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  1. Well golly, since it's been there for so long it must be ok. Look closely at the topic threads titles and you should be able to deduce how much this board is tolerant of posters with a different affiliation. The "mob rules" are what apply here. Akin to the BLM movement, everything is fine as long as you kneel and don't disagree with us.
  2. It couldn't say right wing Republican? But job is much more definitive. *nut
  3. I think it's outrageous for this site to label right wing people as nut jobs in the description. Just shows how left leaning and self absorbed alot of the posters are on this board. Alot of posters here are over educated zealots who can't see past their own noses.
  4. Liberal derangement is a real thing as well.
  5. My son and I sat in the east expansion for the Iowa game. Loved the seats.
  6. Lived north of Amana for awhile. They made nice appliances.
  7. Running like Tmart will get you hurt McCaffrey
  8. This feels weird. Like I'm cheating or something
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