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  1. Who is Fairly? I mean, I never heard of him until the BSC Championship game but everyone who is interested in college football (and even some who aren't!) have heard of SUH!! Let's see how this Fairly kid does in the NFL. I agree with the notion that ESPN is scraping the bottom of the news barrel. SO GLAD TO HAVE CRICK BACK NEXT YEAR!! WHOO HOOO Throwing confetti!
  2. Looks like Les is staying at LSU. Bo is an Ohio man-he wouldn't go to Michigan (and can't since we're in the Big 10) So I think we're going to be ok!
  3. Yeah, I didn't think he would leave either. He said after their bowl game that he wasn't going to leave but I guess people weren't listening or thought that once Michigan called him he would go running. I love it when ESPN is wrong!!
  4. Yep-he's not going anywhere : http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=6011557
  5. I think if we're just talking about football then my choice would be Wisconsin. Barry Alverez (their AD) played for Nebraska so there is that connection. Not all Wisconsin fans are jerks. We have friends who are die hard Badger fans and they are great. I think that the serious Wisconsin fan is just as passionate about football as we are and are knowledgeable about football too. I think Wisconsin. OSU is probably more like us with regards to overall university philosophy. We'll see.
  6. Thanks! We're looking forward to smashmouth football again! We haven't seen it since we were in the Big 8! (Except from our defense of course!) As for the refs-been there done that especially this year. But glad to be coming to a conference that appreciates good physical football! Thanks for the welcome and welcome to our board!
  7. Looks like Les just went along for the ride! He told Michigan he's staying at LSU! http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=6011557
  8. Gotta be the explanation. Or they just figured we didn't care about a meaningless bowl and didn't gig us for the pitiful performance. Or maybe they had mercy on us for the most trying season since 2007. I was sure we'd be unranked after that loss to Washington. That was some pitiful football we put on display. I would categorize this as a gift. When they vote on these polls, don't they take into account our total season? I guess I'm of the opinion that we had some really good games and some really good wins (MU, OKSt) and we lost by so little in some of those games. I wouldn't base the entire season on a post season game, especially since they saw us obliterate this same team 3 months before.
  9. I agree about the stability part however, I don't think Bo is going to leave Nebraska. He waited too long to get this job so why would he give it up after 3 seasons? He's got unfinished business to take care of-a conference title and a national championship. After he achieves those two things he might get the itch to go elsewhere but I doubt it. People forget that he is also a husband and a dad. To up root his family once again would not make Mrs. Pelini or the kids very happy. Nebraska is a great place to raise your kids. I think they will stay put. IMHO
  10. No offense, but I disagree. I think we will see some changes after the coaches meeting. There's plenty of time. Things change so quickly for people from one day to the next. So, it could be that there are things going on on the inside that we don't even know about. I'm hoping that we will have some changes. One change that I would like to see is team unity. Back in the day those boys were tighter than a drum. They might not have liked each other but they sure respected each other and they played for each other. They were a team. I miss that. I remember when those boys weren't allowed to sit down (unless they were hurt) They were always standing up, cheering for whatever team (offense/defense)was on the field. They were turning around and encouraging the fans to cheer. It will be interesting to see what happens before Husker season 2011.
  11. Well so much for your prediction! The NU boys have now extended their winning streak to 11-0!! Jeter Helps Streaking Nebraska To 63-62 Win http://www.wowt.com/sports GO BIG RED!!!
  12. Tonight on the Cotton Bowl, a reporter said that they asked Les about going to Michigan and he said, "No, I'm having too much fun here (LSU)." So don't look for Les to go to Michigan. For Bo to go to Michigan would be sacriligious! He's an Ohio man. It would be like Tom Osborne coaching at Texas! It's just not done. So relax and enjoy the fact that we're going to have a great team next year. I feel changes are in the air and Bo is finally going to have the kind of total team that HE wants.
  13. YAWN! Ok, boys & girls-here's the deal: Do you really think MRS. Pelini is going to edure yet ANOTHER MOVE? Not on your nelly! Bo's a wise man. He knows what everyone else knows: WHEN MOM'S UNHAPPY EVERYBODY'S UNHAPPY. But seriously, Bo worked too hard to get here in the first place. He's wanted the Nebraska head coaching job for a long time and now he has it. Why would he leave after only 3 years? Ridiculous!
