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  1. Similar to what I heard this week and I posted on another thread. I was told that the group of people who want Callahan gone are getting over ruled by TO. He said to them he does not want to fire him mid-season if he can avoid it. Source also said that Cally has dug his heels in the sand about the buyout and other coaches are taking a more active role in the team and recruiting. The buyout is STILL being negotiated. Also, the 2 weeks statement I said if we are embarrassed and I am impressed that we played well. TO is firm on 2 things: We are underdogs here on out so there isn't much to gain now at firing Cally. AND Cally is fired immediately after the season (already decided) and he wants Bo Pelini as his first choice with Watson to stay on board. I am not sure if anything else will happen the rest of the year but it appears that TO has said let's evaluate the players and assistants outside of the line coaches and Cosgrove. Not much info, but TO has calmed the boosters who initially wanted PUD and Cally gone 2 weeks ago.
  2. You finally get the irony. The point of the name is that everyone bleeds red so EVERYONE in the world should be an NU fan. It is bred into us...get it. That was the point...sharp as a basketball aren't ya. Anyway, the only info I had a little early was about Kuli but it didn't seem relevant to post a few hours early. The meetings with boosters happened this past weekend and their are some splits on how to handle Cally especially since he and Co are being tough about the buyouts (which makes sense for them). TO said he won't fire him until after the season and others are still working on the resignation agreement they intially talked to Cally about. Cally is going back on it a bit which is really a $$ negotiation. And FYI, this isn't my info so I will not gloat if it is correct, nor will I hang my head if it's wrong. I praised Huskerboard and others for their info and never said yeah to me.......except for those people who slammed me when I said Cally sucked. That is the only I told you so, which they said "we will see". That is in the past anyway. Anyone who knows me realizes that I am only looking for NU to get back to glory. Nothing on this board is to boost my ego...an anonymous site isn't the place for that. There are a lot of members on here who personally emailed me asking for info and then they slam me here. It seems like they are using this board to boost their egos. I am told, no news until Saturday afternoon. Everything has been status quo for the last 4 days.
  3. The day he was hired....although last year as USC clinched it for me.
  4. I thought if we were lucky we would have 9 wins but probably finish 8-4 and not win the BIG 12 north. I thought Mizzou would win the north and KS would finish tied for 2nd with us. I never expected much more than mediocrity with Cally as our coach. Well, I was wrong....we are plain awful and it is 100% Cally's fault. My signature has been the same all year, I haven't changed my opinion at all.
  5. Is Paul Johnson the Boise State coach? Navy
  6. I apologize if this info is already on the board. I didn't look. I got a call around 2:00 central time with this info. I didn't realize so many people would want a PM so I am posting here instead. The only info that my source can confirm today is that there are 3 coaching candidates that are being researched and the "feelers are being put out to the appropriate channels". Theses 3 coaches are being researched, reviewed, talked to and then they will assess to interview: Bo Pelini (already talked to) Jim Leavitt USFl Gary Patterson TCU It doesn't mean they aren't interested in others or will hire one of these 3. This is just confirmation that they have interest in these 3 officially off the record...whatever that means.
  7. I will have news tomorrow. I have only gotten some cryptic info but there will be some changes "definitely before the end of the year, and they are trying to do it VERY soon" whatever that means, but I will give more details tomorrow. I think a MOD should lock this since the thread really has no value. I got everyones PM and I don't need to be called a crybaby any longer. I get it already, thank you.
  8. I will make sure to update anyone who wants the info. I talked to my friend and he said that a phone call was planned later today and that a meeting was planned tomorrow. I will NOT speculate on what but I will tell those of you who want to know all about it. The reason I am mad is because there are people who spent the last 2 months telling me my thoughts, ideas, dislike for Callahan and the direction of the program were unfounded and the insulted me with personal attacks when I was careful not to name call anyone. These same people think I am trying to get credit and praise for this info and they question my source and insult my playing career. I offered this info on Huskerboard.com because I like most of the people here and I have already talked to a bar about renting out their patio for the spring game to say hi to members here. I am not posting or giving my feedback because for no reason I am constantly attacked and I consider this info 'good stuff' that shouldn't be treated like $hit. I am not catching feelings or a wuss, rather I am asking for respect from people who have been dead a$$ wrong all year and insulted me in the process. If I don't have you on my PM I will look you up on this thread an update you after I hear back. GBR!!!
