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  1. +10000 Williams was the worst at it. I thought, here we go.....ejection. They are going to hurt themselves if they aren't careful
  2. We need to change the music. This is brutal
  3. Martinez has definitely slimmed down.
  4. Honestly, if it doesn't translate to wins on the field, what good are the testing numbers? We can't continue to look like Tarzan and play like Jane.
  5. I couldn't agree more. This transfer portal has created a "one and done" atmosphere. The "right now" attitude of these players and not willing to wait their turn, could have serious consequences. I believe the great Ed Reed mentioned this in a tweet not too long ago. I really hope these kids make the right decisions. There are so many in the transfer portals these days. I wish McCaffrey and the others the best. I just feel there will be some that fall through the cracks. GBR!
  6. Why this week before the last game? Wow. Not sure how I feel about that
  7. I need a little clarification. Did I hear them say last night that we had an offensive lineman opt out to get ready for the NFL? Was that before or during the season?
  8. 3-3-5 on third and long. Chin needs to go.
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