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  1. I knew there was more to it. 2 years removed from a national championship. If this is the case, you had to make that move. Smh.
  2. We dont need to blow up the coaches. Make changes at OL and Qb Coach. Martinez needs to have competition. We have seen enough of him. So search the transfer portal for a qb and kicker. Thats it.
  3. Gonna lower expectations from now on. That way I dont feel like I have been throat punched after these gut wrenching loses. ill still ride or die with the Big Red. But my gawd!
  4. Why did t morrison blow up 34??? What was that??
  5. I dont get it. Martinez is in his 4th year!!! Frost will ride him to the end.
  6. Attended the game last week. That was really cool to see the light show in person. Special atmosphere last week. It's almost like the fans and players feel what is on the horizon. Good game.
  7. Two years removed from a Natty and about to get run out of town. SMH
  8. I agree 100%. Who was the starting left tackle before the change? I cant remember. I also noticed on kick offs that everyone sprinted to the endzome.
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