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  1. Thursday 10/22 will be the next Presidential Debate. The plan is when one candidate is talking, the other will be muted, Trump is already saying "NOT FAIR!!" too bad the mute button on Trump is only set for the debate.
  2. Breaking News, Ohio State considering purchasing a dome for the Staduim
  3. OU yes, Texas no. Texas made the Big XII all about Texas. We don't need them in the Big 10 trying to run things again
  4. The Wave watched this in my American Government class my Sophomore year in 1986 or 1987, I believe the full movie is on youtube. Clothes may be outdated, but the story is till watchable.
  5. Black Klansman: Another movie based on true events. In my opinion, it ties in so well today with seeing how far we've come and how far we have to go.
  6. Marshall a highly recommended movie based on a true story. Would be a great talking point for a class about racial inequality in the judicial system
  7. Okay, I know this is the political thread, but hear me out on this one, I thought this would be a great place to put in recommendations for Political Movies, older and newer that some people might otherwise overlook. I'll start with the following, Dark Waters: An amazing movie of a small town vs Dupont. Really makes you think. Years ago, my mom asked us if we have thrown out all our teflon pans, because of an article she read. After seeing the movie, it comes in much clearer. Also, this event should have been a wake up call for Flint Michigan
  8. I recommend listening to this song as load as possible. Recently was listening to this song, and thought so much of how even if Nebraska Fans can't be at the games, we will still be cheering LOUDLY.
  9. OK, we're approximately 1 month away from Oct 24th, and the return of Nebraska Football. I've gotten over the shock of the 2020 Football Schedule. If anybody thinks that Nebraska is going to just lay down and be walked all over, I got news for you, that's not going to happen. Nebraska asked for football to come back. Nebraska is used to overcoming adversity. They have done it before, they will do it again... My Dad passed away in January of 2018, he considered himself one of the biggest Cornhusker Fans ever. I felt his presence watching Scott Frost's 1st game on TV, and I know h
  10. In as much as Scott has done for his players, wanting to be able to play, amid Scott's Fathers passing, imagine how hard this team is going to be playing this fall. I would love to see the team playing with a sticker of Larry Frost's Husker number on their helmet. Thoughts and Prayers for the Frost Family.
  11. Campus Police In all truth, when I went to school at UNO, you'd have someone who parked badly, then if you had to park a hair over the line, you got a ticket. I had to debate them more than once, I don't think I ever paid.
  12. I was wondering if anyone knows how many games the Big10 will be getting in for the season. If the teams start the 23/24th, I am figuring maybe up to 6 before the Big 10 Championship? or will they play the championship later on before bowl selection?
  13. Just saw on BTN at 4PM a replay of the 1995 Orange Bowl how fitting if there is an announcement that Big10 has College Football season Let us, then, be up and doing, With a heart for any fate; Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor and to wait.
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