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  1. Snyder left that program in a much better situation for their current staff than what was left for Frost & Co. Some may scoff at that notion. But, if nothing else, Bill Snyder brought consistency in approach and culture. To me it's pretty obvious that we have lacked consistency for far too long.
  2. I see what you're saying - to a point. However, as a manager/leader of people, you (Frost, in this case) have to be able to vary your leadership style based on the people you're leading. I'm not sure how much this team, as a whole, actually trusts the coaching staff at this point. Until that "trust equity" is built up, this team probably won't be able to hold up or understand why they're being chastised.
  3. Just in case there needs to be more validation.....Same here. I was at a conference in Grand Rapids, MI and many folks who were going through Chicago were delayed or cancelled.
  4. I believe the term is "take one for the team"....but, I'm guessing you avoided it for a good reason. All kidding aside, I would also be willing to take that metabolism off his hands.
  5. Yeah, I was just getting ready to edit my post because I just came across that interview with Held too. I just hope he'll be durable enough to last at that smaller size. I'm not going to pretend to be an expert, but it would probably help if he would improve his ability to avoid contact (based on last year's games, anyway).
  6. Damon and Talman were discussing his "slightness" this morning. Benning mentioned a discussion with Frost (IIRC) about Mo's incredibly high metabolism. If that's the case, I'm not sure he will ever be as big as many people think he should be - a la Randy Gregory.
  7. Someone needs to teach these players the cardinal rule - Thou shalt only break one law at a time!
  8. I know it only happened because there was an existing profile on Huskerboard from his original recruitment....But, count me in the group of folks who like the idea of having a JUCO prospect's high school ratings shown along with the current JUCO ratings.
  9. I don't think the fact that they are football-talented kids should earn them an exception if they screw up. In our society, I think being talented at almost anything earns people more chances than they probably deserve. I guess I'm just saying that empathy is a good thing to keep in mind for a lot of folks. I also tend to think, if this becomes a teachable moment for him and he learns a valuable lesson in how to behave as an adult, it isn't something to condemn him for. I say that under the assumption that he will have consequences for his misdeeds, both in- and outside of the football program.
  10. This has been my thought, also. Especially when you take into consideration the fact that Mo may not have had a solid role model or person in his life to teach him the best ways to go about handling his emotions in a constructive manner. Having the mental tools, or a lack thereof, in the toolbox to keep those teenage emotions in check is a huge part of this, IMO.
  11. I don't know Maurice Washington in any way, other than what is in the media. Therefore, I have no idea if he is a person of high character or not. The quality of a person's character, or what a person is (good or bad), is obviously subjective. That being said, my personal belief is that a person is the sum of their actions in this life. Therefore, I don't think we can simply take one decision or action from a person's life and pass judgement on their entire life. This is probably stating the obvious, but I'm sure there are many people that could be classified as high character people, who have done stupid or hurtful things to others (both inside and outside of the law).
  12. I'm not saying, in any way, that we need new laws for this situation...although, that is what our reactionary society tends to do. I was simply saying that is the point of having laws, in general.
  13. I agree that the action(s) will persist (really any action will, hence the need for laws) if there are no consequences, from which lessons can be learned. I'm not sure that putting a felony on the record of every minor in possession of, and/or having sent a nude photo of, another minor is the best consequence, however. I suppose it would scare the crap out of the person potentially being charged, and maybe that's the desired affect in this case.
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