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  1. I don't know the answer, but have we ever won before without scoring a touchdown?
  2. Good thread and I've enjoyed reading the stories. I guess I'll add mine to the pot for what it's worth. 1982 was the year of my "conversion." I was 10 years old and growing up in Minnesota. I liked the Vikings but they were pathetic at best and I defaced and colored all my Walter Payton cards (which would be worth a nice penny today) since he typically had career days against my Vikes. I was impressionable and looking for somebody to root for that could actually win because I wasn't going to find it at that time in Minnesota. My grade school teacher happened to be a Nebraska fan. He was a nice guy. It just so happened that my older brother was going to be visiting colleges down in Nebraska and around the Lincoln area. Still too young to stay home alone, my parents took me with. When my teacher found out about it, he just said, "I hope you get to be in Lincoln on a game day." We took the drive down and after a couple of days of visits, we ended up in Lincoln on a Saturday to grab a bite to eat and then head home. Little did I or my parents know what happens in Lincoln on a game day. We inched along in traffic and I saw red everywhere–flags, motor homes, banners, etc. We get downtown and everyone is wearing red. I was overwhelmed. We listened to the game on the radio and all I could think was "this is where some of the greatest players in the country are at right now!" We finally got to a restaurant to eat and by the time we were done, the game was over. I begged my parents to take me by the stadium and maybe even pick up a t-shirt from a "Big Red" store. They obliged and I would have 30 minutes to explore the premises. I took pictures of the stadium from the outside. I walked around until I could see into the stadium through a gate. I took pictures through the fence and then noticed that one of the gates was open. I asked my dad if I could go in and he says "I don't see why not." So now I'm in the stadium taking pictures of the bleachers underneath and making my way toward THE FIELD. And then it happened, a custodian who was cleaning up says, "You know you can go on the field if you want." Did he just say that? Go on the field where Turner Gill and Mike Rozier had just set foot? Me, on THE FIELD? With camera in hand I stepped onto the turf. My first picture was one of proof as I took a picture straight down–a 3 x 4 inch picture of green turf. But not just turf–Memorial Stadium turf in Lincoln, NE. I was now a Husker. I ran out to the "N" in the middle and I could hear the crowd of empty bleachers cheering me on. After making it back to Minnesota, my pictures (from my little disc camera–remember those?) were developed after about a week. I showed my friends, I showed my teacher the proof. They all thought it was cool. I asked for Nebraska gear that Christmas and have been asking for it ever since. I watched them on TV whenever I had the chance or listened to the games on the radio. In the years to quickly come I boasted to the folks at church about what the the Huskers would do to the Gophers. I went to bed with tear filled eyes after the infamous Miami game. A couple of years later I went on my first recruiting journey. Our high school basketball team hosted John Marshall from Rochester for which Darrell Thompson played. He had already destroyed us in football and was an all-state everything with offers from Minnesota, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. They destroyed us in basketball as well and Darrell had a dunk or two but I was determined to talk to him after the game. He was a specimen and simply looked like a man among boys. I couldn't believe that I was only 4-5 years younger than him. He wasn't the least bit cocky and was an incredible athlete and sportsman. I waited outside of the locker room and when he came out I asked him if he knew where he was going to college yet. He said that he didn't know. I told him, "You really need to go to Nebraska." He thanked me and shook my hand and said, "that would be a great school." He ended up going to the Gophers the following year and set all kinds of rushing records without hardly anybody blocking for him. To this day, I still believe (and if you remember Darrell Thompson you might agree) that he would be talked about as the greatest back to ever play for Nebraska had he come our way. I ended up going to the same college in Seward some years later that my older brother attended and I eventually married a Nebraska girl. A long time has passed since then and I'm in Missouri now. I've managed to get to a game now and then and have already begun to indoctrinate my own kids. I was able to attend the Missouri game with "the catch" to Davison (although we couldn't really tell what happened since we were seated in the opposite end zone and a long ways away–we just knew we scored). I tell my kids about Gill and Rozier and Fryar. They've seen the recorded games with Frazier and Farley and Mackovicka and Philips and Green and Frost. My nine year old son attended his first game this year and I was able to experience everything again through his eyes because after the game I made sure that we got to walk on THE FIELD. Under the tree this year gifts will once again be opened that have Nebraska gear in them. I just can't wait to see which one is mine.
  3. Mr. Sock, We're good. I might even ask for some socks come Christmas in your honor. Heck, you might even know a couple of them. I can't believe you didn't know it was going to be Riley. Most of us knew about a month ago and we probably should have let you in on the deal. We're glad we could have fun with you. GO BIG RED!
