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  1. I don't mind if he's not the best speaker in the world. Check this video of Tannehill from A&M. http://v4.texags.com/Stories/3100 - Interview with Ryan Tannehill Tannehill has just lost 2 games in a row due to bad second half performances by the offense. The fans are upset I'm sure. He's not the greatest speaker, but he says what he is feeling. And you can tell he cares. Taylor's standoffish attitude, and answering questions with 'whatever,' gives the impression that he doesn't care. We all care so much about this team, this football program, this state.. We just want a quarterback who will do the same.
  2. Fisher was terrible, he's so tentative and slow. Give Trevor Roach a chance. He plays aggressive and flys around the field.
  3. Did Mike McNeill make the Colts final roster then? I'm kind of surprised with how deep they are at TE (Clark and Tamme) I guess they value the position enough to keep another guy around. They probably just assume Clark will go out with another injury this year.
  4. Haha thanks for that info. Burkhead for Heisman! Glad we are starting with an easy game with such a brutal schedule next year.
  5. The matte black helmets the Nike schools wore for a few games look bad ass. But that is for schools like Oregon, our uniforms should always stay the same
  6. Eric

    S Wayne Lyons

    In our state's defense, there aren't any home games after Dec 1. If they ask about the weather their hosts can just say it doesn't get cold until Dec 1!
  7. Yeah, kyler reed's foot was down. That was a first down
  8. This picture is awesome!! I think it requires a caption contest: "It's been fun, but I'm probably never going to call you again."
  9. If our second and third stringers get us to 70 points, so be it. But don't leave the starters in just to rack up points. I want to see our backups get some experience
  10. Even if they score 42 points we will still win the game. Their defense looks bad
  11. We jumped Texas in the AP poll ..ha All the way to number 6. Who is the writer that keeps voting Texas number one? 7th in the coaches poll. And someone voted us #1! Sarkisian? AP: 1 Alabama (53) 3-0 1492 2 Ohio State (5) 3-0 1435 3 Boise State (1) 2-0 1333 4 TCU 3-0 1280 5 Oregon 3-0 1238 6 Nebraska 3-0 1175 7 Texas (1) 3-0 1164 8 Oklahoma 3-0 1114 9 Florida 3-0 1044 10 Arkansas 3-0 903 Coaches: 1 Alabama (55) 3-0 1470 2 Ohio State (3) 3-0 1410 3 Boise State 2-0 1291 4 Texas 3-0 1251 5 TCU 3-0 1188 6 Oregon 3-0 1181 7 Nebraska (1) 3-0 1135 8 Florida 3-0 1092 9 Oklahoma 3-0 1060 10 Wisconsin 3-0 884
  12. Eric

    Carl Nicks

    Shanle said Nebraska, so we got our due
  13. The Bears signed Barry Turner to their practice squad as well.
  14. Chalk up another No vote. And it's a moot point, not a mute point.
  15. Eric Hagg. Prince and Dennard will be locking it down on the outside. The only thing available will be the TE or dump off passes. I can see Hagg accumulating a ton of tackles.
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