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  1. Huskers- 20 Wildcats- 38 passing 350 rushing 120
  2. Badgers 52 Huskers 20 rushing 180 passing 240
  3. They were probably trying to figure out who's parents were bringing snacks and drinks after next weeks game.
  4. Purdue 24 Nebraska 13 passing- 230 rushing-97
  5. Nebraska 17 Michigan 38 rushing- 160 passing- 210
  6. anyone get their season tickets in the mail?

    1. Mavric
    2. Mavric


      Had to look back in the threads but it looks like the media guides and posters came out about the 8th and the tickets showed up about the 16th.

  7. I figured we would wear alternate jerseys against another "Adidas" school. Isn't Illinios a "Nike" school?
  8. I was at the OU game . . . and also at the 2009 Holiday Bowl. Matty O was a beast in both games. He was making tackles in space like an All-American. That was probably the high point of the Pelini Era. (To date, at least.) It's really too bad that most people's memory of O'Hanlon is blowing that coverage against Virginia Tech in 2009 (I think that loss galls me more than any other in the Pelini Era, and I'm not sure why, it wasn't that important of a game). Anyway, that's a damned shame because O'Hanlon had a hell of a senior season after that game, the OU one being the crown jewe
  9. Selling my 3 together in section 38 row 67. Asking face value. sagena@atd-us.com
  10. I'll have a pair. Message me for details.
  11. I need to sell 4 large husker posters. They are printed on 1/4 plastic and have grommets for hanging. These would be perfect for a basement or garage. Frost 48" wide x 40" high. Minter 30" wide x 40" high. Osborne-Gill 40" wide x 48" high. Berringer 40" wide x 30" high. Asking $200 for all 4 or $60 each. All offers will be considered. sagena@atd-us.com
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