  4. You know, I think I'm ready to say "kudos" to Mr. Eichorst. Right now in terms of what has been done at Nebraska, Riley is equal with Tressel, Saban, Richt, Frost, etc. in what has been accomplished at Nebraska. In other words, past records do not necessarily guarantee success or failure. Obviously time will tell. We needed a new leader and now we have one. But this was a hire totally out of left field and I like that the AD was willing to go with it. He did it quietly, and quickly had us all fooled. He might end up being a real genius (or yes, end up looking like a real noob) in a few years. A lot of people are doing a little research and looking into the good things that Riley will bring. The more you ponder such, the more you can see what the AD was looking at. So, here's to Coach Riley! GO BIG RED!
  5. I will never trust a sock again and will defiantly go sockless the rest of the day.
  6. Dear Mr. Sock, I really don't have anything to say–just wanted to make a post in this thread responding to one of your posts. I plan on taking a screen shot so I can save it and then tell my kids and grandkids, "yeah, I knew that puppet, and that's why you wear socks to this day–they can be trusted." My guess is that I'll end up on page 36 or 37, but it makes no difference to me. This is etched forever in cyber history. How do socks hear when they have no ears? That will simply have to remain a mystery for me I guess.
  7. I rarely post, and if you want to rip this post apart, please feel free. I wasn't sure where to post this and I figured this was as good as place as any. I simply wanted to say "thank you" to the folks we sat by in our section as I took my nine year old son to his first Husker game for his birthday. His head just about exploded when he realized that we didn't come from Missouri only to see relatives–he was going to A GAME! From the moment we stepped into the stadium he was "dad . . . look at that . . . did you see the band . . . there's the coach . . . I see Abdullah . . . I've never seen so much red . . . how many balloons do you think there are?" He watched, he clapped, yelled, and gave high five's to the people around him. A few minutes into the fourth quarter when things began to become nervously exciting he wasn't standing up anymore. He just sat there. I finally asked him "what's wrong?" His response, "Dad, I need to go . . . now!" "You've got to be kidding me, you can't hold it?" "No, I'm too nervous." So, as everybody is standing and trying to make some noise, we make our way down the row to the aisle. People were courteous and thoughtful and didn't make the slightest hint of it as being an inconvenience. We made it to the restroom (which he pretty much had all to himself). He "went" and then we watched on the TV screen until he got nervous and had to go again. We never did make it back to our seats and didn't even try. The best run of the whole game we didn't even get to see "live." But we went crazy and gave high-fives to a couple of the vendors cleaning up. And what does my son manage to say? "Dad, I'm sorry you didn't get to see that great run, but thanks for one of the best day's I've ever had." We were in the north stadium at that point and so we quickly ran over to see the players go into the locker room. He managed to get a few high-fives from the players. We waited a while and then made our way onto the field to get some pictures. Thanks to the kind police officer who was willing to take a few shots of us together. Last, but not least, we scoured some of the bleachers looking for a souvenir cup and they had all been scooped up. A nice guy who had a bunch of them took one and gave it to my son. It may as well have been a jersey. It topped off the day. So, I'm not looking to make any kind of point with my post–just wanted to say "thank you" to a whole bunch of folks who made the day really, really memorable for a nine year old kid and his dad. It didn't take him long to fall asleep on the way back to Missouri.
  8. We have had a lot of unique things happen in our program just like every other program has had a lot of unique things happen. By the way, I stopped by the buckeye planet forum only to find out that a few are calling for the heads of coaches since they lost a game after two years. But then again, they have unique circumstances kind of like we have unique circumstances.
  9. Charlie Starkweather May as well throw Lawrence Phillips in the mix.
  10. I'm going to make a post reminding myself to post again about a year from now to answer the question whether retaining Pelini was the right decision or not.
  11. I believe Crouch has used up all his college eligibility. Therefore, no, he could not win this year's Heisman.
  12. I hardly ever post. I'm a lurker, but I figure this thread would be as good as any. Since I hardly ever post: minus 35 Since I decided to post: plus 23 I think this is a good post, but I'm not sure: this could be either plus 12 or minus 12 I just drank a beer: plus 8 I'm now out of beer: minus 12 I'm going to bed now and I'm assuming I'll sleep well, but I don't know. Sometimes I snore. It doesn't wake me up, but it wakes my wife up: even I might have a good day tomorrow, I might not. I'll just keep trying to keep relevancy by being irrelevant.
  13. f#*k, is that all I had to do. Oh yeah, well I still have a sealed box of Wheaties from the last Husker national championship and I'm going to open them up and eat them after we win the next one. And if that doesn't happen in my lifetime, I'm going to leave the box to my children with a bunch of complicated covenants and conditions in my will. Not too worried about the quality of the Wheaties, but the milk I saved is starting to look a bit questionable at this point.
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