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  1. It’s really hard to fathom that Hickman (whose had a year) and Betts (who’s a freak) can’t start over the walk-ons we were trotting out yesterday.
  2. People keep saying this, but there's no way (late start or not) OSU won't get to the playoffs if they just go undefeated. BXII is out and Pac-12 surely isn't in. Do people think it's going to be 2 SEC and 2 ACC teams over an undefeated OSU team?
  3. Second DB out for Wiscy 1st half. Damn guys Edit: Maybe. Replay doesn’t look terrible
  4. If you think our team being undisciplined is the root of the penalties, you’re not watching.
  5. I wonder where Zavier Betts’ and Chris Hickman’s development is?
  6. Mills can’t run outside vs OSU’s speed. Not sure why that’s still being done. And Martinez’s leash cuts ever shorter with that INC.
  7. Martinez never goes north when he has the option to juke outside. It cost him there, and he doesn’t have the speed to do it in the first place. Coach that out of him.
  8. Miller needs to take a seat on the bench this year.
  9. I don’t think Frost wants to do that much either. I’d guess we probably lack a HB with explosion/speed who has looked ready in practice.
  10. Getting our B1G punishment for not falling in line. Can’t look at the stats and scoreboard too much when this is the case. Nebraska played well in the first half. There was more creativity and explosiveness in the run game than ever in Frosts’s Nebraska offense. Defense did pretty well on short downs. Still have a long way to go on the passing game on O and D. We really need Omar Manning. The secondary is probably toast this season vs any team with good receivers. Still looking like we’ve improved, overall.
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