here we go: http://delayplay.com/ Anybody on HB ever try this thing?
  9. Well in the NFL, hitting someone too hard in a game is worse than hitting them in a bar before the game.

  10. How many LB are we taking this year? Need to get him in for a game.
  11. '86? We lost. (One of four years in a row we lost to OU so you can't really blame the uniforms, but that's what I remember bout the game and what I'll always associate with the all-reds.)
  12. We'll probably get a Big 10 game on ABC and then Nebraska-Texas on ESPN SD.
  13. I too noticed a bit of a hitch in his giddy-up on that play. I think maybe he was just worn out from all the wind sprints.
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