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  1. I'll always be thankful of Frank for putting so much of his life into NU Football, but having said that he took arguably the best college football dynasty in history and in 5 years made them a 16-12 football team. Not the credentials of a great coach.
  2. 6-2 is very generous, he is more 5-11 to 6-0 I'd agree. I just put down what he was listed at.
  3. depending on how he developes, he could be the first NE QB to garner a NU schollie in a long time.
  4. from the sounds of what we want in a QB in this new offense probably not. He would've had a very outside chance as a pocket QB, perhaps as a second QB in a recruiting class. But he never looked real mobile and I would doubt if he got an offer. But the new staff is putting an emphasis on taking the best players from NE, no offense to Micah, but I'll believe it when I see it. Make a believer out of me Micah! I seriously hope Micah reads message boards and prints off all these put-downs and puts them up on the wall of his room and stares at them everyday. Everytime he thinks about skipping just one day in the weight room, he looks at them. Puts on the gym shorts and heads out.
  5. I've been out of town since September doing some charity work in Lagos, Nigeria. Anything new to report in the world of Husker football? ha!
  6. when do the all state teams come out?
  7. did anyone see my boy in the state championship game return that kick back like 50 yards!
  8. Rivals just put up his junior highlight reels. they are worth looking at. Looks to have slow feet. he could definitely benefit from jumping some rope and doing some ladder exercises.
  9. Did you see him against Westside? Did you see him against Millard South? I saw him in all three games. Yeah, he didn't play his best against Millard North. Not by a long stretch. His offensive line was about as effective as a bag of wet hair against MN. he had no time to do anything. He is much better than he showed against North. His accuracy is a spot on match. You'd better take notice of him because he's already been to Lincoln, been to Lawrence, and spoken to Osborne and Mangino. He's the best QB in the state right now no question. Also, Bronson Marsh, saw him play some this year. Looked inconsistent. he's only a sophomore though. He's got a lot of talent. he could go places depending on how he develops and how he gets himself exposure.
  10. What happened!? Millard North blew them up 45-0. In Seals' defense though. MN's defensive line absolutely caved Bellevue West's OLine. He was sacked like 5 times in the first half and 'bout 8 for the game.
  11. as soon as I open my big mouth...
  12. Superman wears Zac Taylor pajamas at night to sleep in. nuff said.
  13. Rivals is very good IMO. They give you lots of inside information like what a kid is thinking, thoughts from the recruits that from recent interviews. They list offers, they list personal information that has been verified by camps differently than those reported by the players themselves. ie. if a kid comes to the NU camp and measured out to be 6-3.5 185 lbs and runs a 4.55 then rivals puts there little verified stamp next to it so you know it's not just some kid telling the service, "Uhh, yeah I'm about 6-5 200 lbs and I run a 4.3. Don't get caught up in the whole star system. I trust my coaches first and foremost at talent evaluating ovre the staff at rivals or scout. They are generally correct and naturally they'll miss a few. They rate players based on their football playing, physical potential. You cannot predict really how a kid is giong to take to college life, classes, freedom, homesickness, scout team, etc... Don't allow yourself to think that stars are a lock. Just because a kid is a Rivals 100 4 star doesn't mean he's going to be All Conference. Some kids flame out. And others who fly under the radar and you kind of take a chance on, are pissed their whole playing careers that n oother schools wanted them and practice and train and play with a chip on their shoulder and by the time they graduate are studs. That's just how it goes. but HuskersIllustrated does an outstanding job in letting you the fan know what's going on in the program.
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