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  1. I read that Coach Rhule has already reached out to Mickey. So hopefully Mickey will stay. It would bring nice continuity/smoother transition to the team if that could happen.
  2. Rhule loves smash mouth football. I want to see Nebraska play tough again! I think Rhule can bring back the kind of football Nebraska has played in the past. (Re: Suh, Wistrom, et al)
  3. Rhule didn’t have to take this job. He got a huge but out from Carolina. That he WANTED to take the job is exciting because here is a guy who WANTS to rebuild our program! I’m excited about this hire and look forward to what he can accomplish here. GBR!
  4. “Matt is detail-oriented, his teams are disciplined and play a physical brand of football. Matt also has the personality and relationship-building skills to build a great staff and excel in recruiting.” I’m sold! These are all things we need and if he was wise he would keep Mickey Joseph as his Assistant Coach.
  5. Thank you to all who contributed to the Let Us Pray thread!!! I’m so happy to see it in completion (even though I didn’t get to write on it this time-I have a house full of people at my house) Now we will win. (Well , on my planet at least :D)

    GBR! :bigredn:

    1. ladyhawke


      AND IT HAPPENED ON THIS PLANET TOO! The power of the Husker Prayer!

      GBR! :bigredn:

    2. Mavric


      And it led to a win.  Hmmmmmm.......

  6. I think the Blackshirts should be up to the players not posters on a message board.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving HB! 
    Question: Am I the only one who doesn’t like green bean casserole? (Ewww!)

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    2. GSG


      If it's the recipe from the green bean can, then no. The way my mom makes it awesome though

    3. admo


      I'm not really a big fan of green beans because if I am eating green vegetables, it's usually fried cabbage (or boiled/steamed), steamed brussel sprouts, sauteed collards in olive oil with garlic and bacon bits, or grilled okra (or fried).  That's it every time.

    4. ladyhawke


      I love grilled brussel sprouts with bacon bits. So good! That caramelized flavor is so good!

  8. I have been listening to Adam Carriker lately. He has some interesting thoughts but no one that hasn’t been mentioned here. The coach from Baylor (Aruda?) would be good. Leipold would have been nice as he has had experience starting from scratch and has been successful where he’s been. It will be a big job whoever gets it. I don’t want Meyer. He’s unstable (health wise) and so much negative baggage.
  9. I just read that Leipold is staying at Kansas.
  10. It’s kind of like onion chip dip but thicker-almost like cream cheese based. The next time you go to Runza ask for it!
  11. I’m so glad they brought back the onion ring dip!
  12. With all due respect, lots of those tickets ARE purchased and given away. We’ve lost so much! Can we not have one thing that is still ours? Everyone I know KNOWS that the sellout streak is based on purchased tickets not butts in the seats. I say keep the streak! (Just my humble opinion and I mean no disrespect to your opinion. )
  13. The team that runs the ball will win the game! Run the Dang Ball! GBR!
  14. the battles we go through life,
  15. It’s going to be a loonnggg season for Nebraska against the B1G teams.
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