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  1. After last year, I really don't know what to expect. Last year, I fully expected us to get slaughtered by OU, Michigan and Sparty. We hung in there with all of them. Didn't we hold Sparty to 14 yds total offense, 2nd half? Wasn't that with a heisman hopeful at RB? Memory is blurry these days with all the ups and downs with this team. I am trying to be hopeful and positive, but this team needs some breakout wins (captain obvious). With all the transfer additions, I would not be surprised with an 8-9 win season. Defense was an issue heading into spring....we addressed with some transfers. QB was also. We are loaded at RB, WR and improvement on Special teams. It's like I want to drink the kool-aid, but I am so beat down, Im afraid to. GBR!!!
  2. Stepp never really got it going. It almost seemed like he was timid running through holes. Just a guess.
  3. I gotta question for you....do you wake up pissy everyday? Your post are the most negative I have ever seen. It is a constant drumbeat of negativity. Do you get tired at all with the negative posts? Asking for a friend. Must be exhausting with all those minions in your brain. Good luck with that.
  4. Hype videos wear me out. Along with tweets about “I am blessed to receive an offer from blah blah blah” if this dude signs with DONU, fine. If not, we will be fine without him. Smh. GBR!
  5. He is outta position. He looks awkward. No explosiveness.
  6. #50 on defense is either outta shape or just flat out garbage.
  7. DE’s look good. Tannor, Nelson and Butler are solid.
  8. Punt game looks good. FG makes me nervous again.
  9. Butler wore that LT out! Geezus!
  10. Grant looks good, yant is yant. Rahmir looks fine. Interesting to see how Stepp fits in. Banks is terrible.
  11. This transfer portal is quickly becoming a mess. This may need to be revisited. All these kids just up and leaving. I wonder how many, out of all the kids in the portal land at a good spot. Im having trouble understanding the motivation behind it all. For example, JT Daniels. Kid was at SC, won a natty with Georgia. Now he is transferring again. Maybe I am too ild to figure it out. GBR!
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