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  1. USC's WCO isn't as complicated, they have a true freshman QB, a true freshman WR that gets playing time. NU isn't running their offense. NU doesn't have the WRs for it to work or the big time blue chip 4-5 star pro-style QBs. NU should be running a run/gun with true reads and options along with some power-I.
  2. NU's defense is better than BYU and Miami and just as good as UT's. If OU can't score 3 TDs vs those 3 teams why should they get double that or more vs NU at home? OU can't run, they have a TE weighing 265 playing LG! They are not a great offense! Their one BIG win was over Tulsa, who has lost to Boise St. and UTEP, so get REAL!
  3. Ah, those "Pound the Rock" campaigns and 4-headed RB monsters. It was just a cover. So opposing defenses wouldn't expect it coming. Also, the reason we didn't run much this last game, couldn't possibly be due to Helu's recovering from injury and the lack of viable options behind him? I'll give you that one but what about oh lets say the previous 50 games??? What was the excuse then?? How about trying to be all smashmouth and big last year, not getting it done, until Wats started spreading it out after the Missouri game? Back then we were all "PLEASE RUN THE SPREAD." They wanted a WV/Tulsa/Florida type spread, not a Kansas/Missouri/Tech/UT spread. We fans wanted REAL zone reads, where the QB actually reads the backside DE, not just a give or keep. The big plays in the running game will come with true reads, just like the double reads from the TO era offense.
  4. NU beat Missouri. Where the eff have you been? he must have turned it off after the 3rd quarter. I wish i had... SEE BILLYBALL, RCRUTER AND REALITY CHECK!
  5. 1. If you do not play the backs behind Helu, he won't be around because he can't take the pounding and then you will be FORCED to play inexperienced backs! 2. VaTech and Missouri were BOTH ranked when NU played them in their houses and should have won both. 3. Last year, NU lost to MU, and Tech, BUT this year they split and WHILE last year they tied for first in the north. This team is in a MUCH better position to win the north than last year. 4. UT is not a world beater! I live in Austin and OU was the best team they have played and they are 3-3. UT has ZERO running game, and don't be fooled because of the weaker defenses they will face until the Big 12 title game. Their defense is good, but not they have not played any ranked teams save for a 3-3 OU and OU still leads the Big 12 in scoring defense and is 3rd in the nation, way ahead of UT's 15th ranking. NU is in the top 3 in the Big 12 and top 12 in scoring and total defense and are more than good enough to win a big 12 title. The FG kicker is EXCELLENT and far superior to OU's scrub kicker and better than UT's Lawrence, who is also good. The offense limiting TOs and being able to control the LOS has more than enough to win the Big 12!
  6. This team has more than enough defense to take UT down in the title game. They should have won two road games vs ranked teams, but didn't. The OL is good at run blocking, but do not do enough in live practices, or games because the offense's goal is to have balance in attemps, if not yards or scoring. UT has only faced one great defense and were releaved when NU lost at home to Tech so that maybe they would face a defense-less north rep in the title game. This is a team that can start molding a hard running, physical mentality and style that can propell them to a Big 12 title and BCS game. Physical practices will tranfer to physical games and by playing more backs in games, we can go 4-5 deep at I-back and by mixing in more true QB runs and options/reads the defenses will be forced to spend more time in prep. This team seems like it has more plays than formations, while the 90s teams had few plays from multiple sets. I think they should also vary pace, like go fast when a first down is made on a completed pass and such and kill clock at other times.
  7. The kid from Houston was an athlete, but he was not on a great team and he was no where near Reggie McNeal or VY who took their teams to state semis and titles. Solich was HORRIBLE recruiter, he also had no I-backs! When he was fired Lord was no where near as good as highly recruited VY, McNeal or Brad Smith or Ell Roberson III. Why would you put all your eggs ina QB from a weak HS program in inner city Houston? Where were the other QBs or I-backs, going to Cananda for an average RB or a Thunder Collins, who was to skinny to be a good I-back. Solich could not recruit the offensive skill players to run the NU system at the 90s level.
  8. Why are teams going to figure out the option, but not the spread? That sounds so DUMB! VaTech fell apart and could not handle the offense. He ran it at Navy with "inferior" talent, yet he always was in a bowl game. He is getting kids from Texas 4/5A schools to attend GaTech. They have a state 5A 100 meter finalist and 3000 yard rusher from SA Reagan, Marcus Wright at one of the RB spots and a 6'3" WR from Austin LBJ. Both these kids are smart and athletic. The RB was a burner and has 4.3 speed and would have been a big time I-back under TO. I don't think NU has anyone with Wrights credentials on ship at the RB spot. Johnson might benefit from the city in recruiting. The QB was a LB, he wasn't recruited by Gailey to play QB and the RB wasn't a star, Johnson's offense has done this. In a few years Tech will have OU type Slot backs from the 80s and a Big Jerome Bettis type FB and a Tommie Frazier type QB running the show with an NU type OL. Check out how SMALL his OL is compared to others? The flexbone (Arkansas and Air Force) is the wishbone, but with both HB's on the wings. Johnson runs a spread option, like you stated, a wing-t and wishbone combo with elements of the run and shoot.
  9. Aaron Green likes the I-formation, but they run some spread and he can catch.
  10. Old offense ran many sets, but a few plays well blocked from multiple formations. Plays like the pitch and counter sweep were NU staples. I remember being a freshman back in the early 80s and watching Rozier run the pitch up the gut. I thought pitches were outside plays, but i noticed NU ran that play up the gut or off-tackle and of course the counter sweep play and FB traps that were set up for big plays by the options and outside runs. A team needs a signature play, like the Redskind under Gibbs, inside/outside, power and counter. Dallas with Emmit ran 2-3 plays, SC ran pitch and blast (iso). We need plays that work and are feared by the opposition and trusted by the offense.
  11. In old system RBs didn't go out of bounds and neither did QBs. The physical pratices got them ready to be physical in games.
  12. 5 deep! Helu, Burkhead and 3 other healthy bodies. Remember, Aaron Green loved the I-formation and his brother is freshman DB. He could be the nation's top RB in 2011.
  13. 2 TEs and the I-formation sounds like Dontravius Robinson's HS offense at Trinity.
  14. Tech had a new starter in his first road game and they did not turn the ball over and committ penalties says alot about leadership at the QB position and within the team.
  15. Cotton knows the schemes, he's not the OC or HC.
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