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  1. Yes. That would have been sweet Yep
  2. I don’t know. I just feel badly for them. Bright spot: Purdue beat Iowa. It’s a lively day after all.
  3. I agree. I think our boys are just worn out. Having their coach lose their Dad on top of it? sure wish this would have been their bye week.
  4. I wish this would’ve been our bye week. Are our boys just worn out? How much was poor coaching vs poor player execution? We ARE so fickle as fans myself included. What is the answer? Start over or press on with major changes in staff? Scott will be here for another year. After that is anyone’s guess.
  5. But it wasn’t his first mistake. He’s young.
  6. And that’s why Scott is not playing Yant
  8. Minny is holding our guys and the Refs are not calling it.
  9. Defense is on the field-again. They’re going to get gassed out. Sad
  10. DENIED! Now offense needs to wake up and score!
  11. No pressure on the qb. Wow. Just wow. We look so flat today.
  12. Why did it take the officials so long to blow the play dead? Have the Michigan defense was in him.
  13. You’re right Stone Cold. The entire college football world does want to see Nebraska return to its former glory. I read some reaction on the Michigan message board and they are glad Nebraska is getting better. (btw they were complaining about their qb too!). I felt bad for Scott last night too. He didn’t have to come home-but he did and when he did he asked all of us for help. He had the daunting task of reviving the dumpster fire that he was given. It’s taking time but the improvements are there. (I loved it that we caused the Michigan qb to suffer his first interception of the season!) Thanks to the OP for his post. Encouraging word.
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