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  1. Is there any way Scott can protest one of these calls? The last one the kid blocked with his shoulder not his head. When I watched other hits during some of the other games they didn’t call targeting and the hits were a lot worse than what our guys supposedly did.
  2. Penn State fans are livid! “It’s like the 2012 Nebraska game all over again.” Indiana came back and beat Penn State in overtime. 

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    2. ladyhawke


      No kidding!  They were yelling for Franklin’s job!

    3. teachercd


      Honestly, Indiana was due to win one of those.  That team has lost some heartbreakers the last 5-6 years.

    4. Toe


      Indiana's first win over a top-10 team in 33 years.

  3. THANK YOU! OSU has been holding our boys all game!
  4. Even the broadcasters agree that the calls were questionable!
  5. Homer refs. What a crappy call! Our guys ran into each other not the Ohio State player!!
  6. Love to see Scott’s fire! We are competitive! I’m loving this game!
  7. The QB was down AND they are holding our players big time!
  8. Wow! KState is actually giving Oklahoma a game! Tied 35 all. 

    1. Toe


      And they pulled off the upset! 35-38 final.

  9. B1G revote coming soon! (As I was watching the Clemson game I saw this announcement run across the bottom of the screen. It said it could be as soon as Sunday!)



  10. Today is the anniversary of Brook’s (Berringer) death. What a sad day that was. :(

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    2. krc1995


      One of those days for me when you remember exactly where you were when you heard. 

    3. CheeseHusker


      That spring game is etched into my mind as one of the most real, somber experiences I've ever had, anywhere.


    4. RedDenver
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