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  1. Trying to stay out of The “Who is better” debate, I will say that I watched the 2018 Iowa game right before 2019 just for fun. You wouldn’t know it is the same qb if they didn’t use the same name on broadcast. They looked dramatically different. 2018 was quick. 2019 had no first step. 2018 was decisive, 2019 was not. 2018 could pull away, 2019 could not. Could be injury, could be weight, could be other weapons around him but clearly they were not the same. In the off season I hope Frost tells or at least hints as to why that is.
  2. You shut your mouth you stupid dumbass.
  3. What year? Bo 2008-2012 would have been loved for it. After that it would have been national news only because he had the reputation for saying and doing some crass things and became an easy target.
  4. Improvements take a long time at every school. If it was easy to fix this stuff every team would be 12-0.
  5. Play the kid. He has heart and is fearless. You could see it in his decision making. Martinez is the man, but Noah might be what they need for a series or half or for the next game. What do you lose by giving him a few series? And don’t tell me Martinez’ psyche because that clearly isn’t right and hasn’t been all year.
  6. I have never seen any division 1 football team that can’t snap the ball. How can we not have someone on this team that can snap the ball?
  7. From a logistical side-no way it would happen. As a fan, if I could do it like I was playing a video game and it just happened and I didn’t care about money. Yeah, I probably would.
  8. I think he does this so if for some reason he “misses” his upper body still blocks the ball. Some are high but he could catch them...but I think he is trying to mitigate risk.
  9. A good offensive line makes most of the problems go away. That may not happen this year and to be fair it is unreasonable to think this rebuild would be complete after one year. Many pieces are already in place, but one very important piece is not.
  10. The team that played the first half can beat a lot of teams if that team shows up for complete games. Im a glass half full kind of guy.
  11. Kids have soccer at 12 and 6. It is the perfect kick off for me!
  12. Man, ads suck but I guess I am used to them because I don’t think these are any worse than almost every web page. Plus you can x-out pretty easy. New guy has to make money. If this does it for him then I can manage to hit a few x’s to keep this board going.
  13. This is a bold pick. Even if Nebraska won the west and the Big Ten championship game—they would still not be a lock for the playoff. They might have to be undefeated for that to happen. Maybe 1 loss.
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