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  1. why is it even when they are late to getting to Martinez the Minnesota players flail their arms, "oh I'm falling... gonna land on the QB"
  2. at this point, I'd be happy to win by 1 D is keeping us in this game
  3. These Announcers How do you get over the line but not enough?
  4. now march down the field and get some unanswered scores
  5. Looks like someone's art class project, how the WWE Titles look
  6. Husker Radio saying the field goes North - South not East - West, how do you tell the difference? the way the sun/shadows are during the game?
  7. There are a few things I can comment on. First off, its hard to get the rallying behind the team and the University when its a non Nebraska Alumni or someone who has not been in the state who has been eating, drinking and sleeping Nebraska Football. Trev Alberts, saw a team make a change when they went into attacking 4-3 football. Nebraska gained speed, attacked with no remorse and earned the right to the Blackshirts having an attitude that they were feared once they took the field. Nebraska was 1:16 away from a National Championship Season in 1993. I can imagine without a doubt, Trev Alberts told the returning players of the 1994 season, "You've got to get back to the Orange Bowl again" Fast Forward to the 1995 Orange Bowl, when Nebraska pulls ahead 24-17. You can see Trev Alberts telling people "you guys are awesome!" He knew FINALLY, Tom Osborne had his National Championship, after 22 years. all the hard work finally paid off. Scott Frost has had the taste of Defeat this season, but we're so close, this isn't a matter of "Moral Victories" but, Nebraska Football is in the right direction. in 1996 Nebraska had 2 losses. A blowout at the hands of Arizona State, and a late loss to Texas. Correct me if I'm wrong, but many people said "this is the end of Nebraska Football" Then in 1997, Nebraska found a way. It was as if it was "Refuse to Lose Part 2". 1997 C0-Champions. All of the finest College Football teams have had their ups and downs. Nebraska Football is on the rise again. Some way, somehow, this season, you are going to see it all come together. It's going to happen against either Ohio St, or what could be the #1 team at the time Iowa.
  8. I would let the Cornhuskers let it all fly.. they will have a bye week, so I'd explain to not let off the gas till the final whistle. time for a road win. Let out a lot of emotion and show them what Nebraska is made of
  9. The fantasy ending to our season that is actually a realistic possibility (not likely, just realistic) is: -Georgia drops a game they shouldn't and Iowa moves up to #1 -We beat Minnesota, Purdue, & Wisconsin -There's no stress in the Iowa game of having to win to be bowl eligible so we play b***s out -We beat an 11-0 Iowa by two scores I would freaking love that. Also, with the way the season has gone, if we would upset Iowa, I would be totally fine with the fans rushing the field.
  10. I guess for Penn St, near the end zone counts for a TD even if you don't cross the goal line
  11. ABC at Halftime talked about Michigan at Nebraska "Michigan is 5-0 but hasn't faced someone on the same level as Nebraska yet" I hope the Blackshirts open up a can on the Wolverines
  12. I hope ABC Sports audio does justice to how loud Memorial Stadium will be tonight.
  13. we'll stand by the road
  14. Feel free to lock this UNoffical thread as to not cause confusion
  15. Co-Champions: Michigan Nebraska I know, I know Michigan... Just one second
  16. What's this I hear about Wolverines fearing things in Red?
  17. my interpretation over the years with Nebraska
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