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  1. billdozer15

    How the $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy Affects Nebraska and Minnesota

    What is this trophy? Ive been trying to figure out where it originated from for awhile but have never figured it how. Could someone explain?
  2. billdozer15


    This game still burns me up from a lack of penalty calls on NW, specifically holding. Just for reference: NW had an 11% increase in the number of offensive plays they ran on average. A 30% increase in pass attempts from what they ran on average. An 86% DECREASE in # of penalty yards from what they averaged. I agree we suck, but that was a heist by the officials. 1 or 2 obvious holding calls late in that game would have made the difference. Instead they were focused on borderline tick tack crap Nebraska was doing.
  3. No, but they did pass 163 times and didnt have a single hold called......that seems statistically improbable....
  4. billdozer15

    What if Nebraska has TWO games canceled this year?

    Originally priced at 72 million ultimately costs 306....wtf. Thats more than 4x the orginal anticipated cost. Sounds like fraud to me.
  5. billdozer15

    Ozigbo Makes PFF's National Team of the Week

    He may play a few seasons, but he will not be a GREAT NFL back. He doesn't have the break away speed to be considered great. IMHO
  6. billdozer15

    Call your shot: How many wins left?

    I expect one win...against BC. I haven't seen anything this year that makes me think we can beat any B1G team left on our schedule. I hope I am wrong but will not be surprised and think its very likely we win 1 game.
  7. Riley helped this team get here....
  8. billdozer15

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    We suck and we suck bad. But I am not naive enough to think there isn't some chicanery going on and I don't believe this is specific to just Nebraska. That would be ludicrous. However, there is too much money involved in CFB for their not to be a real opportunity for some refs to make extra $$$ and the easiest way would be by not making calls on one side or the other. When there are 64 pass attempts and not a single hold....I'm gonna question that one.
  9. billdozer15

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    I can attest to that. My wife is a prime example....
  10. billdozer15

    The Three Remaining Winless Teams

    Optimistically thinking but maybe, just maybe this is what the team needs to learn? 1 mistake can cost us a game (looking at you kick Mr. Pickering, XP would have sealed this game) which means this team needs to finish every play as if it were their last...unless you are rushing the QB then just quit half way there to avoid a penalty.
  11. billdozer15

    What did we learn today

    I learned NW has the greatest offensive line in the history of football. 64 pass attempts and not one hold. It's a testament to their superior skill.....
  12. billdozer15


    Make no mistake that was a heist by the refs. Worse than aTm.
  13. billdozer15


    It's overt bias at this point. They aren't even trying to hide it....
  14. billdozer15

    Where We Speak Less-than-Fondly of Former Coaches

    And they probably would have been on a better diet.
  15. billdozer15

    Where We Speak Less-than-Fondly of Former Coaches

    Tongue in cheek my friend. People around here are getting softer than a Mike Reilly ice cream social.