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  1. Fanatic

    NCAA football 2005 PS2

    Cal. definitely a recruiting hot spot on that game. I like to create a team from Cal. and replace them with some crappy school like arizona. You can keep a dynasty for a long time with how easy it is to recruit down there. a little unrealistic, but still fun!
  2. Fanatic

    My Favorite Play of all Time!

    I was on the 5 yard line 3 rows up in the corner that crouch ran over the iowa lb. UNBELIEVABLE!!! It was Tyrone Williams that sacked Wuerfel. I have to vote Tommie's run as the best ever. He was awesome!
  3. Fanatic

    Bowl Pick 'em - last chance to enter

    ok thank you. I don't think I'll need the tie breaker as good as I am but I'll pm it to him anyways. gag me!!
  4. Fanatic

    Getting recruits qualified academically

    Why does it have to be those three?
  5. Fanatic

    Are you a hater?

    I thought it would be interesting to officially see what the majority of the board has to say. Please feel free to declare what you are. I want to know who my friends are. I am a lover.
  6. Fanatic

    NU's stranglehold on the North

    do i sense some sarcasm?
  7. Fanatic

    Who believes?

    firesteve.com seems to have adopted the Micheal Moore concept "I'll give you the truth, once I edit it."
  8. Fanatic

    NU's stranglehold on the North

    IMO, someone calling themself a former Nebraska Fan is about as potty mouth as you get!
  9. Fanatic

    NU's stranglehold on the North

    yeah my mistake ou ahead of a&m same difference
  10. The newest rankings go 1.NU 2.A&m 3.Oklahoma The Big XII is kicking ass! Even cooler, Nebraska is the only North team holding there own. If things continue this way, in a couple of years Nebraska could have a stranglehold on the North!
  11. Fanatic


    You SP Haters will really like this one: