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  1. USCgoindown


    He doesn't have another game or two. USC will be here Saturday night. Win or lose, the USC game has little impact in the conference race. I thought the goal was to get back to competing for National Championships. I guess we have fallen so far that winning the north is enough. When was the last time that the Huskers finished the season ranked? When was the last time a team, any team, has transitioned from a team that has been historically (last 3 - 4 years) unranked at seasons end and turn around and actually compete for a MNC the next year? To expect this now, for the Huskers is not even remotely realistic. Have we fallen that far? Yes. Are we getting better? Yes. The Big 12 North is maybe not enough for the expectations fans have --- but is it about what this team can reasonably do? Yes. NU is not yet remotely ready for OU or Texas --- so the B12 championship would be a strech. A national title? well we're definitely not ready for Oklahoma. they owned Miami 51-13. but i think we stand a chance against Texas. they had to recover an onside kick to survive against Arkansas State and it took them till the 4th quarter to beat TCU. we can beat Texas, but not OU
  2. USCgoindown

    SIGNED: RB Collins Okafor

    i go to school with Collins and blocked for him back in his freshman year. he's tough to tackle and if you get the right blocking then he can break it loose into the secondary and get beyond that too. just wait to see him against Prep and against Millard North this year. then he'll have some tough defense to go against and he'll show why he's gonna be awesome. Westside will win state this year behind Okafor's running and an awesome defense.
  3. USCgoindown


    gotta agree with CoachKevin here. we won the North last year. this year is needing to get to a BCS game if not the national championship. winning the Big XII would be important as well, but we can worry about that when it's conference time. as for now, we need to worry bout top-ranked USC and beating them will definitely get us a spot in a BCS game.
  4. USCgoindown

    Back to the Drawing Board

    to be honest, i thought we didnt do too bad. it was more of inconsistency, a few dropped passes, and some poor tackling. our linebackers could've been better with getting off the blocks and getting to the running backs. Keller hasnt looked too confident in the pocket this year. i dunno why, but he doesnt seem to make the best decisions. i'm happy we got out of there with a win though and i think that we were caught off guard by looking ahead to USC. but now that we have USC, we should be ready. hopefully the tackling gets better and we can have a stellar night with a humongous win that puts us into the top 10.
  5. USCgoindown

    Predict the USC Score, Rushing and Passing

    dude, this is gonna be a badass game. i cant wait to see how it turns out. here's my prediction: NU-36 USC-35 the game will be decided by a two-point conversation in 3OT NU: rushing-117 passing-236 USC: rushing-109 passing-213 Blackshirts get it done