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  1. N.C.A.A. Puts Tennessee's Recruiting Under Scrutiny
  2. Ohio Pete

    SIGNED ATH Alonzo Moore

    Edit: You would think the same issues would apply, but Nebraska is willing to wait it out. Presumably LSU is in the position to be picky and Nebraska is willing to take the risk.
  3. Ohio Pete

    WR Kyle Prater

    Player: Kyle Prater Hometown: Hillside (Proviso West) IL Position: WR Height: 6'5" (Rivals 1/5/2009) Weight: 192 lbs 40 time: 4.56 Visit Date: TBD Scholarships offered: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Auburn, California, Cincinnati, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Miami, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Missouri, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Penn State, Purdue, Stanford, USC, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin Favorites: COMMITTED TO USC (until he figures out he's behind 5 other 5 WRs) Rankings/Stars: Rivals: :star :star 6.0 #3 WR 18/100 Scout: :star :star #1 WR #10 on Scout 100 ESPN: ESPN150 Watch List Assessing the talent: Odds of becoming a Cornhusker: 2% Got to figure ND and the Big Ten schools would be tough to beat, but then again they suck. Note: not to be confused with the 2007 LB of the same name
  4. Ohio Pete

    ATH Keeston Terry

    Player: Keeston Terry Hometown: Blue Springs, Mo. Position: WR Height: 6'2" Weight: 179 lbs. 40 time: 4.65 (Rivals 8/25/2008) Visit Date: 2/7 (unofficial for junior day) Scholarships offered: Nebraska, Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Stanford, Wisconsin, Illinois Favorites: N! Rankings/Stars: Rivals: :star :star 5.8 Rivals250 Scout: :star :star #22 WR ESPN: 75 Assessing the talent: (Rivals) Earned all-state honors as a sophomore. Terry is also the son of former Kansas City Chief and University of Kansas defensive back Doug Terry. COMBINE HIGHLIGHTS: Terry (6-2/179) was named WR MVP. Terry had an 8'10 broad jump while running a 4.59 shuttle and 4.69 40. He also bench pressed 155 pounds 20 times. Odds of becoming a Cornhusker: N!
  5. From Sean Callahan So to recap - DJ Jones (Dolphins), M. McNeill (Colts), R. Henry (Bears), A. Kunalic (Panthers), P. Allen (Giants) & R. Thenarse (Seahawks).

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    2. RedNLeader


      he should be a great backup to dallas clark...for now


    3. NUance


      Glad to see Henry to the Bears. Er, I mean, da Bears.

    4. GSG


      Zac Lee - Seattle

  6. Ricky Henry to the Bears

    1. Ohio Pete

      Ohio Pete

      McNeill to the Colts

    2. Ohio Pete

      Ohio Pete

      D.J. Jones to Miami, Rickey Thenarse to Seattle, Adi to Carolina?

  7. Ohio Pete

    SIGNED QB/ATH Jamal Turner

    Player: Jamal Turner Hometown: Arlington, Texas School: Sam Houston Position: Dual-threat QB/ATH Height: 6'1" Weight: 170 lbs 40 time: 4.51 Visit Date: Interests: Maryland, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas, Texas A&M Committed to Nebraska Rankings/Stars: Rivals: NR Scout: NR ESPN: NR Assessing the talent: Notes: Turner, named the district’s offensive newcomer of the year as a sophomore in 2008, was named the Top 2011 performer at Theoldcoach.com’s Ultimate Combine in Coppell earlier this year. Odds of becoming a Cornhusker: 50% He's a Nebraska fan.
  8. Ohio Pete

