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  1. Why not? We’re going to have a losing season with Adrian anyway. I would rather see what we have in the other two, and pray for a decent transfer for next year.
  2. How many B1G defenses are Chin’s group better than? 2?
  3. Riley needs to do the honorable thing and announce his resignation after the game. He cannot coach big boy football.
  4. I'm one of the ones who can (and should) shut up ...the two quick ones on Watson at the beginning of the 2nd got me fired up, but, as usual, things even out. Great win, that was a fun one to watch.
  5. 2nd half ass-rape by the refs so far. No lube.
  6. Boy we suck at closing out a game.
  7. Our linebacker play is...not the greatest.

  8. At what point does MR fire him? Two weeks in a row. Two ST plays in a row. Wow! FG attempt had 11 on the field, but the Terps overloaded the right side and our guys didn't shift their assignments.
  9. #YOLO

    1. NUance


      That was amazing coverage. Not many DBs catch that ball.

  10. Loved Zo wrapping up that ball after hid catch to make sure of no fumbles.
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