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  1. And as always, the biggest idiots are the ones who jump to conclusions (and just so everyone is aware, my comment is directed at @ColoradoHusk).
  2. It seems like every FBS college has had a player drafted except us. Whether it’s Purdue, Illinois, East Carolina, Florida International, Idaho, etc. I would not be shocked if every single FBS school has had a player drafted since Tanner Lee was drafted.
  3. He pops back into present tense later in the message. Not that each tense can’t be exclusive to their own statement and thus not be contradictory, but it I’d bet money he just wasn’t being overly careful.
  4. Our Nebraska ESU district was the last to close, and for two weeks... but all of the Supers are implying this will be for the rest of the year. Even making it sound like a late start to next year is more likely than coming back this year. Crazy.
  5. The school I teach at is still open >_> From the meetings we’ve had during inservice and otherwise, it seems our super is most worried about the opportunities missed if we close for an extended time. These opportunities primarily being the senior’s last prom, last sports seasons, quiz bowls, one act, etc. So those of us who feel it’s best to close are looking towards our ESU district (or Ricketts). I couldn’t imagine Ricketts continuing to allow schools the choice for much longer. Let’s be proactive, for health sake.
  6. No, he didn’t list Memorial Stadium as his address.
  7. Radley-Hiles. That’s not how you play defense.
  8. If you look at the list of players above, they’re from all over the field, nearly every single unit... except there’s no or virtually no offensive lineman. This is how recruiting rankings always go: offensive lineman are ranked much lower than their peers, even if they are better players. This is why recruiting class ranking have a big disconnect with how good each class actually is. Teams like Wiscy and Iowa load up on line recruits, specifically OL. Their rank drops even though they actually have great recruits. Then we laugh at their rankings... but then they crush us because they recruited the most important unit in football well.
  9. This past fifteen minutes almost made me throw up. Sheeeeet. Someone link the Miami board's thread about this.
  10. Can someone give a summary of the ability of our 2020 recruits' (and those few who are likely to sign)? The majority of the recruiting services leave a lot to be desired in most players' bios and I haven't seen much film of any of them.
  11. That's the only negative I have for this class. We have two awesome OL commits, but ideally you take more than two in each and every class.
  12. He sucks. Slow, no agility, can’t complete an intermediate or deep pass, a sloth through reads, horrible football IQ on that 2nd down run on the last offensive drive, had less than 100 yards rushing, butterfingers as he fumbles a lot, poor body language... except after he runs for a TD and then he struts like a loser over defenders. He sucks. He does nothing at all well at this point.
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