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  1. well everyone has signed on for a third movie already so they have another shot
  2. Ive seen it three times (once IMAX, not that much better (aka not like dark knight was in improvement). I thought it was awesome, sure it is easy to point out the errors (like the main general died in the first one, or they the twins and the little robot disappear), but it is what it is supposed to be-entertaining. I did think their was a little too much comedy (mom and humping), but it was still funny so whatever. The action was awesome but could have been a little more. I know i am probably too biased but if you want to be entertained and dont need an oscar worthy movie--see it. about 200 million dollars back me up on that
  3. huskerfan500

    Elliot Eliason

    when i have seen him, he has been overrated. i also know he was concerned about playing against good competition in AAU, so much so he almost didnt play
  4. huskerfan500

    Is it just me?

    Dam% Qwest doesnt have HD and the internet sucks too
  5. huskerfan500


    man that is great, i laughed the whole time. it is almost so ridiculous that i thought it was the onion at first
  6. Saw it last night at an employee screening. It was awesome a lot of action and good story line. One of the main problems is that is wasnt rated R, it was supposed to be but then they cut some stuff so they could get more audience, but you could tell a couple of scenes where they did more than they showed- but the DVD will fix that
  7. probably going to get mine by june (for graduation) hopefully its good, but im not liking what most people are saying
  8. huskerfan500


    Locke is dead, the guy who you thought was Locke was the guy at the very beginning of the last episode who was on the island with Jacob. Claire ran off looking after seeing her/Jack's dad in the jungle, and it didnt explain more. The rest I dont know, but I agree with the more questions. But that is why we watch I guess
  9. huskerfan500


    Man I cant stand 3OH!3 (except Dont Trust Me- i know im a sellout), they try to ryhm but they dont and it makes them sound really bad. Anyways still a good interview.
  10. huskerfan500

    Star Trek

    i dont know what you saw but for opening weekends Dark Knight is #1 Star Trek is 28 http://www.boxofficemojo.com/alltime/weekends/
  11. huskerfan500

    Call of Duty 4 anyone?

    i go through my games, probably wont play it again for a while. but i dont know, i already added you as a friend though