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  1. If ever there was a time to make a Gameday sign..... K-K-Kirk Ferentz with a picture of Bobby Boucher. Klu Klux Kirk
  2. I refuse to believe there aren't at least a couple kids on campus right now playing intramurals that could provide us another option. We are to the point where Frost should be scouting intramurals for a kicker....which is sad.
  3. I honestly thought we recruited him as a running back. Isnt that what he was in high school?
  4. I was confused by the playcall near the end of the game where we needed 5 inches and didnt QB sneak it...only to lead to a missed FG and needing to lean on our defense. I was shocked, stunned and dismayed.
  5. I agree. I'm hoping this was a wakeup call for the offense to get their s#!t together.
  6. Does anyone know where it will be setup at? IIRC the last time we got stomped by USC, gameday was in the stadium.
  7. If we dont have a kicker all year then the play calling must reflect knowing we have 4 downs everytime.
  8. At least Frost acknowledged that call was one he wanted back in his postgame presser. But that should be a no brainer.
  9. They didnt give up. We still have significant issues on ball security. Our O-line is awful. Our kicking game is worse than awful. Wandale is going to be a special player. Ohio State is going to be a tall task given the basic things we still do poorly. I am happy we won, but am honest in the assessment of this team. It's more a testament to how bad Illinois is.
  10. I'm surprised Martinez wasnt jumping to catch those.
  11. I'm gonna go back to the goaline play where Robinson gets stopped in the backfield...why do anything other than a QB sneak when you need 5 inches?
  12. That couldn't have gone any better on that defensive series. Time to learn on that dline and hit em with a PA over the top to the TE
  13. Hopefully Frost will do some studying on this. I think it could really help our offense.
  14. Martinez's last two runs he appears to be faster....wtf
  15. I'm so pissed I dont even want to drink....that's a whole new level.
  16. Thatd be Farniok.....sigh Hes the worst lineman I've ever had the displeasure of watching and he makes me want to gouge my eyes out.
  17. How can they rule Illinois ball when they blew the play dead. Makes no sense.
  18. It's really odd how it seems to transcend the staffs. It's got to be a curse.
  19. That play was really good. We just need to be much more consistent
  20. It would seem the high snaps have conditioned Martinez to jump even when they aren't high....
  21. Pulling lineman and they whiff. Jesus this oline is god awful.
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