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  1. Relax.....JD just settin up a 98 yd TD catch so he can keep moving up the career yardage list!
  2. AM must know where the bodies are buried.....
  3. I figured it out!!! Frost set up the outside screens to set up the middle with Mills in the 2nd half!
  4. For the love of God please cover this kickoff!
  5. Cost of continuing with Martinez >>>> Cost of ruining his confidence (whatever's left of it) Your offense needs a spark, Frost!!!!
  6. Just a lost season for Martinez....Bring in Luke
  7. What did Frost see on tape that said we should exploit the edges? Seems like it's been 2nd and 16 all day
  8. And all along there was a DT at Lincoln SE who excelled in the classroom, but "didn't fit" our scheme......
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