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  1. Got many old pressguide still. Fb and bb. It"s good you have the silver one. It"s Dr. Tom on it I rember, maybe? TuffTiger
  2. OK! I got the Glendower banner on laptop,but not a phone.It"s top drawer. Also say hi to Huskerb Rent Sec will play I guess. MY best Tiger"s don"t have best rivals like in the Big 8 or 12. Not my fault! But, you may know sec has dome top drawer teams. Let's be glad when this s#!t is done, right? Tufftiger ColumbiaMU
  3. plus also is Glendower still? Bucnh of others to. I'll think about names. TuffTiger
  4. So no big10. Seem like Commercia Warren says stay put, an just don't play. I went here an see if some older post might know. There can maybe be some from B8g12 time. 8 use to be on this website, but not. OK TuffTiger
  5. rabbit wear the pancake hat on best GBR board can be a top drawer thing. I can see that GBr had a bad time this. Plus also my best Tiger"s had a suck season to. Coach Odom fire today, so who can know nect? Hope all on hear had a good Turkey and relax. TuffTiger
  6. huskerB_rent, I sent Silver Anniv. press book today. By USmail. Postman can say it will make it Saturday, so look at you mail that day. All have a great day. TuffTiger
  7. Ok, husker B-rent. I did fine it! 1997 giude with Dr. Tom plus also Coach Devaney on cover. inside it tells of big12 newcomer, Scott frost! I can send it, but how can I know whear? So, can check back to see whaat you think, ok? Tuff Tiger
  8. I forget about it! The one with DR. Tom on it? Thatone?? I can look later,ok? Play Gator at3, so getting a couple beer"s now. I promise to fine it if I can,ok? I been busy,but will keep my word. TuffTiger
  9. can be my fauklt! I fine it! Sorry about it. TuffTiger
  10. I fine the corn riding pickel, but not the rabbit with a pancake hat. Keep looking, ok.
  11. use to be a rabbit with pancake hat I liked. Whear the hell did it go? Mabye mods or them took that away from this best GBR messageboard. Only you an know. TuffTiger
  12. I just sign in and it"s been some time. What in hell are all new rules that it made me agrre to, No bother, plus also just to see how GBR is doing now. Only you can say ,so I"ll just see what you"re best GBR fans say. My best Tiger"s are still not TAR like before we left the BIG12. Only really miss old Big8 which was topdrawer. If Glendower still her, I got the banner on my computer somewhear. Ther we go. TuffTiger
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