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    What did we learn today

    6 hours later...how do you feel?
  2. There is reason to think we will sneak up on a big 10 team or two and steal a win as an underdog.
  3. dtbugeater


    Agree. Bunch wasn’t awesome, but he is a walk on quarterback. He did his part. It is the rest of the team that failed to pick him up not the other way around.
  4. dtbugeater

    Post-Game Presser - Troy

    Well, so will I. But I doubt they will post much on this message board. Most people probably come here to share their thoughts and opinions.
  5. dtbugeater

    Post-Game Presser - Troy

    I love Nebraska. Saw an nothing today that tells me we are ready to beat Michigan.
  6. dtbugeater

    *** Official Troy Game Thread ***

    Well, we did have that one play where we threw into double coverage. So there is that.
  7. From what I saw that defensive line is solid. I will predict it is the best we have seen since Suh. But our stats won’t really show it because the defense will face 80+ plays a game.
  8. dtbugeater

    What did we learn? - Game 1 - Akron

    I learned Akron is a bunch of pansies.
  9. dtbugeater

    Possible Sunday reschedule

    Someone tell me it is lightening and raining in Lincoln right now, then I won’t feel as bad about the game being cancelled instead of postponed.
  10. I wouldn’t. Right now he is number two behind a true freshman who will be running the ball and has a decent chance of being injured at some point in the season. The only way your odds improve with any college football team is to be named the starter. The chances of him playing this season were 100%. Not just in backup duty either. If you are confident you are the best and just need a chance to show it, you are in a pretty good place right now. Or or you can transfer and try to win the job somewhere else. You lose a year and still have to beat out their 4* Qb. I agree reed that he deserves to make the choice and I agree that I am just some guy on the internet. But I wouldn’t make that choice and as some loser on the internet I reserve the right to point out that it is a bad decision.
  11. dtbugeater

    Post-Practice Presser - August 15

    This is true and yet I still do it. I read every article and listen to every podcast. Someone help me...
  12. dtbugeater

    B1G Anonymous Comments from Coaches

    The cadence and tone on these are all very similar. Either they found one coach to go off the record or they are just faking it altogether. Still fun to read, but I’m not buying the idea that multiple coaches made these comments.
  13. dtbugeater

    Well this isn’t going to end well...

    I wonder who put him up to this and why they didn’t tell him what to expect from reddit. That was painful. Why go to all the trouble of doing an AMA if you aren’t going to give sincere thoughtful answers.
  14. It’s all good—just different perspectives but there is a lot more T-Mart on here than I expected. I am guessing I am older than many of you, but I’d easily take the old option qb’s like crouch, Frazier, Frost over T-Mart to run Scott’s offense. You can can give me completion stats all day, but those guys had a mentality that I think was missing in T-Marts game. If they were in Scott’s system from day one, they would have been amazing in that system as well.