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  1. One thing I noticed is that if you take the first letters of the teams from #'s 1-10, and put them in a line, it spells "OOATNBFUMO". Do you know what that means? Absolutely NOTHING. Just like preseason polls. Case in point: My link Although it's always nice to have NU mentioned. That revised Top 25 from 2009 isn't too far off...
  2. Nothing wrong with some hype of a Husker opponent. Makes us look better when we beat em in College Station!
  3. HuskerRob

    Rex Burkhead Interview

  4. HuskerRob

    Can the defense be better in 2010?

    You'll see more blitzes in 2010 as well.
  5. HuskerRob

    Breakout Year

    There's no way the kid ever plays a meaningful role at NU. He'll transfer back to UNO before the 2010 season is over.
  6. HuskerRob

    What offense do you want NU to run?

    Niles Paul and Kinnie should service us well next season. In the future Quincy and Kenny will be a pretty good 1-2 punch. I'd love to see Antonio Bell develop into a receiver for this spread option offense, as he's the type of receiver i envision for this offense. Some Florida boys that can run and make some big plays.
  7. HuskerRob

    What offense do you want NU to run?

    I want an offense that allows for a mobile quarterback to make plays with his feet, with a short to intermediate passing game that allows big time playmaking WR's to get out in space and make plays. We already got the Quarterback for my vision with Jamal Turner. He isn't a "mobile quarterback" that outruns people in high school because he's a much better athlete, the guy makes plays. Any one who hasn't seen his video needs to, and get you will get the same vision. Braylon Heard is the perfect running back for this system as well. I'm starting to envision an offense like West Virginia's the last few years under Rich Rod. Big play making running backs, with a dynamic quarterback that can make plays all over the field. With the defense that Bo's assembled, it only makes sense to run this offense, as it has plenty of big play potential, and it consumes clock. We still need to get one or two more big play receivers, as I was really disappointed that we couldn't land Curtis Carter, as he would've fit this offense perfectly. We need receivers that can stretch the field, a la Percy Harvin, Dez Bryant, Jeramy Maclin, Desean Jackson. Now I know that I named some big time players that already are, or will soon be making millions of dollars playing in The League. You get my point.
  8. HuskerRob

    Rivals preseason top 25 for next year

    I agree with almost everybody else, being ranked fifth is much too high. It goes without saying that we lose some serious talent on the defensive side of the ball, and our offense is nowhere near top 5 material. I'm not saying that we don't have the potential to be ranked this high, as I expect the offense to be much improved. Don't sleep on Cody Green, it wouldn't surprise me to see him have a terrific spring ball, and put some serious pressure on Zac Lee. Our offense is transforming into one that demands a mobile quarterback, and Lee just doesn't cut it in that department. I would also really like to see Tray Robinson establish himself as a back who deserves carries. I'm a big fan of having three capable backs that get carries, and I know Watson believes in that philosophy too. It should be a very intriguing matchup to see who grabs hold of the third running back between Tray Robinson and Braylon Heard. No Kool-Aid, just my honest football opinion...I will consider the 2010 season a disappointment if we fail to win the Big Twelve Championship.
  9. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/columns/story?columnist=schlabach_mark&id=4901998 Comments? Too high? Too low? Just right?
  10. HuskerRob

    Nike Signs Suh

    There's a reason why every top athlete signs with Nike. It's the most recognizable brand, and their apparel/gear is second to none. Ask any athlete, 9 out of 10 will prefer Nike over anything else.
  11. HuskerRob

    Nike Signs Suh

    I wish we were sponsored by Nike instead of Adidas.
  12. HuskerRob

    Who gets the redshirt in 2010?

    Lavonte David - I would've liked to see him enroll for Spring Ball, as he has a great opportunity to make a big contribution, similar to the contribution Dejon Gomes had this past season. I'm looking forward to seeing the athleticism that David and Eric Martin will bring to the LB position Jermarcus "Yoshi" Hardrick - I fully expect him to start at left tackle, I've had enough of Mike Smith. Braylon Heard - I'd like to see Tray Robinson work his way into the "Castille" type power back, but if he doesn't, that could open up an opportunity for Braylon Heard to contribute. Brion Carnes - I'd like to see him redshirt, along with Cody Green. Cody really needs a year of development before he can contribute. Corey Cooper - We need to find another safety alongside PJ Smith, and maybe it's Eric Hagg if he makes the move. Corey Cooper should at least be playing special teams in 2010. Chase Harper - I just don't see how he plays in front of Ben Cotton and Kyler Reed for the #2 and #3 role. I'd really like to see Kyler Reed have a bigger role in the offense with his athleticism. Andrew Rodriguez - With all the hype surrounding the 2009 class of OL, I'd like to see him redshirt and develop. Chase Rome - Crick, Baker, Thad Randle, and who else? Rome could contribute to provide depth on the interior of the defensive line. Kenny Bell - We need more speed and athleticism at the skill positions, don't think he's ready to contribute in 2010. Quincy Enunwa - If Curenski Gilleyen continues to struggle, it wouldn't surprise me to see him work his way into the WR rotation with Niles, Kinnie, Cooper, and possibly Antoinio Bell. Jay Guy - Could provide depth along with Chase Rome in the interior of the defensive line. The rest of the 2010 class should redshirt and develop. Can't wait to see what type of class BO can put together for 2011. Jamal Turner's films remind me of Tyrod Taylor.
  13. Vikings: Best Team in the NFL at home, mediocre on the road. Hopefully Super Bowl Bound?

  14. HuskerRob

    Rushing The Passer

    There should be little, to zero amount of concern at the lack of pass rush for 2010. As a previous post said, Bo didn't dial up too many blitzes this season, and when he did, more often than not it was a successful call. If you want to doubt our pass rush for 2010 because we lose Ndamukong Suh, simply go to Youtube and watch Laron Landry's or Craig Steltz's highlights at LSU, when Bo was their D coordinator. Some of the safety blitzes that they pull off are truly amazing to see, and these safety blitzes should be expected to be seen more often in 2010.