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  1. Give us a break with our guys were being held garbage. You sunshine pumpers never want to admit this team is seriously flawed. Our D-Line was manhandled the entire game and the secondary looked average at best. The offense is not expanding under Tmart and he is making mistakes you would expect from a freshmen. Underperforming is now the new norm under the Bo regime and it is sickening watching the brainless masses slobber over Bo like he walks on water. Today was the beginning of the end as far as I'm concern and we should start our search for a new head coach tonite.
  2. We learned that the Bo era now has an end date. This is Bo's last season in Lincoln
  3. Martinez has not improved much since last season. Disappointing.
  4. God do I hate Bama. Com'on VTech show some heart and make this a game.
  5. Any Temple fans in the house?
  6. WVU now down 10 heading to the half.
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