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  1. Went to school out in Chadron. Yeah, the locals are generally as die hard as the rest of the state. But the Broncos have a stronger presence than any one NFL team does in the rest of Nebraska (I've spent the rest of my life on the east side in various places), so it's not just about the Huskers. Chadron in particular has a lot of rooting interest in Wyoming because a lot of the students, and former students who stayed in town, are from there.
  2. • This team is making big strides. • The strength and fight in particular are light years beyond any team since Pelini. • Frost should stay. We could have an extremely good team next year.
  3. We have turned the corner, or at least are right there. The guys just need to see it and keep their noses down.
  4. Proud of this team. They aren’t their yet. They will continue to work. But we see them fighting. All the guys gotta stick with it.
  5. Why does this always happen to us?
  6. No one should. I can’t remember the last time we won an OT game. I can remember a lot of losses, though.
  7. Same. I’m satisfied at this point, but it would be amazing to win.
  8. This is it. This is the corner (to being respectable again).
  9. Every back gets stuffed on some of their 3rd and 1’s. He’s been very good this year. I fee we need to go away from Michigan’s strengths on these short downs.
  10. joint possession. The weird Reiner call I can’t even remember because of how weird it was. This is just odd officiating.
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