    DE Jalen Grimble

    Player: Jalen Grimble Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada School: Bishop Gorman Position: DE Height: 6'3" Weight: 250 lbs 40 time: 5 Bench Max:295 Squat Max:350 Shuttle:4.6 Vertical:28 inches Visit Date: COMMITTED TO USC Scholarships offered: LSU, Michigan, Nebraska, Stanford, Tennessee, Texas Tech, UCLA, UNLV, USC, Utah, Vanderbilt Interests: Colorado, Florida, LSU, Miami (FL), Nebraska, Nevada, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, Tennessee, Texas Tech, UCLA, UNLV, USC, Utah, Vanderbilt Rankings/Stars: Rivals: NR Scout: :star :star ESPN: ESPN 150 Watchlist Assessing the talent: Odds of becoming a Cornhusker: 5% Have to figure USC is in the drivers seat here after he camped there this summer, but it's still early
  9. Ohio Pete

    WR Markeith Ambles

    Player: Markeith Ambles Hometown: McDonough (GA) Henry County Position: WR Height: 6'1" Weight: 185 lbs. 40 time: 4.5 Visit Date: TBD Scholarships offered: Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, California, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Kentucky, LSU, Ole Miss, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, USC, West Virginia Committed to Tennessee Considering USC Rankings/Stars: Rivals: NR Rivals250 To Watch Scout: :star :star ESPN: NR ESPN150 Watch List Assessing the talent: (Scout) Emerging as one of the premier WRs in the state of GA. An excellent overall athlete, he stretches the field and creates mismatches, both on the perimeter and in the slot. Is long at 6'3 and will continue to grow into his fame. Runs sharp routes and doesn't round his cuts. Sticks his break points and explodes out of breaks as well as anybody. Catches the ball with his hands and demonstrates exceptional concentration. [6'1" is NIKE camp measure from last March. We'll see if he's grown 2" this Spring.] Odds of becoming a Cornhusker: 5%. Would take quite a bit to get him out of the SEC.
  10. Ohio Pete

    Huskers in the NFL

    Chris Brooks was signed off of the Colts Practice squad to be their #3 WR this week.
  11. Ohio Pete

    DE Anthony Chickillo

    So you're saying there's a chance.
  12. Ohio Pete

    Colorado sucks. Who can we steal?

    We've already taken what we want from Colorado.
  13. Ohio Pete

    Good News for those who hate TV announcers

    So what ever happened to devices like this? http://www.engadget.com/2005/09/13/delayplayradio-lets-you-sync-fm-audio-with-cable-or-satellite/ Edit: here we go: http://delayplay.com/ Anybody on HB ever try this thing?
  14. Well in the NFL, hitting someone too hard in a game is worse than hitting them in a bar before the game.

  15. Ohio Pete

    ILB Kent Turene

    How many LB are we taking this year? Need to get him in for a game.
  16. Ohio Pete

    Welcome Aaron Green!!

    Continue the discussion here
  17. Ohio Pete

    Martin suspended

    Continue the discussion here
  18. Ohio Pete

    Alternate Uniforms for Texas Game?

    '86? We lost. (One of four years in a row we lost to OU so you can't really blame the uniforms, but that's what I remember bout the game and what I'll always associate with the all-reds.)
  19. Ohio Pete

    Broadcast Map for the Texas game?

    We'll probably get a Big 10 game on ABC and then Nebraska-Texas on ESPN SD.
  20. Ohio Pete

    What's Desmond Howard Smoking?

    I too noticed a bit of a hitch in his giddy-up on that play. I think maybe he was just worn out from all the wind sprints.
  21. For a fat girl, they sure don't sweat much?
  22. Ohio Pete

    Did you see the "I hate N" sign last night??

    Yep, Iowa City (and Columbus and Happy Valley) will be far worse.
  23. Ohio Pete

    SIGNED: ATH Taylor Martinez

    Well at least I suggested he throw some passes.
  24. Ohio Pete

    CB Jalen Brown

    Player: Jalen Brown Hometown: Irving, Texas School: Macarthur Position: CB Height: 6'0" Weight: 173 lbs 40 time: Visit Date: Scholarships offered: Nebraska Interests: LSU, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Southern Methodist, TCU Rankings/Stars: Rivals: NR Scout: :star ESPN: NR Assessing the talent: Odds of becoming a Cornhusker: 5% First to offer should help