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  1. this is the worst, I don't even know what to complain about. Is it a talent issue?
  2. There is just so much going wrong, some tough breaks, but mostly this. We don't know who we are when we have the ball
  3. my hope is receding faster than my hair line. :facepalm:


  4. +1 for reference to the Pillsbury Throw Boy
  5. yes, and stupid penalties. Overall guys not playing smart. This isn't a talent issue (some of it is) for the most part. It is a mental issue hopefully Frost turns it around soon or I'm going to have to break my promise I made to my wife of no yelling.
  6. Very true, that is a big reason for a lot of the mistakes
  7. I'm with you, not necessarily a guarentee of a positive outcome. However, it's a much better sign than the crutches he was using on Saturday
  8. I think the fact that Gebbia transferred leaving no scholarship qb's at backup is making the panic alarm sound a little louder than needed. Bunch didn't look awful in the short time we saw him, we still have very little info to go on in regards to the injury. Wait and see is our best option here. The encouraging part is he didn't' seem to be in a lot of pain.
  9. I learned that while the faces of Huskerboard changed while I was gone, not a lot has changed. New faces, new members, but the after-loss meltdowns are still going strong.
  10. C'mon why can't it be 2:30 already?

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