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  1. Reebsker

    WR Austin Hill

    Can you really tell me the opposite? During recruiting would you have rather had O'Hanlon or Major Culbert? Who ended up being the better player? I don't want to rehash the whole recruiting rankings debate again, but how can you possible decide White is a better offer than Evans? It's all just opinions. Which one got shuffled around between offense and defense?
  2. Reebsker


    The almost TD that Asante saved was all thanks to a blitz package.
  3. Reebsker

    QB Tyler Gabbert

    wow think abotu that for a second... if true he was unsure about coming to NU because he was unsure that Watson might not be around!!!!! wow was Watson really under that kind of pressure or is thing whole thing blown up real big out of proportion??? Totally understand his apprehension, why go to a school if your position coach is going to be gone the next year.
  4. Reebsker

    SIGNED ATH Tyler Evans

    Interesting, they must feel really comfortable with who they have in reserve at Safety currently. Or maybe there is another safety we are recruiting that they feel really good about getting.
  5. Reebsker

    Next Year

    A walk-on QB.
  6. Reebsker

    Pelini's temper

    Bullying? Oh, please...My old high school coach's temper makes Pelini's outbursts look like a Sunday confessional. Ever do up-downs in a sand bur patch practice field the next day for committing a penalty on game night? You want mean, travel back to '94 with me and sit on the sidelines during one of my high school practices. By comparison, Bo's a freakin saint.
  7. Reebsker

    SIGNED ATH Jake Cotton

    Jake couldn't take the reduced tuition without being on scholarship because his dad hasn't been employed for 5 years. It's in the NCAA rulebook. There are players on our team right now that are on scholarship whose parents make a LOT more money than Barney Cotton. Perhaps they should have all walked on too. There are players on our roster whose parents are former players, yet they are on scholarship. Really, your arguments don't hold a lot of water. I'm sure you didn't bring up these same arguments about Ben because he was Rivals rated and had several other offers. You are only bringing these up regarding Jake because he isn't rated and doesn't have other offers. The coaches felt he was worthy of an offer. I'll hold judgement until he either proves or disproves this. Who are they? Were they instate probable walk-ons receiving scholarships as freshmen?
  8. Reebsker

    SIGNED TE Chase Harper

    Great commit! Hopefully we will utilize the TE more in future games.
  9. Reebsker

    Add another one

    very bad........ possibly Tyson Hetzer was a project about the same size and weight.
  10. Reebsker

    Add another one

    Could his dad not afford to pay his way?? WTF.