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  1. He sucks. Slow, no agility, can’t complete an intermediate or deep pass, a sloth through reads, horrible football IQ on that 2nd down run on the last offensive drive, had less than 100 yards rushing, butterfingers as he fumbles a lot, poor body language... except after he runs for a TD and then he struts like a loser over defenders. He sucks. He does nothing at all well at this point.
  2. C-4

    Screen pass

    They’re setting up future screen passes. “They couldn’t possibly keep running it!” They say. And then we do. BAM!
  3. Martinez reeeeally killed us on that 2nd down run out of bounds.
  4. Why aren’t we trying swing passes?
  5. There is so much to scrap on this current team and scheme. There are so many fundamentals we need yet to implement. I’m all in on Frost indefinitely, but he needs to take time this offseason to learn. Should have done it more when he was with all the great coaches he’s played/worked under.
  6. I’ve got to change my user name to “IHateSwingPasses”.
  7. Only if we trot out 2nd strong coaching staff, too. Sitting all starters just makes it look like the staff is completely blaming the players (which they’d never do). Honestly the schemes are just as bad as anything else. Too many times, when plays unfold, it’s so easy to see how they outschemed is. Any runner or receiver in the country could execute when they have things set up for them so well. And it’s not because Lovie Smith, PJ Fleck, and all these other coaches are masterminds.
  8. Say what you want about snaps, but Jurgens is consistently holding his man at the line of scrimmage. all other lineman are getting bulldozed every play.
  9. Ok, but that’s something that’s said behind closed doors, not in a public presser right after said game.
  10. What good would saying your own team is bad accomplish? When has a coach ever said that about the team he currently coached/coaches?
  11. It’s perhaps the top team in the nation. It’s just how those teams perform in most of their games.
  12. I’m getting sickering of reading these posts. Or maybe it’s from pickering my nose.
  13. I disagree. No one is expecting a redshirt hero, but it’s plenty reasonable to believe Green in specific was kept for our four biggest games (including Oh St). That was the major consensus before the season starting among Nebraska’s reporters.
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