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  1. I feel sorry for NC State. Not being able to play at all today in the CWS because of COVID. They were exciting to watch. 

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    2. knapplc


      We all have to deal with the life choices we make.

    3. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      Life choices? Sounds like something a good little eichmann would say

    4. funhusker


      They gambled and lost.


      It sucks for them to be in the situation and I feel bad for them.  But to my knowledge, the only reason the vaccinated kids were even tested and caused the shut down was because one unvaccinated player was symptomatic causing contact tracing for other unvaccinated players.  This caused the school to have to test the players to see if they were negative and could compete.   If the school would have had them prepared to compete and control what they can control, they would have most likely played on Saturday for a chance to go to the finals.


      The COVID rules might not make a ton of sense in many regards, but they weren't new.  NC State had their opportunity.

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