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  1. So where can I bet money on SF being our next coach? All the pieces seem to be falling into place here. I find it pretty unlikely that SF will choose to stay at UCF another year, sure he's done some great things there, but he's pretty much hit the ceiling there and he's currently one of the hottest names out there. If he wants to coach at Nebraska, or any sweet P5 position, now is the time.
  2. wtf? There's a difference between passion, and the s#!t Pelini pulled on the sideline and the culture he instilled. Dude had to go.
  3. Did we really give up 42 points in the second half to Iowa? Like, I know we're bad, but holy crap. Fire Riley immediately. The UCF game is pretty entertaining though...
  4. lol Regardless of what you think of him, he's not necessarily wrong...
  5. Considering our history, I'm not sure if 4 years is a good idea.
  6. The CTE revelations are pretty recent. Considering that virtually all players college and above are developing this should cause alarm for anyone.
  7. I'm impressed with our D. Considering our 4th quarter play, we still have a legit shot at pulling off a win here.
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