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  1. The Homefield Nebraska collection is live. I just spent way too much money, lol. https://www.homefieldapparel.com/collections/vintage-nebraska-cornhuskers-apparel-store There's some discount codes floating around too.
  2. I wish we'd drop a game and go 3-5-5. It's stupid to handicap yourself.
  3. We're scheduled on the 26th, so I would bet camp starts the 27th or 28th. Gives them 3 weeks for fall camp, then it's game week in Ireland.
  4. Can't argue too much with that list.. except Will Levis. Way too high. And Stetson Bennet. He'll never sniff the NFL. He was carried by an elite surrounding cast.
  5. Bingo. The ethos of most of the Big West is to just not screw up. Nebraska has to stop beating itself to get out of this funk.
  6. I've got a thread for Athlon, waiting for my magazine so I can upload some scans.
  7. Athlon's OU preview is up. I should have my magazine later this week, and I'll create a new thread for the record predictions.
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