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  1. Another Bohl thread, huh? As previously mentioned, Bohls in your mouth.
  2. I still watch the games, and I've gotten older and busier, but into my 30s (37 now) Husker football was an event - someone was always hosting etc. I still watch, but I don't invest like I once did - just sucks losing any game of substance, and this year, NIU. Next week I may just listen and do some yard work. Can't really call people fair weather when the product on the field isn't good.
  3. Omaha checking in, and while my driveway looks pretty icy, my dogs won't come inside and the roads look fine for now. I'll still be making the drive!
  4. GBR! I'm not sure what to think of the B1G, but I hope we are in the thick of it in 201) and beyond! Edit: but, no bug
  5. The butthurt is so strong with some of you posters...Huskers overcame poor coaching? Can't wait until the Huskers ruin your Thanksgiving weekends with a win (fingers crossed)
  6. Did he actually get booed? Yes, they were presenting an award to a military guy and Eichorst's name brought loud round of boos. You felt a little bad for the recipient but I'm sure he knew what was up.
  7. Seeing a few people going with DONU gives me completely unreasonable hope! GBR!!
  8. I'll be in town for this game yelling like crazy! My last conference game was...not good, we'll leave it at that.
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