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  1. found this page on college footballs fastest players of 08. Demps of florida is number one. Check out who is 3 and 4. Makes that gator bowl win look a little more impressive. http://heismanpundit.com/archives/1618
  2. What? There was a rose bowl this year? USC and Penn St. played? Thats weird, i never saw one commercial. And they never talked about it, they only talked about the upcoming bowls. I wish they wouldn't of talked about the other bowls so much and maybe mentioned USC's defense.
  3. Do you guys not remember on huskerpedia.com they were having casting calls last January for this movie? You could go out to USC's stadium in your husker gear and chear in the stands. They had like special deals you could get to go out there and stuff. I actually have been telling people about this movie before it came out.
  4. I think its dumb. What if you are a senior and have a blackshirt up until the last game and then its given to someone else? Does the guy that had it taken away just out of luck now? He can't take it home and hang it on his wall like millions of other blackshirts before him did? You give them out to those 11 starters that have played the best out of the group and they keep them, unless the really don't perform after that or get kicked off the team.
  5. Best food is at 'so long saloon'. Small bar across from pita pit in aggieville. Make sure you get your meal with a pineapple beer (pineapple & old style). GBR!!!!!
  6. Pretty funny shirt. I lived in manhattan this past spring. But just graduated. I liked the town i was just getting really sick of all the purple. I hear ya! I'm going back to Grand Island this weekend. It's gonna be nice to see red instead of purple everywhere. Gotta stop in lincoln first and get some new gear. I gotta represent here in the little apple. Wear my husker gear loud and proud! yeah. I had a red N on the windshield of my motorcycle and road it through campus everyday. I wasn't scared...i mean its purple
  7. Pretty funny shirt. I lived in manhattan this past spring. But just graduated. I liked the town i was just getting really sick of all the purple.
  8. Haha i was going to say. Hey we got to number 1 in something
  9. Well Slauson it probably doesn't help when you are completely missing your guy on a block and just standing there in space while your guy runs by you. Also, if missouri was moving around a lot isn't it your job Cotton to make sure your guys are sticking them? What team is going to do the same thing on every play? f'in A Cotton f'in A
  10. I think we should go to a spread offense for now. Obviously the set formation run game isn't working out for us. All of our receivers have hands...and a lot of speed surprisingly. I think we would have a lot more success moving the football if we spread it out and just simply try to win games with what we have. Also if we spread it out, it is going to give our running backs more of a chance. They can run in space, much like texas tech does. Then after this season they can go back to the power game. But right now the power game doesn't work and its not going to work.
  11. yeah he went down the same time Ricky Thenarse went down. They were both laying down by each other, but he got up and limped off the field and the camera pretty much stayed on thenarse
  12. haha i think that was petey mac from big sports 590. He always asks the questions no one else wants to ask.
  13. I don't know if they would put them in red pants or white, but i tried it in white. What do you think? I'm still a fan of keeping the standard red and white.
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