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  1. Horizontal plays to slow walk-on white guys. Tight ends in the middle of our line. 160 lb wing as our goal line back. Punter as our QB. WR as our developmental QB. We like to do trick plays with our depth chart.
  2. If we look into the program’s practices and various work hours and find that they are indeed doing literally jack s#!t like it seems, it is also unethical.
  3. I miss Bill Callahan. I miss Bo Pelini.
  4. And what are you? You can judge a person by how you perceive their persona; meanwhile, you’re directly showing that same behavior.
  5. If I was Smothers and Frost told me I was going in, I’d decline and say “don’t touch me,” and transfer. We mutilate QBs.
  6. All about the flash, smh. I like the slow, methodical holdings. They take a while, but they really add up.
  7. Perhaps, but I’m referencing his play so far.
  8. Luke’s play is even worse. ... Somehow. Our QB room is unbelievably horrible.
  9. We have to recruit, retain, and physically develop players so much better. This ridiculous- we look physically outmatched by RUTGERS.
  10. It’s been so tragic watching this teams decline the last couple decades. Ever slipping more and more, and now we look even a little less athletic than f#&%ing Rutgers.
  11. Can we not make major character assumptions based on such minute evidence? This criticism being thrown around with this evidence needs to stop. It’s no way to evaluate people.
  12. Purdue has several penalties, and we have none?! B1G: Must be a glitch in the system.
  13. Worst offense we’ve had since... the 50’s?
  14. I rewatched the NW game this evening. My thoughts are the same now as they were after the first viewing. Martinez has a lot more good plays than many people seem to acknowledge. We also know that LM got the offense set wrong in one of the last goal line possessions; Martinez doesn’t seem to noticeably set the offense incorrectly often (which can go a long way). And I know, and I know Frost knows, that Martinez is a very talented player, not unlike LM. I believe that the best case scenario for this team is still for Martinez to return to form. It is way beyond me as to w
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