  9. Aside from paying on Huskers.com are there any sites to listen to the post game press conference? Thank you. p.s. All of you who pm'd me I will be updating you later today or tomorrow.
  10. I have a question.....If you have such an in in thei athletic department, and such a storied collegiate career, then why are you seeking validation and cautioning those on internet message boards? I did NOT have a storied college career, I had a seat on a very good ride. Second, I don't seek validation I just don't want this thread to turn into some of the others where it was "yeah right" and "that is BS". I would like to see this thread elaborate on what I said, give opinions and speculate but there is no reason for someone to call me a liar or even make the comments you did. And I do have "such an in". Anyone can if they pay their way. He has been a booster for over 30 years. Can anyone who wants the info please send me a pm? I am not looking for any praise or kind words. I just have been $hit on this board by some since August when I was saying to get rid of this Prick AD, sh**tty coach and horrible Coz. Then I get $hit for the info I give, all of which turned out to be true. I have been right the whole time and you want to criticize me. For some of the comments I received the last 2 months I should be boasting every post. This whole time I supported others who had 'rumors' and I gave everything to Huskerboard because I thought it could reach the most fans. I never looked credit and I get comments like yours. PM if you want the news. Otherwise my "alleged source" info is OUT.
  11. Just shows to go ya that Callahan is a jerk!!!! Callahan has ALWAYS been a jerk and never had this team heading anywhere but medicocrity and now the players quit on him so welcome to the inevitable. I still remember getting a phone call immediately after Cally was named coach and the person on the other line who is now an OC for a D-1 team only laughed. My voicemail was just him laughing. It was so obvious outside of NU that he was, is and always will be a bad Head Coach....pleasefirecallahan was the one thing I begged to be wrong about. The only silver lining is that I thought I was going to be proven correct in another 2 years...they canned him earlier than I expected. Gosh, I remember how terrible I thought that extension was. If he didn't have it he would already be done...DAMN!
  12. Wrong. It's not going to seem like he was lying, and nobody will care because everyone will understand the politics of it all.....THIS IS DIVISION 1 FOOTBALL-NOT INTERMURALS! Don't go catching feelings right now about pure honestly. The bigger message is more important then every word in it. I'm not sure how any of my statements are wrong. I'm not trying to criticize anyone. I'm merely wondering what the public reaction will be based on your info of what's happening as opposed to what TO and others are saying. This is purely hypothetical since the events have yet to be played out. I am saying that he won't lose any credibility. Nobody will even think about it for more than a second and it will play out like they aren't lying. Is anyone criticizing Tom for lying about not talking to Perlman about the job prior to his Monday statement where he said nobody contacted him???? NOPE because they don't care about symantics.
  13. I blame his stint as a congressman. (But seriously..Can you really ever be totally honest when talking to the public?) I don't think the public needs to know everything that happens behind closed doors while it's happening. But there's a difference between not telling the whole truth and flat-out lying. TO could be hurting his own legacy and credibility. Everything's still conjecture right now though. Let's wait and see what happens before pointing any fingers. Wrong. It's not going to seem like he was lying, and nobody will care because everyone will understand the politics of it all.....THIS IS DIVISION 1 FOOTBALL-NOT INTERMURALS! Don't go catching feelings right now about pure honestly. The bigger message is more important then every word in it.
  14. All above mentioned coaches have been contacted. And, pigs fly, hell freezes over and we each win the lottery. So does this statement mean you're just yanking our chain? It means those things are as likely as us winning the next 2 games with Cally as the coach.
  15. Are you saying that they will keep the coaches and keep losing b/c that is better??? It's an investment b/c they will lose money and fans if they don't fire these clowns. Who cares about the money???? Are you paying for it? I would add $3 to my game ticket to pay them off. Besides I am making a larger donation than last year b/c they are firing these A-Clowns.... I am sure my partner and I aren't the only ones excited enough to drop a couple bucks in the kitty.
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