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  1. kstatehater

    Eric Martin

  2. kstatehater

    Eric Martin

    So basically if it WAS an illegal hit, the conference will go back and do something about it. In that case, me and everyone who said it was a clean hit would be wrong. I'll eat that crow if it's served up. I'm not holding my breath however. EDIT: or maybe I'm reading it wrong and it won't be reviewed since there was no flag. They would review it in the NFL, I don't know about the BIG XII or NCAA. I'm willing to admit it if I read it wrong. You are reading wrong... 1. He did not target a defenseless player 2. He did not use the crown of his helmet 3. He was not flagged- because it was a clean hit...........
  3. kstatehater

    Eric Martin

    LOL @ Ebylhusker being waaaaaaaaayyyyy off base, not knowing when to give up, and keep taking a beating from knapplc It wasn't even close to a illegal hit....... in any form of the RULE book...... Because a play is FLAGGED, doesn't even mean it's illegal- officials make mistakes all the time........ But this time- they got it right.......
  4. LOL @ Keitzman being owned by DONU

  5. kstatehater

    Degenerate Gambler Alert!

    I've been seeing 16.5 with no O/U
  6. I think it's more he is a Big Bo Pelini fan........ Not sure what their relationship was in the past.... But Rome has a man crush on Bo...... And so do I!!!!!! lol
  7. kstatehater

    Kansas St - What awaits us?

    You mean the victory against Houston and their 3rd string QB........ Both Keenum and the backup got hurt for the season in that game........ Houston is done for the year......
  8. kstatehater

    2012 Scout Top 100

    They focus on Basketball 24/7/365
  9. Paul got the snap, zone read, hit burkhead, fumle........ And I drank all day saturday :) But yes, he got the snap

  10. Yes... I believe greenstein got his timezones confused..... or they filmed at 7 and it airs at 8......
  11. kstatehater

    Open Letter from Ohio State Fan

    LOL at saying their name
  12. kstatehater

    Big 12 Football Preview

    Actually I believe Kansas State will be better than Missouri.......... But the Kansas State Nebraska game won't decide the north, unless we tank... 9 wins- wins the north 10 is a cushion ......We will have 11......
  13. kstatehater

    Hope it isnt 1997 again

    I promise all of you...... I will NEVER EVER EVER get married on a game-day.......... And I will NEVER EVER EVER go to ANYONES wedding on a game-day....... unless it is atleast 6 hours before kickoff.......
  14. kstatehater

    Suh's holdout

    A rookie pay scale is likely on the way... It wouldn't suprise me if in the future, what pick you are determines your contract... Maybe even within the next 5 years.