  14. WOWT reported tonight that Taylor Martinez will be back next year. http://www.wowt.com/sports/headlines/Martinez_Will_Be_Back_Next_Season_112977524.html
  15. http://nebraska.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1171615 There's a quote in a Rivals article where he says he's committed to Nebraska, if Watson were to go, he knows they'd find a suitable replacement, FWIW. That's good to know. Did anyone else see the special they did on him (I can't remember what it was on-ESPN or Big Red Wrap Up?) Anyway, the kid sounds like a phenom. It would be great if he pans out for us.
  16. "As far as passing goes, a lot of Martinez's balls were getting tipped and he wasn't putting them on the spot," Starling says. "I just think with (Nebraska offensive coordinator) Shawn Watson coaching me and having a lot of time to work on football, I'll be able to get those down. I like his confidence, but if his playing is contingent on Watson staying, do we really want Watson to leave? Interesting. Watson stays Bubba plays...Watson goes..Bubba??? (Frankly, I think if I were as good at baseball as everyone says Starling is and if I had that much money staring me in the face-I think I would take the money! He's young and he can always come back and play football if baseball doesn't work out.)
  17. Yikes!! Sorry! I still think it's interesting.
  18. Just read this: http://blog.mysanantonio.com/the-local-scene/2011/01/texas-state-could-pay-up-to-350000/ Nebraska offensive coordinator Shawn Watson could be in the mix for a new head-coaching job. "Other names that continue to circulate as possible candidates include former New Mexico coach Rocky Long, now the defensive coordinator at San Diego State; Nebraska offensive coordinator Shawn Watson and Oklahoma defensive assistant Bobby Jack Wright." Wow....I don't know what to think about this. But maybe he would be a better Head Coach than OC??? What do you think?
  19. Depends on what the recruit wants. If he is just showcasing his talent for NFL then TT would be a better fit. But if you want win a championship like so many recruits do then they would be willing to sacrifice catching to win. A lot of Texas kids go to OU simply because OU wins and plays in big bowls more than Texas. What type of offense are most high school's running these days? Do you think that the recruits look at colleges that run the same offenses that they are used to or do they go with something completely different?
  20. One of the reasons I would want to keep Dr. Tom as AD is that he's wicked smart. He thinks through things instead of making rash decisions. He knows the human condition, and knows how to motivate people to do their best. His character is above reproach as is his reputation. Those things are important when dealing not only with a football team but ALL of the sports he's responsible for. He also has his employees best interests at heart. The others have commented on #1. #2-Moving to the Big 10 was a brilliant move on NU's part. It wasn't just about sports-it was about what was best for the University as a whole. The educational plus that we will gain by moving to the Big 10 was alot more important than us moving the Huskers to the Big 10 conference. And the money-whoa baby! We will have significantly more money by moving to the Big 10 than we ever made by staying in the Big 8 (12). Tom tried to get the others to go his way when the Texas cancer came to the Big 8. He knew what would happen and he was right. Texas took over the Big 12 just like they did when they were in the SWC. Ask Arkansas. As far as #3 is concerned, I wonder how we would've done had Frank stayed. I'm still bitter that Frank did what Pederson wanted him to-got rid of alot of staff that had been there for awhile and hired new people. We had just finished another good season. Then Pederson fired him. I remember how it not only shook up the NU community but also college football in general. If a coach could be fired after a 9-3 season who was safe? That's my opinion.
  21. What do you mean by 'change the culture?'
  22. I was remembering that just two short years ago how we lost to Virginia Tech by only one point.
  23. Also keep in perspective T.O. was playing for National Championships too. There may have been grumbling but that got passed because T.O. could make to the top and capable. Bo hasn't reached that. They knew what T.O. could do we don't know how good Bo will turn out to be. Now think about this. It took Bob Stoops two years to turn around Oklahoma to win a National Championship. Oklahoma was bad during the 90's. I guess my point was that it seemed that Osborne had alot of different things that he tried. They didn't always work but he just seemed to change things up more. I know that TO had his share of 'crabbers'. At one point he even considered leaving NU. Glad he chose not to. Maybe there isn't really that much difference. Maybe I just need to give the team some time, Watson included. I do think there need to be changes made on the offense though.
  24. The Danny Woodhead Saga has been talked about for years. Short version: He was recruited by Solich, got dropped when Solich was fired, committed to Chadron State, was recruited VERY late in the game by Callahan, but stuck to his commitment to play at Chadron. Thanks for the short version
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